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3D printing is emerging as the new helping hand for the healthcare industry. In order to ensure excellent quality, customer satisfaction, and process efficiency that meet the requirements of the market in a quick and flexible way, BEGO is making a name for itself as the dynamic 3D printing company. This innovative medical device manufacturer takes its responsibility seriously to put health and well-being of the patients first.

BEGO System Synonymic of Top-Quality Products

The traditional company is a leading dental device manufacturer that offers products that cater to all areas of dental technology, whether conventional or digital. Traditional because the company has been established around 130 years ago, and has an instrumental role in the implementation of digital technology. BEGO was the first company to make use of metal powder viz. Selective Laser Melting technique in dental technology. As one of many services to its customers, BEGO produces semi-finished parts in its high-tech production center in Bremen. As a traditional company, BEGO has a long-term skill and talent in alloys and classical dental procedures. Also, it was one of the first dental companies in the market to provide 3D printing solutions in order to print dental restorations made from resins directly in the lab. To deliver world-class solutions/services, the leading company is always working on enhancing its competence in the classical and digital areas. In parallel, it is focusing on 3D printing, especially on 3D printing materials, in order to become a leader in this area. Furthermore, BEGO is forming new partnerships to work with organizations specializing in 3D printing technology. Using its dental expertise along with know-how of 3D printing experts, the company is going to create the best possible products for customers to gain competitive edge and stay relevant in the industry.

Envisaging Success One Step At A Time

Axel Klarmeyer, the CEO at BEGO Dental, has a long-standing success story at the company. He joined the BEGO team in the year of 1995, as a junior salesman for the classical dental technology. In 2002, he became the Head of Sales Management of the newly founded BEGO Medical. After five years, he was offered the position of Managing Director Sales at BEGO Medical. In a span of few years, he took over the same position at BEGO Dental in 2012. Since the beginning of 2019 he bears the overall operational responsibility for BEGO Dental.

Leader Ensuring The Simplified And Streamlined Transition

Due to the rapid advancements in technology, BEGO has to be updated and also be at the top amongst the technological novelties. The BEGO Management Team has laid the cornerstone for an agile company to shorten the innovation cycles and to make sure to stay aware of the evolving needs of the market. The company specializes in simplifying and streamlining the transition of conventional processing from traditional dental labs to a more digital format. The needs of the dental technicians, as well as the health and well-being of the patients, are definitely one of the main focuses of the company. Thus, Axel and his team make sure that the products respond to high-quality standards as well as medical regulations. They ensure that the company focuses on maintaining strict Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Medical Device Regulations (MDR) compliance with the validated processes.

Axel’s Opinion On The 3D Printing Technology

As Axel has been in the dental industry for more than two decades, he shares his view on the 3D printing technology business. He asserts, “I can only speak for the dental industry, but 3D printing has been a real gamechanger. The ability of 3D printers to deliver accurate 3D models of dentition has had a major impact on dental technicians’ work, for instance, for adapting prosthesis and implants with the patient’s morphology. The high dental technology requirements regarding precision, safety, and reproducibility of 3D printing solutions differ considerably from those of other application fields.”

Prepared For The Forthcoming Challenges

With a goal to advance various innovative projects and consistently expand its pioneering role in the field of dental 3D printing, BEGO with its diligent team is striving for success. It tends to remain the leader of the best 3D printing materials from the dental field. The necessity of regulations has become important with the evolution in the dental market. Therefore, BEGO is being prepared for the forthcoming challenges and considers MDR as a top priority for the company. Presently, working on the processes and the quality management system is one of the main emphases for the company.

Important Innovation Driver In The Dental Industry

Being a pioneer in CAD/CAM technology and a specialist in digital processes, BEGO claims to be an important innovation driver in the dental industry. It has developed and patented the Selective Laser Melting process for the dental industry. It offers unsurpassed quality and cost-effectiveness in the manufacture of metal frameworks. Furthermore, BEGO offers 3D printing resins that allow fast, simple and cost-efficient fabrication of a wide range of restorations directly in dental labs. To survive the competition in the market, the extraordinary experience comes in handy. It has 130 years of tradition and dental expertise.

Working throughout the years, this ever-evolving platform has trampled the norms with its services. Due to the gradual changes in digital tech, it has been successful in evolving its technological know-how. The trust of the customers on the equipment and materials is because of the “Made by BEGO” tag, which is the proven combination of safety and reliability. In other words, the feedback proves that the BEGO system and know-how are synonymous with top quality solutions. In order to keep up with the leading position, BEGO focuses on research and development to improve and optimize the products.

Partners In Progress

The slogan of the company—Partners in progress—well defines the importance of team members. BEGO believes in giving an equal amount of importance to not only the customers and dealers but also to the partnership with its employees. Encouraging a friendly work culture promotes a good environment, which helps the teammates to work together towards success. Axel states that the competence of the team goes beyond dental technology. It englobes other sectors too, for instance, regulatory affairs, sales, and marketing. The cooperation and communication amongst the team account for making the difference amongst others. Axel encourages individual initiative with a sense of responsibility and belonging among the employees to build their strengths. The team is striving towards success by following the principles of transparency, honesty, and agility.

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