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Even though the adoption of cryptocurrency has risen dramatically around the world, it still remains vague in terms of overall impact. This is because very few countries have authorized bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for transactional processes. In addition to the traditional payment systems, blockchain public ledger technology has the potential to disrupt a wide variety of transactions including stocks, bonds, and other financial assets. To make these things possible, there is a great need for awareness and technical literacy among people. Theoretically, the word “disruption” is easy to understand but practically, it needs numerous actions to be performed in a positive manner. Thus, ambitious companies in the blockchain industry must come forward to speed up the present growth of cryptocurrency.

Established on a mission to bridge this information gap in the crypto economy, Cointelligence is focused on bringing blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the masses through the use of fundamental economics, real-time market data, and extensively researched industry coverage.

Restricting Crypto Scams with Rating Systems

With extensive data research and analysis for the crypto economy, Cointelligence creates relevant tools for investors such as an impartial and accurate ICO/STO listing and rating system as well as a crypto exchange rating system. These rating systems are specifically formed to uncover the corruption in the crypto and blockchain world. On Yavin, the Founder and CEO of Cointelligence say, “Whether it’s a scam ICOs, unsafe exchanges, or advisors who take money without even investigating the project they’re joining, we like to shed a light on the dark corners of the crypto economy as well.” Therefore, the Cointelligence team regularly investigates such scenarios and publishes data on the rating systems and articles in the news section of the Cointelligence platform, pointing out the major problems in the crypto community. Similarly, by extracting intuitive information from an enormous amount of data, the team also covers positive developments in the industry which are useful in the empowerment of cryptocurrency.

Spreading Awareness about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

At present, Cointelligence offers intuitive ratings for ICOs, IEOs, and cryptocurrency exchanges. The company provides a variety of guides on cryptocurrency topics which range from choosing the best wallet, to launch an STO, to marketing an IEO. Importantly, these ratings and guides are available on the Cointelligence platform free of cost for everyone. Additionally, with the Cointelligence Academy Classes, anyone can learn about different blockchain and cryptocurrency topics without investing money on expensive seminars and coaching. This initiative from Cointelligence is greatly helping the community to become aware of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. On Yavin asserts, “Essentially we are all about data, research, and education! We make ourselves available for anyone who wants to learn.”

Cointelligence covers it all, right from an average person searching “What is bitcoin?” on Google, or a major corporation seeking to implement the blockchain or a VC deciding which STO to invest in. Therefore, to empower people in taking a step towards cryptocurrency and blockchain, On Yavin and his team strive to provide professional services including the provision of due diligence reports on cryptocurrency projects, advising businesses on whether to adopt blockchain technology and teaching at corporate workshops.

Founder’s Efforts to Fight Frauds in Crypto Industry

Prior to establishing Cointelligence, On Yavin worked in numerous industries and has extensive entrepreneurial experience in founding versatile companies. Two years ago, when he heard about blockchain and cryptocurrency, he realized that they had the potential to be the latest and biggest revolution the world has ever seen. Since then, On Yavin is on the expedition of rooting out the scammers in the crypto industry. Commenting on his passion to eliminate scams, On Yavin shares, “I just feel so strongly about the importance of this industry and I think it’s a great injustice that so many people see it as an opportunity to make a fast buck off of those who are too trusting and don’t know how to do their due diligence.”

Additionally, the team at Cointelligence always strives to predict the upcoming events in the industry and try to implement them as soon as possible. On Yavin and his CSO—Hosam Mazawi, both regularly interact and connect with the online community and keep an eye on the next big trend in the industry. Recently, due to the growth of IEO, they have integrated an IEO list and developed a short guide on marketing IEOs.

Empowering People to Make Better Crypto-decisions with in-depth Investigation

The sheer will to protect and encourage an emerging industry enabled On Yavin to help individuals in the blockchain sector. It was all possible due to the continual developments of Cointelligence rating systems which started with rating ICOs. The metrics researched by the Cointelligence team are backed with a deep investigation of projects including the team behind that project, its whitepaper, road map, and a number of other factors. Such analysis has greatly helped them to create a concise picture of a project’s quality.

Today, while continually refining the rating systems, the team has further expanded its profound research approach to exchanges. They used the ICO rating system as an ideal model and considered different metrics to build up a finished project rather than a crowd sale. Cointelligence has already rated more than 100 exchanges!

Commenting on these successful developments, On Yavin asserts, “I feel like the more data we can provide to the community, the more we can empower them to make the best decisions for their cryptocurrency.”

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