Vikram Taneja: An Agile And Vigilant Leader Simplifying Cyber Risk Management

Vikram Taneja

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The cyber threats are ever-evolving and poses greatest challenge for the industries globally. Consumers have witnessed how innovation in technology brings not only advancement but also new kinds of security challenges. The introduction of novel digital technologies such as AI/ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, RPA, Big Data, IIOT, and others have led to an exponential rise in security challenges/issues that did not exist before. It is also anticipated that in the coming years, hacking will become more sophisticated due to the new and freely available smart hacking tech-based software, greatly increasing the challenges of security in an organization. The publicly available innovative and sophisticated hacking techniques/software are very dangerous and can affect human lives directly. Although many security companies do provide advisories and suggestions to overcome challenges, yet they seem to not fill the security gap.

Vikram Taneja, acquaint with various means and mediums, plans to pitch to International communities in order to block/restrict easy accessibility of such software/sites. He further anticipates a shift in security challenges from business to consumer focus, with arrival of commercially available self-driven vehicles and drones for delivery of goods/products. “There would be a growing need to fill the gaps and enhance consumer security products/solutions,” says Vikram.

Vikram Taneja, the partner to CyberSRC® Consultancy, is a firm, determined and dedicated professional. He knows very well how to accomplish his tasks systematically, even in the case of tough, challenging & tedious tasks. He plans to invest in the welfare of the security industry in every possible way. Through CyberSRC, he also intends to support the formation of International Cyber Law for strict and stern actions against cyber criminals.

Approach of Simplified and Cost-Efficient Security Solution

Incepted in January 2018, CyberSRCConsultancy LLP currently operates from both its Indian offices and overseas location in London, UK. It is a DIPP Recognised Startup, which is a government of India’s biggest start-up initiative. The company provides services of Consulting, Advisory & Solution Support in domains of Cyber & Digital Security, IT Risk & Compliance Management, Audit & Assurance, and IT Governance.

However, the USP of the company is its technological and process innovations, and simplification of the security solutions. It provides innovative services & offerings such as V-CISO (Virtual CISO), Vulnerability Management Systems (VMS) to manage end-to-end security needs of a business and has often challenged the traditional technology and business outlook towards security domains by way of its offerings. CyberSRC majorly caters to the customer base of small businesses with its approach to simplified and cost-efficient security solutions.

Cautious Towards All-New Types of Security Threats

Vikram has deep insights into various IT security aspects and understands that as a business leader, one has numerous responsibilities to deal with. He believes that a leader, especially in the security industry, should be agile and vigilant towards all new types of security threats and evolving security solutions. The focus of the leaders should be equally divided on organizational or customer training and also keep themselves abreast with technological advancements. He further suggests, “They should employ optimum & cost-efficient solutions for markets like India where small businesses (SMEs/MSMEs), that form the backbone of economy have just about reasonable security awareness & budgets.”

Security Is Not a State but it’s A Journey

After completing his MBA, Vikram started his career in consultancy domain with one of the top IT firms in India. He always wanted to contribute to society by doing something that not just improves but also secures the life of people. In 2010, the Indian market was exploding with applications and websites for public/person uses such as e-commerce, social media. Security of data was trending globally which attracted him towards the domain of security.

In today’s scenario, any major incident may threaten the very survival of the organization. He puts forth security as a journey for an organization, and helping an organization embarked upon this journey of security, makes him feel humble and responsible at the same time. His favourite part of the job is to interact with clients and help them resolve any security issues/incidents. He is a go-to person if one is looking for cyber risk assessment, data protection consultancy, security standards implementation (ISO, NIST and others), cloud and digital Security & implementing regulatory frameworks & guidelines.

CyberSRC is a young organization; the company is flexible and agile towards a dynamic security environment and can transform the strategies in short turnaround time, thus, facilitating an organization’s journey to achieve security.

Vikram likes to strategize the next steps and direction of the organization. He further asserts, “Also, I like to spend time with my employees, this helps me understand their professional goals and how can my organization help them reach there. Talking to and helping out young learners gives me immense job satisfaction.”

Looking Forward To Various Alliances and Opportunities

While strengthening the Indian base, CyberSRC is looking to be recognized globally. In addition, it is also looking forward for various alliances and opportunities in different markets. Currently, the company is underway to get empanelled in the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) as a Security Auditor organization and hope to achieve this before the end of 2020.

CyberSRC plans to support these new alliances by means of its experienced and skilled professionals. The organization has a flat hierarchy and open culture with a mix bag of senior and junior resources. It further encourages cross-functional trainings and exposure, involving team members in client interaction on a daily basis. “We would also increase our team size with focus on reskilling and upskilling on Security of Digital Technologies,” says Vikram.

Insight on the Security Industry: Approach

The Security Industry differs from other industries and so does the approach. According to Vikram, most of the companies are failing to effectively implement the solutions they already have, the companies should conduct regular audits to understand the effectiveness of the existing controls. To explain it more evidently, he gives an example, “When you’re walking on the road and are aware of the threats of walking on the roadside, you become cautious & try to follow traffic rules & regulations in order to safeguard yourself from these threats. The same applies to cyber security for an organization, by being aware of Security updates, rules and regulations, the organization can safeguard themselves, however the challenge lies in awareness & knowing these rules and regulations, effectively following them.” At CyberSRC, the team helps companies globally with a regular review of their security posture.

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