4 Tips For Correctly Dosing CBD Oil Made For Cats

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Giving Cannabidiol to animals is no longer a weird thing to do. It might have been a bit unusual and strange in the beginning, especially since people didn’t have enough knowledge on the topic. Yet, it soon became a completely normal thing and we have researchers to thank for that, as they have worked hard to break the stigma and basically get people adequately acquainted with this compound and its effects. You can get properly acquainted with this compound here.

Since you are here, it’s safe to assume that you have already done at least some amount of research on this topic and that you have become rather interested in introducing it to your feline’s diet. Chances are that you have also already found the specific product that you want to buy and if that’s the case, then I hope that you have made a wise choice and that you’ve thoroughly researched the manufacturers before doing your shopping. This is because you want to get what’s best for your cat instead of accidentally buying some poor quality Cannabidiol products.

In any case, we are not here to talk about that shopping process today, since I’m sure that you’ve been rather responsible about it and that you haven’t actually done any hasty shopping. Instead, you have most likely done the necessary research and then ordered the product that you believe could be great for your animal. So, what is it that we are doing here then?

Well, while buying the right product is one step of the process, making sure that it is properly given to your felines is another significant step that you should never ignore. In plain words, you shouldn’t just let your felines consume random amounts of the CBD oil that you have bought, because dosing it properly plays a huge role in the actual effectiveness of the product. So, if you really want it to be effective, you should learn how to dose it the right way.

Now, before I get to explaining how you should dose the cbd oil that you will buy for your felines, let me quickly tell you what it is that could happen if you end up giving them the wrong dosage. If you give a too low amount of CBD to your animals, they won’t feel any of the benefits that they were actually supposed to feel. On the other hand, if you administer a higher amount than recommended, your cats might experience certain side-effects. The good thing is that those side-effects are both mild and rather temporary, but still, there’s no need to put your pets through that in the first place. So, let us learn how to dose it.

CBD Oil for cat

Consider The Weight

The absolutely first thing you should consider is your pet’s weight. Cats are generally smaller than, say, dogs, which automatically means that they need a lower dosage. Yet, not every cat is the same, meaning that you shouldn’t rely on dosage recommendations that other feline owners might have given you, since their pet can be physically quite different than yours. In simple words, you should consider the specific weight of your animal in order to understand how much CBD it might need in order to get those benefits that you know come with this product. Of course, you don’t have to know the exact weight at every single point in time, but an approximation is necessary.

Check Cannabidiol Concentration

Apart from considering your animal’s weight, you should also pay closer attention to the product itself, because there is an important thing that you have to check there. No, I am not talking about checking all of the ingredients, because, while that is important for determining the safety of the product and making sure that you are buying the right one, there is actually one specific thing that you should consider when trying to determine the dosage. I am, unsurprisingly, referring to the concentration of Cannabidiol inside the product.

If you think about it for a minute and use your logic, you will realize that the CBD oil you are buying will be stronger if it contains a larger amount of Cannabidiol. Thus, if you buy a product that contains rather low amounts of this compound, you can expect it to be pretty mild, and vice versa. Of course, it is up to

you to decide whether you want to get a stronger or a milder product, but keep in mind that the method of dosing will depend on the mentioned strength.

Read more about CBD oil and animals: https://www.femina.in/relationships/pets/all-you-need-to-know-about-cbd-oil-its-effects-on-pets-198598.html

Think About What You’re Trying To Treat

When you have checked the strength of the product and the weight of your cat, you should also take some time to think about what it is that you are actually trying to treat with the CBD oil that you’re buying. Different conditions require different amounts of Cannabidiol. For example, boosting appetite will require a lower dosage than, say, treating arthritic symptoms.

Always Check Dosing Instructions

You should also keep in mind that every product you’ll buy will come with dosing instructions of its own. You will most likely find these on the label or on the websites of the manufacturers. So, make sure to always check those instructions when trying to determine the right dosage for your cat. Perhaps it would be best to start with lower dosages and then increase them if necessary.

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