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3D printing is one of the most exciting innovations as far as recent developments are concerned. Through creating layers, 3D printing opens up an entirely new way of creating products and provides many benefits compared to traditional forms of manufacturing. The main advantage of this powerful technology is that it eliminates the time taken to produce a material and removes limitations that are often faced through the traditional methods of manufacturing. Also, small businesses can have reduced mold and setup costs as well as lesser initial cutbacks, which enable them to enter the global marketplace and establish their footprint.

Headquartered in the UK, 3DCompare is a global leader in the on-demand manufacturing economy. By being honest and transparent, the company strives to help customers with wide range innovative technologies and materials to make the product. Its mission is to provide the growing on-demand manufacturing market with a trusted and transparent site using the right tools and resources to get high-quality objects at the best prices for its customers.

The Sage of 3DCompare

The Co-founder and CEO of 3DCompare, Alexander Ziff uses his expertise in product management and business development to lead 3DCompare on the road to higher growth and success. From a young age, the industrious leader always found manufacturing fascinating and wanted to get into the industry. So together with his partner, the CEO wanted to set up a site that  not only has transparent and trusted manufacturers on but also wanted to make it easy for customers to find relevant manufacturers that are right for them with local or worldwide manufacturing base. To fulfill this, he established 3DCompare and aims to become the go-to website for on-demand manufacturing services. 

A Global Leader Offering Comprehensive Services 

The UK-based company was started with a vision and an idea of being trusted and transparent in pricing, costs, data, and the platform itself. Today, customers around the world use 3DCompare to find fast and easy 3D printing companies to print their products and projects. The company’s forte is in architecture, drone, model making, and working with product design agencies. It is also assisting companies that need small plastic parts. Nowadays, it is focusing on helping small businesses as well as has finished projects for pharma companies and other more heavy industry side.

Driven with a relentless pursuit of turning clients’ designs into reality, 3DCompare has a variety of innovative technologies to create the desired product. The company offers a full ecosystem of manufacturing technologies including, 3D Printing Prototypes, CNC Machining, Metal Casting, Injection Molding, Laser Cutting, 3D scanning and Urethane Casting. It also offers over 50 to 60 materials to people around the world. The dynamic 3D printing company has assembled a network of manufacturers around the world who are on its platform for customers to choose from. 3DCompare has also included local manufacturing knowing the importance of it for some customers. Since they want to support their local manufactures, it offers them a filter to handpick manufactures by their country or worldwide.

Eliminate Wastage, Offer Recyclable/Eco-Friendly Materials

Today, a massive amount of products are being manufactured and stored in the various inventories. This leads to wastage of products as they are not needed at present. 3DCompare wants to eliminate this wastage by focusing on total on-demand manufacturing. Using the latest technologies and trends, the company is planning to fulfill the need for small-batch, prototype printing which is affordable, easy to access and simple to achieve along with manufacturers and its partners. For its customers, the company wants to have products that have been developed within few days and are not being sacked in the warehouse for yet. It is also scheming to use recyclable or eco-friendly materials for manufacturing thereby lowering the costs of the entire manufacturing process. This is the goal that 3DCompare is going to work on for the next 5 years. 

An Industrious Leader Leading 3DCompare towards Success and Growth

Being the CEO of a leading company, Alex enjoys performing daily chores, coming to work, working with his team, and spending a lot of his time in business every day. He manages all the operations performed by his CTO, CISO, head of sales, and other executives. He believes that a great team comprises of people who are doers and perform their best to get things done. Accordingly, the skilled team of 3DCompare is a strong team that is focused on achieving the tasks assigned to them.

Driven by his passion to help people, the competent leader along with his team is helping small businesses in saving their money and beating hurdles while creating their own physical product through 3D printing. The CEO Alex believes that 3D printing is going to a significant technology that will bring down barriers to entry product design. Designers from various backgrounds will have the opportunity to start their own stores because of this technology that fulfills on-demand manufacturing. 3D printing will have a great impact on the industrial side as well.

Employees’ Development Program

As the customers demand changes, so does the global manufacturing marketplace. Therefore, 3DCompare provides training to its employees through courses so that they can be up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. This training ensures that every employee is growing in both personal and professional life. Open discussion and sharing of ideas are also implemented by the company. “I want everyone to develop. I want everyone to feel they want to be in the company,” says CEO Alex. The CEO respects and thinks on every idea presented to him, and do not consider any idea as a bad idea. Instead, he believes that sometimes some ideas are not the right for the business, but it is important to acknowledge them and even praise the people who have presented them. He further adds, “We allowed ideas we put on the table. That’s how we grow our business.

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