Akhil Rapelli: A Passionate Engineer Excelling In Ethical Hacking

Akhil Rapelli

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Digitization has made technology both powerful and vulnerable at the same time. This vulnerability can cause great loss for businesses. This vulnerability gives rise to numerous threats such as Phishing, Trojans, Botnets, Malware, Man-in-the-middle attack, SQL Injection attack, etc. These aforementioned threats are enough to abolish the reputation of the company. This calls for an urgent solution to protect the companies from threats. Many security leaders are striving to overcome the challenges put forth by digitization. One such security leader, Akhil Rapelli, with his futuristic approach, is trying to alter the security grounds. Akhil Rapelli (Co-founder and CTO at SwiftSafe) is a passionate engineer and an excellent ethical hacker with a keen interest in hacking. He started at SwiftSafe with a vision to be the topmost cybersecurity professional.

In this desperate hour of need, SwiftSafe claims to provide 100% security from the cyber threats. Located in Hyderabad and then migrated to Victoria, Australia SwiftSafe is also looking forward to expanding in the USA and Middle East countries. The company caters specifically to IT firms with IT infrastructures such as, E-commerce, B2B and other enterprises that are highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The difference between the company and its competitors is that they conduct a penetration test with real-time hackers and provide an accurate result. “The uniqueness we have is, we conduct security audits, with hacker’s perspective to detect the threats, and secure them with real-time penetration testing,” said Akhil. In this test, a computer system is programmed to find the weak points that could be misused by an attacker. The types of penetration testing they provide include:

WEB application Penetration Testing
Mobile Application Penetration Testing
Networking application Penetration Testing
IoT application Penetration Testing

Voice over Internet Protocol application Penetration Testing,
while Compliance like HIPPA, ISO270001, and PCI-DSS for IT auditing are a part of the parcel.

Story of SwiftSafe

The company was named SwiftSafe because of its fast response to any vulnerability, which are found in an organization under any circumstances and also as it offers 100% security from the cyber threats.

Prior to co-founding the company, Akhil was a security analyst and had noticed that numerous companies were spending millions on cybersecurity for their organization. He knew that even the Fortune 100 companies are working on their vulnerabilities, which are not fully patched. This is when the idea of launching a cyber-security company struck his mind. Though his team was living in different locations, all were still connected and working remotely to achieve their goal. Finally, they stood up with their own mark of cybersecurity. Akhil shares, “My Co-founders are the ones who were interested in entrepreneurship and highly affected with a start-up culture, and came up with new ideologies and stand up on their own.”

Passionate About Cyber Security and Entrepreneurship

Akhil describes his team as a group of friends who are passionate about cybersecurity and entrepreneurship. All the members of SwiftSafe have a technical background and have the same interests, which led them to the foundation of the company. The company started with an idea of providing end-to-end cybersecurity services at an affordable budget. With time, few more services were added from the cyber forensics. “Our mission is to secure our clients from threats and data breaches, with team of real-time hackers and certified infosec professionals who always spend their time on R&D to develop cybersecurity, forensics tools,” affirms Akhil.

Handling the barriers of various technologies

Since graduation, Akhil was fascinated by hacking and the field of cybersecurity. During this period he attended a lot of workshops and events on ethical hacking and cybersecurity themes. Akhil became the CTO of SwiftSafe and with excellent track of researching various cybersecurity barriers and forensics, he handles the barriers of numerous technologies to protect the clients in distinguished ways. The team makes use of new tools and methodologies, which not just control the attacks but also detect the threats. Akhil has a unique approach towards threats; he develops policies and procedures that enhance the products and services to focus on external clients.

As the pioneer of cybersecurity, Akhil has numerous roles to perform in the company to ensure that there are no security breaches whatsoever. He further says, “I think every day is challenging at SwiftSafe due to the regular implementation of security in different technologies with different methodologies for the clients of IT infrastructure in order to secure them.” Akhil and his team spend a lot of time on R&D to adopt all the technologies and researching new vulnerabilities to develop new tools to detect the threats and deal with the clients.

Focusing on Company Growth and Market Expansion

In 2020, Akhil with his meticulous team is set to increase the company growth and market size with its offerings. However, the key milestone is to bring awareness of cybersecurity. “Hackers will continue to be more sophisticated, using new methods and tools to gain access to private information. At the same time, technology will continue to evolve, providing hackers with an even larger attack surface and more vulnerability to exploit. Even unsophisticated hackers will automate their strategies in their efforts to infiltrate vulnerable companies,” said Akhil.

Due to lack of awareness in cybersecurity, most of the companies are neglecting to look up the safety measures. To create awareness amongst these companies, SwiftSafe is planning to provide awareness programs on cybersecurity. In addition, are going to offer free-of-cost services for start-up companies to help them secure their data.

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