AsiaPay: Stimulating ePayments With Multi-Payment Support And Best-Of-Breed Security Omni-Channel Payments In Today’s Digital World Are ‘Must’


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The ever-increasing smartphone users in the Asia-Pacific region are encouraging services and solutions-based companies to mark their digital presence and enable smartphone users to shop and engage with different services. The concept of cashless payment methods arose due to the inconvenience in physical transactions. Therefore, there is a sheer demand for ePayment platforms that will ease the burden of doing transactions with physical currency. Considering the extreme growth of digital platforms, ePayments are the helping hands eliminating the extensive need for physical currency. According to Joseph Chan, the Founder, and CEO of AsiaPay, mobile and wallet payment systems are considered as the more commonly used payment methods in online sites, which are greatly useful in completing a purchase online or in a brick and mortar store. Similarly, mobile and wallet payment transactions are simplifying the money transfer and payments in leading countries like China, India, Thailand, South Korea, and many others.

Additionally, the rapid digital transformation in every industry has also engulfed the financial sector. However, there are countries like the Philippines, Indonesia which lack the digital infrastructure to provide facilities of seamless digital payments that are preferred by the banks and eCommerce platforms. In the case of card payments on eCommerce platforms, the secured payment gateway ensures the safety of every cardholder’s card and personal data. Therefore, security and powerful integrated infrastructure are the two prime essentials to establish a digital economy and grow with the evolving world.

AsiaPay Provides Contactless & Safe Payments across the World

AsiaPay is one of the leading Payment Service Providers (PSPs) that offers services with its local payment platforms including PayDollar, SiamPay, and PesoPay. Bringing over 18 years of digital payment expertise, AsiaPay provides advanced and secure payment solutions with an optimized conversion that ease merchants’ concerns when acquiring financial transactions. Mainly, acquiring banks extensively utilize the platform for both authorization, authentication, anti-fraud and settlement purposes.

Today, AsiaPay is traveling on a distinct mission to support customers and merchants and is dedicated to providing innovative, secure, and cost-effective solutions that will improvise the customer experience. CEO, Joseph Chan shares, “We consider the customers and merchants as our top priority and put their security and convenience at the forefront of our business strategy.” Therefore, the solutions of AsiaPay are powered by multi-layered security platforms and operate under 3-D Secure, PCI-DSS Level 1 certification and tokenization to prevent fraudulent transactions and protect customers’ data. With this highly secured infrastructure, AsiaPay also provides multi-payment methods ranging from one-stop comprehensive credit and debit cards, eBanking, eWallets, QR payments, ATM transfer and convenient store payments along with the multi-currency payment feature.

Multi-Payment, Multi-Currency Support for Seamless Cross-border Transactions

With credit and debit cards support, AsiaPay enables customers to shop online on any eCommerce platform around the world. Via AsiaPay powered Net banking, the users can make online payments using their bank account in a secure and straightforward manner. Similarly, as a more and more digital wallet and prepaid card solutions are rising in every country in Asia, AsiaPay also supports a variety of payment eWallets, which facilitate faster and easier payments. Additionally, through the over-the-counter payment facility, merchants can accept payments in cash from thousands of banks and non-bank payment centers after online and mobile purchases.

These best-in-class and secure alternative payment methods enable users to seamlessly complete and centrally manage cross-border transactions from credit cards, internet banking, etc. on a single platform. The platform is powered by advanced anti-fraud tools that leverage the power of big data. Likewise, it is mobile-ready and comes with real-time multi-level consolidated reports. Today, AsiaPay is successfully offering its professional digital payment solution consultancy and quality local service support across 12+ countries and regions, including Hong Kong (Headquarter), Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and United Kingdom.

Joseph Chan, The CEO who Wanted and Implemented the Change

Considering the current state of growing digital payments, Joseph and his worldwide teams are constantly upgrading their offerings to provide reliable, secure and fast modes of payment. Their continual efforts and developments are empowering the customers to do seamless payments without any risks of security.

Prior to leading the AsiaPay, Joseph started with the establishment of a third-party quality electronic payment, mobile payment solutions, and technology firm in Hong Kong. Additionally, his quest to move forward and bring a positive change led him to spearhead business strategies and form an advanced product development company. Later, learning from past and aiming for the future, Joseph established AsiaPay in 2000 with a prime goal to provide seamlessly and trusted ePayment solutions and develop one of the most successful and world-class electronic payment services companies in Asia. Commenting on his decision to establish AsiaPay, Joseph shares, “In regard to business growth and market recognition, I’ve had this long-term vision to operate a successful and socially responsible company which continually provides individuals and corporate entities with the newest product values, readily enhance one’s quality of life, and maximize business opportunities, efficiency, and productivity.”

Therefore, at present, Joseph and his teams of innovative minds across the APAC region helps him to conquer his comprehensive and ambitious business goals, which are targeted on fulfilling customer and merchant payment needs. Thus, following Joseph’s vision, the expert and dedicated teams of AsiaPay keenly work on different projects according to specific markets. “For me, it is important to share and communicate our goals with my AsiaPay designated teams to know their conviction through a compelling vision, and empower and engage” adds Joseph.

Follow the Action-Oriented Way to Execute the Vision

Delivering electronic payment technology and solutions to the businesses of all types has taught Joseph to discover and understand eCommerce businesses’ needs. According to him, the only way to keep up in the fast-growing market is to follow an action-oriented way of running a business. He shares, “While balancing the concepts of effectiveness and efficiency of my business plans, I tend to think in a forward-thinking and productive way to execute them in the real world.” Therefore, Joseph and the team rely on thorough marketing research and are always open to learn from others and gain experience. He suggests his teams and colleagues have an open and creative mindset that adjusts to the constantly changing demands of this modern generation. Additionally, moving towards more advanced, digitized, and transparent ways of shaping the company as the leading ePayments service provider, the AsiaPay team profoundly focuses on internet and mobile engagement. This is because—online and mobile engagement is just as social media platforms house the younger and tech-savvy type audience. Therefore, venturing the sites and assessing how consumers make purchasing decisions online helps the company to upgrade its personal growth.

United with People, AsiaPay is Growing Fast with Operational Excellence

In the coming future, to continue its expedition as the leading ePayments service provider in the industry, Joseph and the team have set some target goals that will drive the company to become the top-performing electronic payment features and solutions provider in Asia. Under Joseph’s leading guidance, the Asia-wide teams of AsiaPay are focusing on fulfilling the demands of the payment industry. They aim to create the company’s vision into business realities and build the teams’ commitment towards a common goal. Another target is to demonstrate operational excellence within the organization to optimize structure and processes within the business model. Joseph states, “We are operating offices in 12 countries and are composed of teams with innovative minds, local market know-how, and skillful performance. With a growing number of people united to build our company’s name, we share the same accountabilities that kept this company going for decades now.”

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