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Alniche Lifesciences

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Healthcare has become one of India’s largest sectors in terms of revenue as well as employment. Comprising of hospitals, medical devices, consumables, clinical trials, health insurance, medical equipment, and many more, the healthcare sector is growing rapidly with the advancements of technology. These technological developments in the field of healthcare have put the experience of patients to the whole new level. It has saved innumerable lives as patients now have access to the best diagnostic tools, new, and superior treatments with less pain and quicker healing. Moreover, it has influenced medical processes as well as the practices of healthcare professionals enormously.

Today, physicians can assess patients remotely and have the ability to precisely diagnose problems. These innovations have improved data consumptions, communication, portal technologies, remote monitoring, and has also augmented the experimentations. Technology has turned out to be the driving force behind the quality of healthcare. The companies serving the pharma industry have reformed with the ever-changing face of the field quickly and with time the latest and innovative commercial approaches are being implemented with no time being wasted. A divergent company—Alniche Lifesciences that combines the expanded research along with the strategically focused treatment to provide therapeutic measures.

Alniche Lifesciences: Inspired by Value, Driven by Vision

Alniche Lifesciences, a specialty healthcare company was established in 2007, in Delhi, India and has offices in North America and Africa. Being very strong in niche therapies, Alniche has a focus on Nephrology, Critical care, Gastroenterology, Skinceuticals, and Advanced wound care products. It is extremely dedicated to discovering, developing, and commercializing innovative pharmaceutical products that facilitate people to live life with utmost potential. It is ready to mark its existence in the complementary market of medical devices & consumables in the selected therapy areas that align well with their standing pharma range and one such initiative of the firm is an entry in advanced wound care segment. The firm provides specialized, high quality, effective, and affordable medicine and wellness products.

Alniche Lifesciences always looks for new opportunities to affiliate with global pharma companies and also promotes profound engagement with medical mavens. The consolidation of strategic focus with a differentiated approach empowers the firm to follow the new specialty divisions where therapy gaps are significant. There are various factors focused by the firm regarding in-licensing addressing future growth areas, acquiring an existing base to build upon including technology, manufacturing, marketing, etc. Cost and time advantages are also considered along with enhanced expertise and global accessibility.

Presently, Alniche Lifesciences has partnered with Global Pharma Organizations to bring novel Global Brands in India from various organizations including J.W. Lifesciences (Korea), Adhezion Biomedical Inc. (USA), FzioMed (USA), Advancis Medical (UK), PT Dermozone Pratama (Indonesia), Biovite (Australia), and Mastix (USA). In addition, Alniche is also working with various global companies that focus on therapy differentiation and ground-breaking product concepts.

Recently, Alniche Lifesciences has formed an R&D alliance with Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research University (DPSRU); India’s first Pharmacy University. This affiliation of industry and academia promises to augment further development of new products enabling innovations, growth in the education system, and employment. It also ensures to meet the medical needs of the Indian population. Additionally, Alniche has instituted awards to encourage the young researchers for the new research and innovative products & ideas.

Alniche is achieving these milestones because of its strong and proficient senior management team. This expert team comprises of cohesive and endowed professionals, making it an exceptional combination of talent, skills, knowledge, and business acumen.

A leader who believes in Togetherness and Growth for All

Mr. Girish Arora, the Founder and Managing Director of Alniche Lifesciences, established the firm keeping one thing in mind—‘Attached to the ground and aiming the sky’. He has earned experience of more than 30 years in the Indian and global pharma market. His expertise and vision have directed the organization into prominent therapy areas that helped to reach an exceptional position. He has always believed in hard work, team efforts, honesty, togetherness, and God’s grace. His ability to decision-making and attitude of taking business risks has also contributed to the firm’s success. He owes a lot to his mentors who sharpened his skills and helped him to get the feat right. He acknowledges the efforts of Ms. Ritu Hasija, (Director of Corporate Affairs) for her incessant support right since the inception of the company.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Life Sciences Sector in India

Over the years, India is tagged as the ‘pharmacy of the world’ as it is the largest provider of generic drugs globally. It supplies over 50 percent of global demand for various vaccines, 40 percent of generic demand in the US, and 25 percent of all medicines in the UK. This is not all. Companies around the world are actively applauding the Indian CRO & CMO for their excellent deliverables and efficiency. But there are certain challenges faced by pharma companies like compliance issues and good manufacturing practices.

One more major challenge is the disjointed structure of the industry as there are abundant generic manufacturers leading to instability, volatility, and uncertainty. Sometimes, the competition between big, mid-sized, and small players can also lead to low-quality compliance. To top it all, the competitive pressure and government pricing policies add to the low margin profits. Even the inputs for research and development are very low which affects the R&D departments of the companies and the development of new products. The stronger IP regulation has also been a big issue for companies. But positively, the Indian government has taken many steps to manage medical costs and overall affordability of healthcare expenditures.

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