Vivek Kamath: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Distant, Medicine-free Healing


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Being a leader in the 21st century is a daunting task. The rapid change of technological, social, and economical environment is the primary driver of challenges confronting modern leaders. Alongside this, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has alsotransformed the dynamics of leadership in recent times. To successfully lead an organization in these unprecedented times, a leader must possess several qualities such as a flexible approach, a distinct vision, grit to persevere, etc.

Expressing his views on important leadership qualities in these times, Vivek Kamath states, “A leader should define clear objectives and focus his time in meeting these objectives. A periodic review of these objectives is a must for an organization’s success.” Vivek is an effective leader with strategic thinking, strong communication, people management, and planning abilities.

A Prolific Career

Vivek is a software engineer and has worked across MNC Banks in their IT department across the globe. He worked almost 23 years in the IT industry—predominantly managing large IT programs/projects in MNC Banks. He has also worked as a freelancer in the UK, USA, India, Japan, Singapore, Bahrain, Australia, and Germany.

Besides this, Vivek is also a reiki, Mexican healing, Melchizedekian healing, crystal healing, and past life regression therapy practitioner. He has been practicing these healing methods for the last 9 years. He is also an author on and has published more than 21 healthcare books after successfully healing those diseases. Presently, Vivek manages two companies—a banking software company and a healthcare company named Heal The World. It is a revolutionary healthcare firm that heals patients remotely without medicines, surgery, and most importantly, without any side effects.

Healing made Easy

Heal The World’s roots date back when Vivek started testing small experiments with his own health challenges as well as his kids’ minor health, pain removal, healing, etc. He also started healing a few diabetic patients. He witnessed miracles happening with his diabetes treatments—which led him to become a healer and start a healthcare firm. Heal The World provides body, mind, and soul healing using various natural energy healing methods such as Reiki Healing, Mexican Healing, Melchizedek Healing, and Crystal Healing methods.

The company specializes in healing patients remotely through the healing method called “Distant Healing”.  It uses Reiki or Mexican Distant Healing to treat patients residing across any part of the globe. There is no physical connection or contact required during the healing session. Moreover, patients are not provided with any alternative medicines during the treatment.

Vivek mentions that these distant healing methods are beyond science and work on quantum physics theory according to research done by experts around the globe.  Heal The World has also developed in-house healing products for cancer, COVID-19, diabetes, and immunity. These products are a set of healing procedures and any of the company’s healers can use this product to minimize the healing lifecycle of patients. “LV2CCD is the cancer healing product with which we were able to destroy cancer cells in 15 minutes. We have tested this on our patient when our cancer patient was in ICU,” adds Vivek.

Multifaceted Roles and Responsibilities

As the Founder and CEO of Heal The World, Vivek has been instrumental in the company’s growth since its inception. He handles several roles and responsibilities within the company. Alongside self-healing practice, Vivek manages the healing of few key disease patients, consults new patients via calls, reviews the team members’ healing, and trains the new patients.

Furthermore, Vivek oversees finance tracking and billing, vendors management, investor meeting management, article publications, research in disease management, and branding and collaboration with partners. He also meets with the franchise partners and works with the healthcare team to automate the healing procedures/products.

Turning Vision into Reality

Vivek believes that Heal The World’s collaborative teamwork is the key to the company reaching its objectives within a short time. He always guides the team to develop healthcare in-house products to optimize the life cycle of the disease and the healing time of the patient. “Our commitment, dedication, and patience to heal any disease helped me to overcome major challenges in healing,” asserts Vivek. He believes that a leader should have a strong aptitude to nurture his team members. He/she should also have persistence, patience, self-confidence, and dedication in terms of meeting the organization’s goals.

Uninterrupted Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic halted the operations of several businesses across the globe. Heal The World, however, was unhindered by the impact of the pandemic as its distant healing features helped it to heal patients remotely. The company normally does not meet patients before healing. Moreover, a majority of its patients reside overseas or in any other part of India which is remote from the company’s location.

In the wake of the pandemic, Heal The World developed a COVID-19 healing product called “LV2CVD” to heal COVID-19 diseases without medicines. “We have healed COVID-19 patients using our LV2CVD product which are basically a set of healing products,” mentions Vivek.

Anticipating Growth

In the near future, Heal The World aims to continue pursuing its mission—to heal any diseases without medicines by developing in-house products to optimize the healing lifecycle of the patient. The company aims to set up its training centers and healing centers around the world in the next five years. It strives to be the No.1 healthcare firm in the world providing quality healthcare services to its patients.

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