Airbiquity Partners with Teraki

Airbiquity Partners with Teraki to Provide Data Management

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Airbiquity teams up with Teraki to Provide Over-the-Air Software and Data Management with Edge Data Processing.

Airbiquity, a global leader in connected vehicle services, and Teraki, a technology leader in AI and edge processing, announced the integration of Airbiquity’sOTAmaticTM over-the-airsoftware and data management offering with Teraki’s pre-processing data analytics capabilities providing automakers with an efficient and accurate solution for managing connected vehicles.

Airbiquity’s and Teraki’s solutions work in tandem to provide automakers the flexibility to conduct real-time data analytics in the vehicle or in the cloud. Through Teraki’s embedded pre-processing data analytics technology, OTAmatic users can process, store, and send 10 times more data compared with other technologies while achieving the highest accuracy levels in data analytics. Along with supporting a wide range of future use cases to increase vehicle performance and safety, this integration boosts consumer satisfaction with connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and new mobility services.

Teraki provides breakthrough edge data processing software to meet the exploding data demands of the $395 billion automotive electronics industry. The company’s AI-based Intelligent Signal Processing software delivers a more than 10X increase in automotive chip, communications and learning performance. This makes highly accurate AI applications possible at scale and in embedded environments.

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Getting the advantages of data management and analysis

“We see this integration of Teraki edge data analytics modules with Airbiquity’sOTAmatic ecosystem as yet another milestone for our company,” said Daniel Richart, CEO of Teraki. “Our customers can now see how our edge data analytics software can be installed, updated, and managed at high volumes. This proves that customers can easily deploy Teraki technology to power cost-effective, highly-accurate, and data-intensive applications such as predictive maintenance and crash detection – at scale – as well as other new AI-based models in the automotive market.”

Keefe Leung, Director of Product Management of Airbiquity, said, “OTAmatic is a powerful solution that enables comprehensive OTA services, including both software updates and dynamic data collection with the ability to remotely deliver new edge analytics modules to the vehicle. Teraki provides a unique analytic module to the OTAmatic ecosystem that simultaneously increases data accuracy while reducing data volumes along with delivering edge algorithms for many advanced automotive use cases.”



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