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In the last few years, there has been a rapid proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices due to customers’ demand to access their information on the move. With the increase in the number of tech-savvy consumers in the APAC region, there are numerous opportunities available for business development and growth, especially in the mobility industry. Amrit Rathi, the Founder of CitrusLeaf Software has witnessed the unparalleled rise in mobile users. According to him, companies are leveraging mobile not only to satisfy the customers’ demands but also for mobilizing their business operations. Industries like travel, healthcare, gaming, etc. have already observed a huge growth in consumers as compared with others. For example, China’s Tencent mobile game PUBG has quickly gained popularity all over the world in the shortest amount of time. Amrit believes that in the upcoming years, corporations of the Asia-Pacific region will have more advantages over global companies because of its tech-savvy consumers who will push them to create novel solutions.

CitrusLeaf Software SMEs and Startups with Custom-Made software    

Amrit established CitrusLeaf Software with a mission to be an augmented resource of unique software for his clients. The leading software development company based out of India and the US aims to create usable, scalable, and affordable software for SMEs and startups. Amrit believes that every organization deserves custom-made software according to their businesses. Hence, he interacted with multiple companies and decided to build software that is affordable and offers high-quality to them. For Amrit, the most challenging task is to bring awareness among entrepreneurs about the extensive benefits of software that can elevate their businesses. Even now, most business owners think that for the development of custom-built software, a huge sum of capital is required but the actual condition is different. Today, with open-source technologies, most software can be created easily at much lower costs. In addition, integrating cloud technology can further reduce additional costs.

Developing a Comprehensive Range of Convenient software 

Incepted in 2015, CitrusLeaf Software believes that with the ever-going progress in software development techniques, the software can be built in more affordable and usable ways. While working with multiple startups & SMEs throughout the APAC region, the customized software providing company has gained an in-depth functional knowledge in numerous areas like construction, fashion, travel, e-commerce, etc.

Its expert team’s forte is to understand customers’ needs and interact with them to share possible solutions. Through proactive and open communication, the CitrusLeaf Software team has developed a system in which each stakeholder is informed about every development happening in the project. The company offers a wide range of services that involve software development, Flutter App development, Laravel development, WhatsApp marketing software, and construction software development.

CitrusLeaf Software works with the latest technologies like Flutter, Laravel, AWS, Redis, PostgreSQL among other traditional technologies. Using these technologies, it has developed a variety of interesting projects, from building a social network to the real-time baby-sitting platform including BottomsUp!, CineFunTV, Acify, BreakPoint Analysis, ISRTC, etc.

Acquiring Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Resolve Business Issues

As an Indian-based company, CitrusLeaf Software knows that India is a hub for quality software development for last few years. Indians have already realized that software could transform their ideas and create remarkable growth opportunities for them. Furthermore, the Indian government has started several schemes to cater to the growing needs of startups. Thus, developing mainly for Indian customers, CitrusLeaf Software has worked with 15+ SMEs and 20+ startups to fulfill their technological needs. Most of its clients belong to India and Australia. The company has gained various unique and practical problem-solving ideas from these countries. Tapping into these ideas, it is resolving real-time issues of businesses. In doing so, the professional team has become well-versed with MVP design and development.

Skilled Team Delivering Sustainable software for Customers 

CitrusLeaf Software’s diverse team consists of developers and designers, who unitedly deliver top-quality software to their customers. To provide such top-rated software, the team members are constantly on the lookout to bring the latest innovations for their customers. The most impressive thing about CitrusLeaf Software is that the company provides its employees enough time to learn new technologies and enhance their abilities. As a result, the skilled team develops improved software using the latest and stable technologies according to clients’ needs.

For CitrusLeaf Software, stable technologies mean the technology that is sustainable over the long haul. Therefore, its proficient team evaluates every technology, paradigm, and pattern very deeply. They handpick only certain technology after rigorous testing before starting to work on it full-time. Consequently, the company develops software that is sustainable for its clients’ business.  

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technologies to Stay Ahead from its Rivals

CitrusLeaf Software has an in-house R&D lab where new groundbreaking innovations are created. To stand out from its competitors, the company is focusing particularly on cross-platform app development tools such as Flutter. Google has introduced Flutter for app developers so that they can build apps that require less effort in maintenance and development. With Flutter, app developers can create apps for both iOS and Android from a single code base. As a result, these apps are of high-quality and come at affordable rates suitable for every business. Besides this, the company is working on Amazon Alexa to bring voice capabilities to existing and upcoming enterprise software.

The Future of the Mobility Industry

“The next five years are going to be the most innovative times for the mobility industry. With more users coming online using their mobile phones, there will definitely be a tremendous opportunity for continued growth.” ___Amrit Rathi

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