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It is an ultimate challenge for advertisers to reach their potential customers in the current digital age, where millionsof websites, applications, and digital properties, across different channels, are competing severely. The extensive dominance of multiple channels and manual selection of different places to put advertising on the digital platform has become a cumbersome task. To overcome this scenario, the introduction of programmatic advertising is facilitating the buying and selling process to some extent. Such automation makes the trading of online advertising more fluent and consolidates the digital advertising efforts via one technology platform. Right from mobile, desktop, tablet, audio, to digital outdoor and connected TV—any channel can be accessed programmatically today. However, along with growth, numerous challenges like Ad frauds, malvertising, misleading content, changes in algorithms, and government regulations are also emerging parallelly.

According to the experienced marketing professional, Rohit Srivastava, as the supply chain between the vendors and issuers become complex, marketers are facing a tough time to track where their ads are actually being monetised and if they’re spending enough to reach to their correct target groups. The next paras explain how Rohit has started his journey at AdXFactory to tackle some critical problems in the advertising industry.

The Beginning of Offering Comprehensive Advertising Solutions

Rohit is the Founder & CEO at AdXFactory Media, which facilitates worldwide buyers and sellers by providing them with 360degree best-of-breed digital advertising technology and dedicated services. Prior to establishing AdXFactory Media, Rohit worked in various marketing organizations. While working, Rohit had an unfulfilled desire to lead as he saw his dad successfully handling business for years. Soon after realizing the importance of digital space as the next big thing in the global market, Rohit started his expedition of entrepreneurship at a younger age and established AdXFactory Media.

At present, Rohit handles the responsibilities of sourcing and managing finance and global business tasks. Similarly, the CEO and his team also enable their clients to scale up campaigns/media budgets, while controlling quality, performance, and profitability. Sharing his keen dedication towards work, Rohit adds, “Whatever comes to my table, I do it no matter how difficult the task is!”

Simplifying Processes for Advertisers with AdXFactory Platform

Rohit focuses on teamwork as it plays a crucial role in the success of an organization. To fulfill the customer requirements, AdXFactory Media is blessed with one of the finest teams, which works continuously to achieve the organizational vision. The dedicated members are helping their clients by offering a wide range of services including retargeting ads, POP ads, display ads, video ads, in-text ads, and search toolbar traffic.

The AdXFactory platform is an advanced yet simple self-managed platform that helps advertisers to make user-friendly, easy-to-understand, simple campaigns. Right from creating, launching, monitoring and optimizing the campaign, AdXFactory platform develops a clear and effortless process and enables advertisers to access bid management, budget management, changing ad copies, and designing landing URL. Therefore, it’s a one-stop solution where advertisers can manage all their accounts with multiple campaigns across all regions. Likewise, for partners, the company provides a distinct and unique advantage of identifying new opportunities and solutions, resulting in richer customer experience.

Translating Challenges into Opportunities with Continual Growth

Based in India, where the digital ad business is still in the development phase, AdXFactory is surviving the lack of certain technologies and successfully converting the challenges into opportunities. Rohit shares, “I consider these lacking points as an open door for new opportunities. As the time spent on connected devices keeps rising, the daily digital media usage among adults now comes at 5.9 hours.” However, according to Rohit, users spend 29 percent of their media time on mobile while advertisers only allocate a smaller amount of budgets on them. Taking this discrepancy into account, Rohit and his team at AdXFactory are moving forward to encourage marketers to invest more ad dollars to multiplatform, including the ever-growing mobile device advertising.

Since establishment in September 2015, the company is following a mission to seamlessly connect quality advertisers with publishers and end customers. It has witnessed a constant vertical as well as horizontal growth over the past 4 years with a growth rate of 43% and the increased number of transactions by 120%.

Nonetheless, growth is the result of tackling various challenges right from the inception of AdXFactory. Rohit shares, “Not everyone wants to join a startup, especially, when a spare room of your 1 room is all you have for an office. Funding operations has been another issue for startups.” Therefore, the company has been bootstrapping for a long time and now emerged as an advanced provider of intuitive advertising services across the world.

Aiming for the Future while Considering Upcoming Trends

Expressing his predictions about the industry, Rohit says, “Due to the consistently increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the advertising industry, there is no bar for innovation. Similarly, there are concerns about such self-learning technologies as they will need a tremendous amount of data to predict the precise results.”

Additionally, he draws attention towards the ever-growing issues like fake news, bots, and offensive user-generated content that have forced major advertisers to rethink about their digital strategies. Thus, in the current market, which is dominated by only limited players—there is an innate need to transform the conventional approach of the advertising industry. Looking forward to the aforementioned advancements, AdXFactory is gathering these limited players and creating the top advertiser and publisher network under a single roof and delivering best-in-class media and monetization solutions.

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