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Today, companies experience various developments and trends where digital solutions can support. In general, the digitalization of business processes is the main focus, so that information or data can be used throughout the entire company. The requirements for digital solutions result from different business trends. In general, the goal is to become more efficient in order to achieve better margins.

With this in mind, Aicomp was founded in 2000 by 5 people who focused on delivering SAP ERP projects for the growing market of the packaging industry. It aims to provide industry specific customization and SAP Add-on functionality covering the needs of companies that have a high demand to comprehensive product configuration, costing and pricing of make to order scenarios as well as automated master data processes. Continuing it good work, after 1.5 years, the company grew quickly to 20 people. In 2002, Aicomp started expanding the business to other countries. Today, there are 100+ employees and more than 135 customers worldwide. Its SAP ERP and VCPowerPack installations are running productively at more than 155 locations in 20 different countries. Jens Hennecke, CEO of Aicomp, sees the growth as the achievements of all founders, partners, board members and employees.

Aicomp : Flexible with Growing and Changing Business Needs

Equipped with more than 19 years of experience in implementing software solutions for companies, Aicomp offers full turnkey solutions from planning, implementation to roll-out with a modular approach that saves its clients both time and money. As one of the leading providers of configuration solutions for SAP ERP systems as well as implementation partner and reseller for SAP Cloud solutions, it offers software products and consulting services to support clients from mid-sized companies to global enterprises, with end-to-end scenarios and in particular with product configuration and product calculation.

Aicomp is an SAP software and consulting company with ERP solutions for packaging manufacturers and variant configuration expertise with offices in the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Aicomp is on a thrive to exceed the clients’ expectations by providing high-quality, industry-specific solutions that are tailored to best fit their needs and budgets. For large enterprises, its business solutions and consulting services are flexible enough to grow with changing business needs.

Offering Manufacturers A Uniform System Landscape

Aicomp offers very specific solutions for the requirements in product configuration and calculation as real end-to-end solutions. The solutions are based on SAP software in combination with its SAP Addon VCPowerPack. It pays attention to a very precise process mapping so that data can be used continuously from the inquiry to the controlling. In addition, it integrates important special systems into the overall solution in order to offer manufacturers a uniform system landscape.

Over the years, Aicomp has accomplish the digitization of manufacturing by having developed one of the leading product configurators for the manufacturing industries, its VCPowerPack. Embedded in SAP’s onPrem and Cloud platforms, VCPowerPack enables MCP (mass customization production), one basic concept of Industry 4.0. Its newest version combines two major approaches of digital transformation.

CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote: The need to quote complex and highly tailored products let manufacturers face with the problem of combinatorial explosion, means the rapid growth of complexity. VCPowerPack picks up where other CPQ software left the process by connecting to manufacturing to provide plan vs. actual analysis, connecting to inventory control by automatically creating all the master data. Aspiring simplification, it provides a user-friendly, dynamic interface to help its customers to describe complex products and support their calculation and manufacturing to the fullest extent.

CtC – Configure the Configurator: To allow the maximum of customization and personalization, with VCPowerPack, it offer manufacturing companies an open architecture that can hold all of their models and mass customization processes, with one user friendly frontend and a dynamic adaptable backend.

Furthermore, Aicomp offers in-depth knowledge of packaging and discrete manufacturers in consulting and implementing enterprise software for end-to-end CPQ processes based on enhanced product configuration knowledge.

Seamlessly Integrated Into The System

Today, it is difficult for companies and their employees to understand exactly which of the numerous solutions best meets their individual requirements. SAP, for example, already offers a wide range of software solutions to meet this challenge. From a consulting perspective, it is therefore essential that software solution providers have extensive experience and good industry knowledge to be able to provide customers with reliable advice. Furthermore, additional developments around the SAP solution are often necessary. In the end, however, these must also be able to be seamlessly integrated into the system so that they are accepted by the user.

Preconfigured industry solutions, such as those Aicomp offer for packaging manufacturers, give the customers more certainty that the software can sensibly map the necessary processes and data and that the customer will receive his software solution within the scope of his budget and the agreed time in an implementation project.

Each Individual Contributing Towards Company Success

Speed is one of the most important factors today. The environment around the business changes very rapid and to cope with the changes, a company needs to react swiftly in order to keep up and remain viable in the long term. Aicomp rely on a long-term relationship with its employees, in which each individual can contribute his or her individual strengths to a team suitable for the customers. Paired with very flat hierarchical levels, the company offer its customers very extensive but also very specialized expertise. From consulting to the final implementation of a customer solution, it thus ensures the high-quality standards.

Aicomp’s consultants and developers not only focus on installation and setup, but also on the performance of major company processes. Relevant know-how about industry and specific company departments is provided by the teams. Additionally, the company is able to individually serve the customers on-site.

Creating Real Added Value for The Customers

Currently, Aicomp is experiencing an increasing dynamic in the market requirements and also with the requirement placed by the customers on the company. In addition, the range and possibilities for digital business processes is constantly growing and becoming more complex. Even large software providers are finding it difficult to meet the special requirements of their prospects and clients.

This circumstance will make the company more flexible in order to continue to offer reliable options for its customers. However, the experience so far also shows that Aicomp can create real added value for its customers with special extensions. The company plans to open up new markets and want to make complex product configuration platform-independent for various user scenarios possible.

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