Logistic Sector in Vietnam

The Rise of Logistic Sector in Vietnam

Key Highlight 20% Annual Growth Rate The Logistic Sector in Vietnam business is one of Vietnam’s fastest-growing industries. It is expected to grow faster than the country’s GDP growth rate. ...
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Electric Vehicles

Why eCommerce Companies are shifting towards EVs? 

The eCommerce sectors rely heavily on numerous companies for their supply chain & logistic. Such service providers deploy vehicles on fleet via leasing model. The eCommerce sector is starving for ...
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Adidas and Prada announce new sailing footwear partnership

Adidas is teaming up with Prada to produce a limited edition of footwear The Italian luxury fashion house, Prada and industry leading sportswear brand, Adidas have joined forces to start ...
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Asia Pacific trade deal

Australia forms partnership with Asia Pacific trade deal

Opens doors for trade businesses and investors across a Asian region Australia will sign a major free trade deal involving 15 countries from Asia Pacific region but India is holding ...
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India Export Share

India’s export share is on continuous rise

U.S-China trade tension doesn’t impact India Since, the start of the tariff wars in 2018, India is the only major Asian economy that has grown its export share with fewest ...
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LOGOS India Secures Two Logistics Parks

LOGOS India buys Two Logistics Parks for INR 700 crore LOGOS India, a logistics platform set up by property developer Assetz and logistics real estate company of LOGOS Group has ...
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Lg Uplus VR

LG Uplus and Google to produce and distribute VR content together

With the launch of its 5G services, LG UPlus would also introduce its VR device. Ha Hyun-hwoi, CEO and Vice Chairman of LG Uplus announced that the company will produce ...
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DHL invests in warehouse tech

DHL invests $300 million in warehouse tech, innovates supply chain

Strategic adoption of robots, AI and self-driving vehicles will bring flexibility and reduced costs for omnichannel companies. As business organizations struggle to implement omnichannel, they lean more and more on ...
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Korean government pilots blockchain

Korean government pilots blockchain for logistics innovation

The government’s overall strategy for the study also includes area like of real estate, online voting, and international e-document distribution. Two South Korean government ministries have recently launched a blockchain ...
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