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With the changing times, the pharma industry is not seen as a profit-generating machine. Rather, it is seen as a firm that visions to empower employees to increase employee efficiency and reshape talent. Cachet Pharmaceuticals is one such organization that is recognized as people-centric and is a technologically steered pharmaceutical company dedicated to elevating the healthcare industry in India.

Founded on 25th April 1978, Cachet Pharmaceuticals has always considered employees as their strength and backbone. Started as a manufacturing company today, Cachet manufactures and markets its products. Today Cachet has generated a huge scope for employment in India and has achieved the goals of catering affordable medicines for the general population.

The Indian Pharmaceutical industry has been a large constituent of the international pharma sector worldwide. It contributes up to 85% share in the domestic market.

Changing the healthcare worldwide

For 40+ years, Cachet has been a part of the pharmaceutical industry, standing firm in more than 30 countries in Asia, CIS, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. In 4 decades, Cachet has established a renowned network that caters to the demands of both domestic and international markets. Cachet manufactures and markets various formulations in various dosage forms across acute and therapeutic areas covering different specialties such as Anti-Bacterial, Anti-biotic and Anti-Infectives, Gastroenterological, Anti-Malaria, Anti-Osteoporotic, Phytoestrogens, Antioxidants, Cough and Cold Management, Calcium and Iron Supplementation, Multivitamins and Multi minerals. The company also produces Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for pain management and Nutraceuticals in capsules, tablets, syrups, ointments, and injections. So far, the company has registered products in over 40 countries, covering a wide therapeutic range in acute and chronic disease segments.

S.K Singh – The brainchild of Cachet

Mr. Satish Kumar Singh is a visionary leader and the managing director of a renowned brand, Cachet Pharmaceuticals. He supervises operations, people, and ventures to ensure the consistent growth of the business. He is a second-generation entrepreneur who has been a part of the industry for more than 40 years. Inspired by his father, late Shri Samprada Singh, he took his work to newer heights by creating Cachet Pharmaceuticals. Under his care, Cachet has understood and complied with the regulatory framework of various countries and has resulted in a successful track record of timely and extensive approvals.

  • THE STRONG ARMED: Mr. Indranil Chakravartty

Mr. Indranil Chakravartty is the Chief Operating Officer at Cachet Pharmaceuticals and has 37 years of experience. His focus has always been on developing business through developing people. His qualities like astute leadership, transparency, and commitment have restructured the visions of many. He joined the Cachet family 4 years back, and since then, the orientation of Cachet’s philosophy has changed drastically. Under his guidance, Cachet has been able to focus more on the profits and ROI of the business. The idea of elevating the manual processes with the latest technology framework resulted in enhanced outputs, reduced manual work dependency, and minimized the

turnaround time of deliveries. Mr. Chakravartty’s vision has transformed Cachet Pharmaceuticals and has taken the company on the journey of success.

  • THE SIZABLE: Mr. Sanjay Kumar

Mr. Sanjay Kumar is the President–Plant Operations at Cachet Pharmaceuticals. He is a commerce graduate having 26+ years of experience in plant operations, administration, pharmaceuticals production, and financial management of the plant. He joined the Cachet family as a Factory Manager at Cachet’s Bhiwadi plant in 1994-95 and enhanced productivity by making his team. Under his leadership, Cachet started a new plant in Baddi and Sikkim. One of his best qualities that have benefited Cachet for sure is his delivering unmatched quality. He has thrust for continual improvement in Systems, Products, and Resources. He has brought up cost-effective production plans that have helped Cachet to excel in the market.

  • THE HIGH-FLYER: Mr. Shashi Shekhar Kumar

Mr. Shashi Shekhar Kumar–Senior Vice President of International business at Cachet Pharmaceuticals has 27 years of experience. He has gained expertise in different areas of international business, namely international trading, financing, logistics, in-licensing, and out-licensing. Mr. Kumar plays a vital role in developing, shaping, implementing, leading, and supporting excellent strategies for the international markets. He has successfully identified and developed new markets and has created international divisions present in over 30+ countries. Some of our brands are amongst the TOP five brands in the countries like Zambia, Kenya, and Chile. He has been a strong pillar for the company and is on the outlook to achieving new milestones every year.

