Anurag Bhatia: Carving Out a Niche in the Financial Industry


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In the last decade, APAC has seen a commendable growth in the economy. The Indian economy has also witnessed growth due to the influx of foreign direct investments. Businesses have been expanding in the region creating a wealth of job opportunities. This has resulted in individuals having more disposal income on the hands than ever before. Thus, arises the ability of investing which will benefit them with higher returns. Investing with a higher return is a vital factor for financial planning. The market is filled with management firms targeting high-net-worth individuals and their impressive portfolios but returns in the recent past as stagnated. Many firms promise to help each individual but focus on people with high net worth but everyone just wants to shove pre-structured products down the client’s throat to earn commissions.

No one is interested to provide good service, the very core of money management. Being a differentiator amongst these companies, Anurag Bhatia (Founder and CEO) stepped in the market with Minance. The company was introduced with an aim to change the investment industry scenario by helping investors from all lifestyles to invest in products that were earlier available only to the ultra-rich. Right from financial handholding, transparent dealing of investments through a customer-friendly dashboard, to centralization of investments and taxation Minance is giving the Indian consumer financial independence in the true sense of the term.

Tiny Conversation becomes a Discussion and Soon a Business

Anurag was very young when he was fascinated by investment and the stock market. His parents wanted him to foster a hobby and Anurag chose a book on investments in the stock market. He was hooked. People also did joke about the fact that he never read books from any other genre. By the age of 13, he had started investing his parents’ savings in the stock market. A student of Science, Anurag graduated in Finance from Manipal University and pursued Postgraduate Research in Financial Mathematics at the London School of Economics. His first job was at Amazon India as a Risk Analyst. While working for Amazon, Anurag noticed that how people thought about their money and finances.

While speaking to his colleagues he would suggest how to diversify their investment and his suggestions worked for them. This tiny conversation became a discussion and soon a business. Amazon was the place where the business of Minance was originated and he started building a clientele based on people who were interested in exploring the market also identifying the opportunities it has to offer. A year later, Anurag ventured into private wealth management with his start-up Minance. Today with 3,000 customers, Minance is a leading investment company.\

Being Comprehensive with the Advice

An organization is built with people so, it is the leader’s responsibility to pass on the skills to others. Similarly, Anurag believes that his responsibilities do not end with pitching the products and trying to get more clients. At Minance, he makes sure that whatever knowledge he has gained is passed on to others. He also ensures that the team is actively involved in team meetings and is critical or focused on new businesses. Anurag adds, “It is equally important for them to get the exposure that I get. We discuss ideas and strategies together and we listen to every single person’s opinion because Minance is not just my brand. When I talk to my partners about their investments it is not only their investments with Minance but it’s their wealth as a whole. It is crucial to get that rapport with your clients to help them through their finances.”

Treading Carefully Through the Challenges

“There are always going to be people who will be unhappy with you but that should not stop you,” affirms Anurag. Presently, the company is establishing its name in the market as it takes years and sometimes decades for a company to define its focus and culture. This is the challenge the company is facing hence, the team is treading carefully through the challenges. Being in the industry for five years, Minance has been successful in creating a reputation to maintain. Yet, the team is striving to achieve much more.

Part and Parcel of Investing

Risk is an inevitable factor while investing. No matter how much one tries to run away from the risks, it will catch on at some time. Anurag advises that the most important thing is to not be afraid of these risks. Following this same approach, Minance’s young team of professionals have taken incredible risks and learned from the success and failures over time. Similarly, he advises that his clients should also follow the same approach and be confident enough to face these risks. There is always a possibility of losing money but that should not stop one from investing. Anurag further suggests, “Managing risk and your overall portfolio need your time and understanding. You need years of studying to make practical decisions. And if you can’t, you can always hire us.” He says with a wink.

Prepping For the Elite Indian Crowd

Having a roadmap ready for the years to come is important but the most important factor is to keep changing this map with time and experience. Anurag and his team are looking forward to bring the company to a level where it serves the elite Indian crowd. Anurag and his skilled team are targeting the rich customers to assist them in managing their wealth and all the steps they will employ in 2020 will be to chart that out. Anurag asserts, “We are working tirelessly to establish a Brand Equity for Minance. We are identifying what we want to stand for five years from now.” Apart from this, the company wants to establish a good name for itself for attracting the best employees. “We are identifying what we want to stand for five years from now. Ultimately, the question is; what do we want to be known for? The kind of people we hire is open-minded, willing to experiment, and step out of their comfort zones. We want them to find us and express an interest in furthering their careers with us,” says Anurag.

Investment Mantra:

“Learn and always try to learn. You do not need to be an encyclopedia but you need to have answers to the basic questions. One rule: When you’re buying a stock, someone else is selling it. Both of you think you’re right, but only one of you is. What makes you think it’s you?”

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