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Continuous technological transformation is an inevitable reality for every sector and industry. Businesses such as manufacturing, real estate, and other such conventional setups have been a part of the industry for a long time, thus their shift to digitization was relatively smoother. Presently, the consulting industry is at a mature stage in its life cycle and its growth is more or less directly proportional to that of the overall economy.  Most large-sized companies err on the side of caution by engaging the traditional big names, thereby missing out on innovative services offered by new-age niche consulting firms. On the other hand, MSME companies are tight-fisted, and therefore there is always the cost versus output conundrum.

To bring about game-changing disruption, the competition within the consulting sector should be focussed on innovation and novel solutions rather than plain old efficiency. Headquartered in Mumbai, COENSUS is one of the leading consulting companies offering a host of innovative business services and solutions. The company operates on five key verticals — Business Advisory, Market Research, Business Support, Digital Support, and Learning & Development.

Providing Key Strategic Services

Today, India not only helps businesses within the country to grow but also invites industries from all over the world to be a part of its growth story. The scenario of consulting companies in India is a bit different from the rest of the world. Consulting companies in India are focussed on being facilitators of market information rather than playing an active part in building strategies for their clients, thus adding real value to businesses. A lot of research that goes around can also be conducted by research agencies; however, the only way a consulting company can value-add is through active participation in the strategy development process.

Understanding the market scenario and going beyond its competitors’ capabilities, COENSUS provides key strategic services to its clients, such as Market Opportunity Assessment, Market Size Modelling, Market Analysis, Product Feasibility Studies, Go to Market Strategies, Qualitative & Quantitative Research, Business Process Management, Business Plan Development, Franchise & Channel Sales Development, etc.

Identifying the Objectives Before Project Execution

Consulting is largely a manpower dependant business, and COENSUS believes that every individual has something unique to offer, irrespective of their age, experience, designation, qualification, or background. The company does not hesitate from listening to anyone’s perspectives, as it believes that the more it listens, observes, and assimilates, the more it gets closer to answers that can potentially solve complex business problems. When dealing with clients, the company ensures that it spends sufficient time in designing and planning the research, and clearly identifying objectives before proceeding to project execution. COENSUS firmly believes that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

The key expectation will always be a valuable addition to the client’s business by virtue of top-line and bottom-line improvement, efficiency improvement, cost efficiency, and above all meeting the key objectives of the consulting assignment in a manner that will have medium to long term impact on the business. COENSUS endeavors to diligently assess its clients’ needs, followed by assessing the market and consumer behaviors, eventually leading to the facilitation of intelligent and informed business decisions.

Never-Ending Quest for Knowledge

Anand Banerjee, Founder and Business Leader of COENSUS, has over twenty years’ experience in the fields of Market Research & Consulting, Sales & Marketing, Customer Care & Service Delivery, Process & Quality Management, Client Servicing & Business Development spanning across sectors such as CPG, FMCG, IT, Telecom & ITeS, BFSI, Agriculture & Primary markets, e-Commerce, etc. Prior to the founding COENSUS, he co-founded BnB Global Solutions (2010), Tangram Research & Consultancy (2012), and (2013).

Anand has an inquisitive mind, constantly curious to figure out the inner workings of everything around him. This is probably the key reason behind him eventually settling down into a profession that gives him the incredible opportunity to explore and investigate various products and services spread across myriad categories. He has been fortunate to have engaged with companies involved in various products, right from stationery products to food & beverages, from automobiles to spares’ manufacturers, from hair oil to beauty & makeup, from X-Ray machines and CT scanners to Office Automation products, from Teak Wood and Cashew farming to packaged goods and restaurants, the list is endless. Anand says, “All in all, I’m glad I do what I do, as my passion is to ask questions in a never-ending quest for knowledge!”

Recommendation to all the Clients

Irrespective of the industry, the client is an integral part of any business. Understanding the clients’ needs and expectations helps the business to grow at a much faster rate, especially in the consulting industry. COENSUS now has years of experience in the business and knows how to deliver its services to its clients. A few clients may not involve the consultant at the execution stage, and midway through the execution of the project, the consultant may realize that the original research design might turn out to be inadequate for it to arrive at a comprehensive solution. Sometimes, this may cause major disruptions with the execution plans and may extend the project timeline, thereby putting a strain on the consultants as well as the company’s resources. COENSUS generally recommends the clients to involve the consulting company right from the design stage, so it may conduct preliminary research, and redesign if needed, right at the outset.

Rapidly Expanding the Partners

AI is still at its nascent stage of usage in most consulting firms. Anand says, “I believe that there’s a lot more that can be done using the power of AI. For instance, AI can be tapped to streamline the delivery of projects, on the back of more effective resourcing and prioritization, event & calendar management, admin tasks like invoicing and payroll processing, process management, record keeping, etc.,

Currently, COENSUS use AI for data collection, data management, data validation, data integrity checks, data analysis, mapping of the value chain & sales channels, customer journeys, and client behavior. The company has been rapidly expanding its partner base across South Asia and Southern Africa for now, and in the near future, it will focus on expanding its field capabilities across South East Asia, Middle East, Western Europe, and the Americas. It is also looking at acquiring new clients in the FMCG, CPG & Primary market segments, besides healthcare and technology.

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