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Herk Kailis

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Herk Kailis, the visionary CEO and Founder of Cadmus has made a significant impact on the education sector with his innovative assessment solutions. With a background in research and education, Kailis has leveraged his expertise to create a platform that simplifies the assessment process for both teachers and students. In this exclusive profile, we delve into Kailis’ journey, exploring his career, the challenges he has faced, and the vision that drives him to transform education globally.

Early Career and the Birth of Cadmus

Kailis’ passion for education began early, with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science from the University of Melbourne. His research experience laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial spirit, which eventually led him to establish Cadmus. As a Research Project at the University of Melbourne, Kailis gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by universities in maintaining academic integrity and improving student learning outcomes.

About Cadmus

Cadmus is at the forefront of developing technologies that bolster academic integrity and enhance learning outcomes in universities. The journey of Cadmus is marked by several key milestones that underscore its commitment to innovation and excellence in the educational sector.

The inception of Cadmus was driven by Kailis’s ambition to refine assessment practices within universities. He envisioned a platform that was not only flexible and engaging but also streamlined the assessment process for educators and learners alike. This vision materialized into a user-friendly assessment platform that has since become a hallmark of Cadmus’s offerings.

In its pursuit of promoting academic integrity, Cadmus crafted its platform to seamlessly integrate with TurnItIn, enabling similarity reporting that fosters an educative rather than punitive approach to academic honesty. The design of the platform emphasizes scalability and efficiency, providing educators and students with immediate insights and feedback, which are crucial for the learning process.

Recognition of Cadmus’s potential to make a global impact in education came with its selection to join the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance. This partnership highlighted the platform’s capacity to contribute positively to the educational landscape worldwide. Moreover, Cadmus’s ability to integrate effortlessly with existing university systems, such as MyUni, has facilitated its widespread adoption and ease of use.

Under the astute leadership of Kailis, Cadmus has broadened its reach, collaborating with universities across Australia to develop assessment solutions that are both flexible and scalable. These solutions support students in honing essential graduate skills, thereby preparing them for the challenges of the professional world.

The early focus of Cadmus on pioneering assessment technology and forging strategic partnerships has been instrumental in its growth. These milestones reflect the company’s dedication to making a lasting impact in the EdTech space, with Kailis at the helm steering Cadmus toward a future where technology and education converge to create unparalleled learning experiences.

The Vision Behind Cadmus

Cadmus was born out of Kailis’ desire to create a platform that would support universities in upholding academic standards while enhancing student learning outcomes. The company’s mission is to empower teachers with tools to create authentic learning experiences, ultimately supporting students in developing valuable graduate skills. Kailis believes that a proactive, educative approach to academic integrity is key to achieving this goal.

Challenges and Achievements

Cadmus has faced several challenges in its early development, including the need to balance the demands of scalability and efficiency with the need for a user-friendly interface. However, under Kailis’ leadership, the company has overcome these challenges, integrating seamlessly with existing university systems and raising $2 million from leading higher education investors.

The Future of Education

Kailis is optimistic about the future of education, citing the potential of AI and other emerging technologies to transform the sector. He believes that these technologies will enable more personalized and engaging learning experiences, ultimately leading to improved student outcomes. As the CEO of Cadmus, Kailis is committed to staying at the forefront of these developments, ensuring that his company remains a leader in the EdTech space.

Herk Kailis’ journey from research to entrepreneurship is a testament to his passion for education and his commitment to transforming the sector. As the CEO and founder of Cadmus, Kailis has made a significant impact on the education sector, providing innovative assessment solutions that support universities in maintaining academic integrity and improving student learning outcomes.

With his vision and leadership, Cadmus is poised to continue making a positive impact on education globally.

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