Which company makes the best solar panels in India?

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With the increasing demand for solar energy, many solar companies are introducing the latest technology solar panel. Choosing the best solar panel manufacturer is dependent on factors such as efficiency, durability, and technology. India is a top country in which the utilization of solar power is good. India is the fastest-growing sector in the world which has increased the carbon footprint for the country. To make India greener and cleaner the alternative sources of power are wind and solar is an answer. In this article, I will discuss the best solar panel manufacturer in India.

Advantages of solar panel

Solar panel have many advantages that can help a consumer to generate their own electricity. So some of the advantages are

  • It reduces your electricity bills up to 80%
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No harm to the environment
  • Provides 24/7 electricity.

Key Factors in Choosing a Solar Panel Manufacturer

a. Efficiency: The solar panel has high-energy efficiency that can generate more power and provide backup.

b. Durability: You must check the durability of the solar panel before choosing the best solar panel manufacturer. You must check the durability of the company’s product.

c. Customer Review: Before selecting a solar panel manufacturer you must consider the customer feedback on the products.

Solar Panels Price in India

The average price of a solar panel is Rs. 1,050 to Rs. 20,250. But if you purchase solar panel with EMI/loan then you must pay 20% downpayment. The solar panel price can depend on the brand, technology, location, and installation. 

Why Loom Solar is the best for you?

At Loom Solar, we focus on technology, design, installation, and finance in solar panel across India. They offer various facilities such as EMI/loan and engineer visit. They manufacture the latest technology products. They also have easy financing solutions.

What product does Loom Solar offer?

Loom Solar offers various solar solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. They offer solar panel, solar inverter, and lithium battery. They manufacture the latest technology solar panel, solar inverter, and lithium battery.


While choosing the top 10 solar panel manufacturers you must consider the above-mentioned factors. Remember to be updated on the articles related to solar panel for the latest information and subsides. Additionally, it is important to know about the latest developments and latest technology solar panel. To know more about solar panel and solar panel price you must consult the best solar panel manufacturer.

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