X0PA AI partners with Microsoft with its Innovative AI Talent solutions

X0PA AI partnership

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X0PA AI an AI HR Tech start-up headquartered in Singapore has joined the coveted list of strategic ISV partners of Microsoft. X0PA AI a company founded in 2017 by Nina Alag Suri, a serial entrepreneur and Prof Jussi Keppo, head data science at National University of Singapore. promises to transform the way talent is hired and managed, both for companies and candidates.

X0PA’s partnership with Microsoft is a very strategic kind both from evangelising the platform for enhancements as well as a strategic go-to-market together in order to offer innovative and wholistic solutions to clients.

“Congratulations to XOPA for achieving Microsoft co-sell ready status. We are happy to partner with a unique talent solution that delivers value to our customers and the market.”

Pratima Amonkar, Regional Director ISV One Commercial Partner at Microsoft.

Roboroy promises to optimise the 6 KPIs of recruitment – cost of hire, time to hire-quality, retention , diversity and candidate’s experience of hiring process. Audited to reduce the time to hire by 87.5%, 50% in cost to hire & improve quality and employer branding significantly.

“Machines will do what machines do best and give humans the tools to enable them to accomplish superhuman tasks. These are exciting times for the convergence of humans and machines and we at X0PA are excited to partner with a powerhouse like Microsoft to provide transformational solutions to our clients together.” Says Nina Alag Suri, CEO and founder of X0PA Ai.

A completely automated robotic recruiter, their AI, Machine Learning and NLP capabilities can match and predict candidate fit, loyalty and performance. Their robotic process automation (RPA) automates the process of hiring from there on.

Recruiters or hiring managers can post a job on the platform, activate their sourcing channels (Roboroy also has an integrated AI sourcer), shortlisting is automatically done. Once shortlisted, candidate receives an automated contact (Consent of the candidate, GDPR etc are kept in mind and nothing is done with the candidate profile, till they consent to the process) and once the candidate accepts, they are sent to an automated workflow process. Video interview, automatic scheduling, smart offer management, smart reference checks etc. are all integrated in to the platform. There is a dashboard for the candidates where they are kept updated on status of their resume and all progress, hence keeping them completely in the loop.

According to a paper by Mercer, Catalyst, world Bank, Statista the Global labour force is ~3.25bn (205m unemployed). With the GWP(Global GDP) approximately at $78T and average resignation rate (%) being around ~9.6%pa and number of people resigning is ~288m/pa. The direct Cost of churn is average calculated at a whopping $4.3Tn! Conventional hiring can cost -$3.6TN and with Roboroy this number can come down to approximately $1.8TN; which offers a saving -$1.8TN.

X0PA Ai has an enterprise platform in addition to its talent acquisition platform, that uses predictive analytics to help companies predict and prepare for potential attrition, predictive performance and also help identify high retention employees helping in project and resource planning.

For more information on X0PA AI- www.x0pa.com or email info@x0pa.com



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