Ashwini Purohit: Making a Difference in the Education Sector

Ashwini Purohit

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Education is a noble cause and is a powerful tool which helps students in leading a successful life. However, the traditional education system has many drawbacks which results in irregularity of knowledge pattern. To overcome these drawbacks, e-learning practices are being introduced while giving high emphasis on practical knowledge. Enlightening the situation, Ashwini, CEO of Winuall says, “I remember how people used to mug answers and get marks while you lose marks if you don’t write the answer mentioned in the notebook.”

The ever-increasing competition is forcing students to be on top rather than understanding the concepts behind what is taught to them. Resulting, students focus more on marks. Students need to understand that scoring good marks should not be their ultimate aim, rather they should focus on brushing up their skills. Nevertheless, there are some significant improvements in the current education system. Nowadays, both parents and students know the need for effective learning solutions which shows that they’re much more aware now. Also, it has grown rapidly over the last decade. Students are learning about AI and ML in their 8th class, which is quite exciting. With the availability of internet, people have more access to information. The accessibility opens door for new opportunities and improvement in the education system. Eventually helping students to learn and not limiting them just to bookish knowledge.

Helping Students in Understanding their Strengths

Winuall is one of the budding software start-ups in the education sector. It provides detailed analytics to students and institutions to improve learning methodology and outcomes. In-depth and actionable analytics is its crucial differentiator that helps students in understanding strengths and improvement areas, target specific topics, and use AI recommended strategies for better results. It also helps institutes run operations smoothly and at a lower cost with features such as quiz creation and scoring, analytics, and batch management to drive their focus on learning methods and students.

Emphasising on Practical Knowledge

Channelizing a curious mind in earlier stages of life is important as it helps in building the interest and expansion of knowledge. Ashwini Purohit is one such curious personality who completed his A CS Grad from VIT University Vellore. When he was 8, his parents bought him his first computer and he was fascinated with its capabilities. He watched his elder brother coding during his brother’s college days which influenced him towards computer. When he was 14, his brother taught him C (computer language program) and from there his interest in building software saw greater height.

Following his passion, Ashwini went to Kota to prepare for IIT JEE and during those 2 years, he had lot of doubts while solving questions and found difficulty in connecting with faculties after and during the lectures. In the first year of his college, he developed an app that helped students in solving doubts who had doubts during or after the lectures. The app created a community of students and faculties for clearing all the doubts and questions, resulting in formation of Winuall. During his college days, he led several developer communities like Google Developers Group, Facebook Developer Circle, Atlassian User Group, Docker Community. He was also invited to attend Facebook’s annual Developer Conference in San Jose, California (USA) twice.

Empowering Teachers and Students

A role of a leader is different and complex in every industry. Ashwini being a leader in the education industry, his vision was very clear from the day one—To avail technology to everyone irrespective of the size of the institution. He believes in creating relations and add value to its users/clients. With Winuall, Ashwini empowers teachers and students to create a healthy student-teacher relationship. He has always focused on creating products that the users’ value rather than adding tens of features every month.

Common Mistakes Leading to Troublesome Career

There are some common mistakes that students do, which lead to their stagnate career growth. Firstly, students have a fixed mindset as they are exposed to less knowledge and experience. Highlighting the issue, Ashwini says, If I, as a student would start believing that I’m bad at Geography, I would never like that subject. This fixed mindset is a very common mistake that even I made when I was a student.” Furthermore, students start too late to prepare for exams and end up mugging topics to get good marks. This leads to poor understanding of the concepts. To conclude, building better relationships with students and teachers is equally important as it develops one-one relationship with each other. Irrespective of the size of the class, it allows teachers to understand the problems of the students that can be resolved first hand.

Improving the Learning Methodology

Winuall is improving the learning methodology for competitive exams through technology and AI for students and institutions.Over the next 5 years, it aims to create an ecosystem in the education sector and make an impact on millions of students and teachers. The company also aims to focus on user engagement and develop an app that becomes a habit and a must have for every student/teacher. Further, Ashwini commenting on his professional journey and his offering into education systems says, “If I get my chance to start my professional journey again, I would mostly again fall in the same segment. Moreover, into bringing AR/VR in the sector.”

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