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Alniche Life Sciences

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Robust Growth of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

“Those things, which are essential, are invisible to the eye.” This quote perfectly fits in with most of the industries including the healthcare industry. Today, with every new development, there remain certain gaps to fill, which are not clearly visible unless pointed by market leaders like Alniche Life Sciences. According to Girish Arora, the Founder and Managing Director of Alniche Life Sciences, India is one of the largest providers of generic drugs globally and rightly called as the “Pharmacy of the World”.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry supplies over 50% of global demand for various vaccines, including 40% of generic demand in the US and 25% of all medicine in the UK. Global companies are actively engaging Indian CRO & CMO for their quality deliverables & effectiveness. Thus, the pharma industry is witnessing a solid growth phase. Along with prescription developments of chronic medicines and an increasing number of private & corporate hospital infrastructures, there is a great pull of wellness product range through this route. Alniche Life Sciences is a comprehensive addition to this ever-growing pharmaceutical industry, where the company is contributing intuitive therapies in Nephrology, Critical Care, Gastroenterology, Skinceuticals, and Advanced Wound Care.

An Elite Journey that Started a Decade Ago

Alniche’s path of success began developing 11 years ago when Girish Arora, a veteran professional with three decades of experience in the healthcare industry found a void for a Nephrology focused organization that could cover all Nephrologists across India. Prior to Alniche Life Sciences’ establishment, most of the organizations had Nephrology as a division with a bifurcated focus on the therapy segment. “I was convinced that the specialists and patients in this segment needed greater attention and this conviction was the driving force behind the inception of Alniche,” shares Girish. With complete devotion towards his goal, Girish utilized all his savings and founded Alniche Life Sciences.

Today, after continual progressive growth, Alniche has expanded from 50 to 700+ employees with 1500+ distribution points, covering 30,000 hospitals both in the private-corporate and institutional sectors. “This worked-out primarily because of my team’s dedication and putting back all earning & profits back into the organization for introducing new therapy areas & field expansions,” comments Girish.

The motto of Quality & Affordability with In-depth Testing and Compliance

While extensively focused on five therapy verticals including Nephrology, Critical Care, Gastroenterology, Skinceuticals, and Advanced Wound Care—Girish and his team are moving ahead to offer affordable and quality healthcare across the world. The company is successfully serving patients and the medical fraternity by offering specialized, best-in-class, effective, and affordable drugs and wellness products all around the world. Each therapy is promoted and handled by a different team, bringing required “Positioning Focus” with minimum overlap. Moreover, the choice of molecules is positioned to cover the entire therapy landscape with existing & innovative therapeutic regimens.

Since the beginning, the team of Alniche Life Sciences realized this need for effective medicine at an affordable price point and dedicatedly worked towards achieving it. At Alniche Life Sciences, each product undergoes stringent testing during the manufacturing process and is well tested for its effectiveness and reliability. Additionally, all the manufacturers are certified with ISO, WHO GMP, and cGMP certifications. Likewise, the company has a full-fledged R&D unit of experts. With a key objective to develop effective formulations for patients, Alniche invests 10% of its profits on formulation development every year, thereby contributing towards a healthier nation.

“Our products are maintained in the cold chain before being supplied to the end consumer. I feel very privileged that my initial years of hard-work & grooming in the field have benefited me immensely,” shares Girish

Covering a Spectrum of Therapies Inspired by Value and Driven by Vision

Innovative formulation is one of the major factors responsible for the success of the R&D lab at Alniche Life Sciences. The company has launched the Ketoalfa sachet aimed at improving patient compliance. Likewise, Auxisoda and Auxisoda DS enteric-coated tablets and Fosfomycin injection are few of the prime launches from its R&D hub.

With a sheer aim to cover the entire spectrum of therapy from preventive, curative, & maintenance aspects, Alniche Life Sciences has a philosophy of “Inspired By Value, Driven By Vision”. Thus, following this philosophy, Girish and his motivated team keep on looking for new opportunities to collaborate with global pharma companies to resolve some vital problems like addressing weaker growth areas, acquiring existing base to build upon technology, regulatory approvals, manufacturing, and marketing.

