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In this rapidly blossoming business cosmos, technologies have a massive role to play. Application of technological innovations in industries has resulted in novel offerings, ultimately leading to the betterment of human lives. From the healthcare sector’s standpoint, it has come a long way by altering the fashion in which health is taken care of. Moreover, several organizations from healthcare sector are involved in enhancing its solutions to enhance the lives of the consumers, and one of them is undoubtedly AdhereTech, a leading innovator in the connected medical device space.

Based in New York, AdhereTech’s platform is clinically-proven to be effective, and supported by data reports from top specialty pharmacies. Itsmission is“to build devices and software that seamlessly connect patients to care.” Moreover, its pragmatic set of products and services are used by several, leading pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare firms in the United States and across the globe. Further, because of its advanced array of deliverables, AdhereTech has received numerous awards from top organizations, including The Cleveland Clinic, Janssen Healthcare Innovation, Boehringer Ingelheim, The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, A’ Design, The Henry Ford Innovation Institute, The LIVESTRONG Foundation, The NYCEDC, and many more.

A Leader who Embraces Challenges

Josh Stein, the Co-founder and CEO of AdhereTech, is a TEDMED speaker, and has played a significant role in multiple successful startups. Moreover, he is a tech-savvy personality who is passionate about elevating healthcare globally with the power of novel technologies. He endeavors to fill the missing gaps in patient care using clinically-proven technologies for connecting the right care at the right time. Apart from this, the enthusiastic CEO, who enjoys every aspect of his job, wants to remove all the hurdles in patient care by the means of AdhereTech.

Since healthcare is one of the most regulated industries, its solutions require long research and development periods. As a result, it becomes quite challenging to roll out an unconventional offering. Though the idea is conceptualized a while back, the research & developmental stages and approvals take time in making sure that the solutions are safe, effective, and tested. Incepted in 2011, AdhereTech went through a similar phase and successfully launched its first solution in 2015. Therefore, its dynamic CEO reminisces those challenge-packed days and asserts, “I love challenges! When our solution received published reports from top healthcare companies showing its efficacy, it was extremely rewarding.”

Smart Pill Bottle, an Innovative Solution

Today, AdhereTech has active partnerships with some of the world’s largest healthcare entities. These active collaborations allow patients across the globe to use AdhereTech’s patented smart pill bottles, each and every day. This widely popular smart pill bottle uses sensors & built-in cellular chip to passively send real-time data. Moreover, its secure system receives & analyzes data in real-time, producing the fastest outputs. In addition, the solution, which is fully customizable with automated interventions, sends automatic alerts for missed doses via text messages, phone calls, or through on-bottle lights/chimes, which helps live care teams outreach, & take action in real time. Apart from this, the users can also check their secure online dashboard (or optional API) to access complete analytics, reports, and real-time data integrated by this solution.

Characters Making Smart Pill Bottles Stand Apart

The highly innovative solution by AdhereTech helps increase adherence to specialty medications, retain patients longer, and provide a superior patient experience by enhancing engagement. Further, as it is momentous in the healthcare sector to elevate clinical research and data collection, the smart pill bottles collects novel adherence data, obtains valuable insights such as causes of low adherence behaviors, and leverages these findings with targeted interventions.

Keeping the fact in mind that most of the patients do not use any health-tech tools because of difficulty in setting up and usage, AdhereTech has made this bottle seamless and easy to use. This smart pill bottle starts working the moment the patient receives it and can be used exactly like a regular pill bottle, which is simple for patients of any age. Remarkably, each bottle arrives fully charged with 6+ months of battery life per charge, which can be recharged just like a cellphone. Moreover, as it requires zero patient setup, it can immediately and automatically send data from anywhere around the world. Having built by one of the largest medical device & electronics manufacturers in the USA, AdhereTech’s smart pill bottle is the most reliable and scalable solution.

Continual Efforts to Create Value for Consumers

Experienced in serving a global client base, AdhereTech’s ultimate consumers are the patients who use its offerings in their day-to-day lives and knowing that its main focus always remain on the consumers. Not only this, the New York based company’s efforts are also intended towards providing an unexcelled care experience, by connecting them with care in a faster and better way. Furthermore, together with a data privacy approach, it provides its customers with the most accurate data.

The results of the collaborative efforts taken by the team show that AdhereTech’s program significantly improve adherence, duration, and refills – with overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients. Moreover, multiple thousands of patients are currently using AdhereTech, and results are seen to be consistently effective across different medications, diseased states, and patient populations.

A workforce that makes AdhereTech a market leader

AdhereTech was founded by a group of passionate individuals from the worlds of business, healthcare, and technology and today they have driven and molded the company into a leading innovator in the connected medical device space. Moreover, alot of AdhereTech’s success can also be attributed to the magnificent personalities and organizations that have joined it along its roadmap. In fact, its smart pill bottle was created by the product design and technology experts with prior experience at GE, Bayer, Motorola, and other top firms.

Apart from this, AdhereTech has an elite board of advisors, including executives from top pharma companies, pharmacies, and medical device firms as well as established healthcare entrepreneurs and investors. These medi-tech experts are always there for AdhereTech,assisting it to keep pace with the advancements in medical technology. With such a superlative workforce, the healthcare innovator strongly believes in setting the trend rather than following them.

Reaching towards Success with the Help of Goal Alignment

For any organization, it is necessary to have predetermined set of goals; they make it easy to plan and implement strategies in a systematic and explicit manner. Moreover, to align these marked goals with the company is ultimately the defining factor of working towards achieving them. There are different techniques and methods of goal alignment at all levels of an organization. OKR (Objectives and Key Results) system is what AdhereTech follows, where at the beginning of every year, people from all its departments come together and commute on how to achieve and measure the determined goals in the most effective manner. Furthermore, each employee is given a specific objective to successfully fulfill, inevitably making AdhereTech an excellent entity.

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