  • THE NUMBER MAN: Mr. Jitendra Jha

Mr. Jitendra Jha is the Vice President, Finance at Cachet Pharmaceuticals. He is a CA and CS professional with more than 14 years of experience in administration and facilities, business finance, and financial reporting. He is the master in commercial decision-making, profit loss, and cash flow management. He is set in charge of enhancing investments in 2020-2021. He stands at the helm of the financial wheel and has successfully implemented a cost-consciousness culture in the firm. He has

reshaped the company’s business strategy, and now Cachet looks for value on an ongoing basis instead of a one-time cost reduction drive. This has helped the company to focus beyond price reductions to generating value for what we deliver.

  • A MAN OF THE PEOPLE: Mr. Animesh Dhari Singh

Mr. Animesh Dhari Singh has been a part of the Cachet family for 7+ years. He has an industry experience of 15+ years. At Cachet, he fulfills the responsibility for HR automation, Organizational redesign, Change management, Performance management, and the whole gamut of Human Resource Management.

Bringing nothing but the best to the table, Mr. Animesh Dhari Singh has transformed the company’s technological approach. He has successfully changed the manual salary process to an automated one, paperless documentation, learning, and development, etc. He is the bridge between the management and the Cachet employees and knows how to balance the equation with trust and professionalism.

Cachet Cares: Empowering employees during the pandemic

A lot has changed since the outbreak of COVID-19. It has challenged the world both socially and economically. Even the most powerful industries kneeled in front of the virus. With businesses suffering a huge loss and thousands of employees losing their jobs in the pandemic, Cachet Pharmaceuticals has managed to stand firmly with its employees by adapting a work-from-home culture.

Cachet’s employees made the most out of the new normal situation and enhanced their skills through online workshops during the countrywide lockdown. Under the company’s Mediclaim policy, Cachet has increased the sum insured for frontline staff.

In August 2020, Cachet collaborated with insurance companies to get term insurance for its employees at minimal premiums. Responding to this, most of the employees opted for term insurance to secure their future.

Emerging in the international market

Besides partnering with international distributors, the company has a marketing setup in select countries where the products are promoted to the resident doctors and pharmacists.

Within few years, the company has successfully created ‘Cachet Exports’, which engages in the

marketing of finished pharmaceutical formulations to several countries worldwide.

  • Own marketing operations in 7 countries.
  • Distributor-driven sales in 20+ countries.
  • Contract manufacturing business in 10 countries.

Cachet Pharmaceuticals have achieved prestigious accreditations in many countries across the globe. These include WHO-GMP, PPB-Kenya, TMDA-Tanzania, FDA-Ghana, EFDA-Ethiopia, NDA-Uganda, ZAMRA- Zambia, GMP-Nepal, NAFDAC-Nigeria, PMRA-Malawi, DOH-Vietnam, DPPM-IVC, MOH-Yemen, along with company registration in UAE, Oman, Cambodia, and Kuwait.

Awards and Accolades

In its 40+ years journey, Cachet has earned several milestones and accolades. In the last 6 years, Cachet has been bestowed with prestigious accolades, namely:

  • “International Star for Leadership in Quality Convention award” at Paris by Business Initiative Directions (BID)-2015
  • “European Award for Best practices 2016” at Brussels by European Society for Quality Research


  • “UBM Initiative Recognition- Emerging Exporters of the Year 2016” for our business

achievements by UBM India

  • The recognition of INSPIRATIONAL COMPANY with all its privileges and obligations- Prague, Czech Republic-2018
  • The mention in “Best Companies to Work For 2020” by SiliconIndia.
  • Cachet Pharmaceuticals has been awarded a certificate of “Most Innovative healthcare companies to watch in 2021” by The CEO Magazine.
  • In recognition of Outstanding Professional Achievement and Contribution in Nation Building, Cachet Pharmaceuticals has been awarded a trophy and certificate of the “Indian Achievers’ Award for Promising Company 2021” by the Indian Achievers’ Forum.
  • The admirable growth and differentiating characteristics of Cachet Pharmaceutical caught the attention of Business Connect, where Cachet Pharmaceutical was highlighted as a Company in Focus 2021.

Cachet’s experience in producing anti-infective therapy medicines is strong, and now it is growing and entering different therapy areas like Pain management, Nutraceuticals, GI, & Respiratory medicines. Cachet is all set to scale newer heights of success as it has stepped into the international market. Keen on improving the pharma rankings; Cachet looks forward to being in the Top 50 companies in prescription. The company plans to be a game-changer in the pharmaceutical industry and has taken the initiative to ensure long-term sustenance by increasing ‘brand recognition and developing ‘brand value’.

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