A Devoted Team Evolving and Growing with New Advancements

According to Girish, one of the key reasons behind Alniche’s success is the improved performance of employees. They take up higher responsibilities, which greatly help in constructing a strong base of Alniche’s future. Girish believes that God’s grace, hard work, team efforts, destiny, and honesty have extensively helped the company to defeat the challenges and march ahead with continual growth.

At present, Alniche Life Sciences stands tall between the top three pioneers in Nephrology and among the top ten in Critical Care, bringing novel molecules/formulations in Renal Care. The company’s Nephrology Division caters to its top-line sales and creates specific products for kidney transplants and dialysis and other renal medicines. Likewise, in the highly populated countries, CKD and other non-communicable diseases are ignored due to the persistent challenges. Therefore, Alniche has introduced renal nutrition products for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients by covering all stages of CKD with focused brands. This has positively helped the company to grow while catering essential but ignored diseases across the nation.

In terms of Wound Care Management, the market has made rapid strides over the last 25 years and with an increase in the biological awareness of chronic non-healing wounds, Advanced Wound Care Management will play a crucial role. Therefore, Alniche’s recent entry into the advanced wound care segment is the next step towards improving its portfolio of quality services.

Alniche’s efforts have been recognized through various awards it has been receiving, including the Fastest growing brands & Leadership Award by Asia One, Healthcare Elite Award by Business APAC and Businessman of the Year award by Business Sphere.

In-licensing of global brands–an important growth vertical

Alniche continuously looks for opportunities to partner with global pharma companies as they firmly believe that strategic focus and a differentiated approach empower the organization. To strengthen new specialty divisions for addressing the therapy gaps, the in-licensing of novel products in future growth areas is a critical piece of the overall strategy of the company.

With this philosophy to the portfolio enrichment, Alniche has partnered with global pharma organizations to bring novel global brands in India from various companies including JW Life Sciences (Korea), Adhezion Biomedical Inc. (USA), FzioMed (USA), Advancis Medical (UK), PT Dermozone Pratama (Indonesia), Biovite (Australia), and Mastix (USA). In addition, the firm is also collaborating with various global companies that focus on therapy differentiation and ground-breaking product concepts.

Intuitive Collaborations for a Greater Cause of Supporting People’s Lives

Girish and his dedicated workforce at Alniche believe that strategic focus and a differentiated approach empower an organization and therefore, the company continuously seeks new opportunities to partner with global pharma companies.

Recently, the first Pharmacy University of India—Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research University, New Delhi (DPSRU) collaborated with Alniche Life Sciences to innovate novel formulations in the field of Nephrology and Critical Care. This association of industry and academia promises to augment further development of new products enabling innovations to meet the medical needs of the Indian population. Sharing his thought on this productive collaboration, Girish says, “Academia can play an important role in innovating novel products specifically required by Indian masses. A synergistic collaboration between the two will augur well by developing new products suited for our population, enabling innovation & growth in the education system and producing an employment-ready workforce.”

In addition, to nurture a conducive environment where industry and academia can work hand-in-hand and encourage young talents to contribute to the growth of the industry, Alniche has started two-lifetime awards—“Vijayin” & “Jwalant”. These awards are awarded to research scholars who showcase their innovative products/dosage forms to address therapy gaps and ideas on new startups.

Next phase of expansion-Expansion into Medical devices, Diagnostics & OTC

Pharma companies have better equity among stakeholders across the entire healthcare industry. This includes Doctors, Paramedical staff, Pharmacists and the Purchase head of all hospitals. With the change of healthcare practice, preference of patients and the emergence of structured hospital chains, pharma companies are stretching to reinvent their product portfolio and sales models.

Additionally, masses in large are moving from Curative to Preventive attitude. This is opening the “Wellness” market, which allows the population to make their own decision to use these OTC healthcare products. With India’s large population, many pharma companies are targeting this market and introducing products for Weight management, Cough & cold, Pain management, Skinceuticals, Nutritionals and Gastro health.

Alniche is taking a structured approach, in taking advantage of this paradigm shift of the healthcare market and planning to launch Medical Device & Direct to Consumer business verticals.



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