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Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Alarm System

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As a business owner, there’s a lot to consider and after investing your time, funds, and reputation to build your business, the last thing you want is for its security to be compromised.

A commercial security system can give you peace of mind that your business is secure and protected around the clock. Here are just some of the main benefits of having a commercial alarm system in place.

To Prevent Theft

One of the top reasons to invest in a commercial alarm system is to prevent theft from your business premises. This might be from intruders or even employees themselves.

A robust security system will include cameras to record incidents and help identify the culprits as well as alarms to alert a breach in security. Magnetic proximity sensors in alarms can be triggered by the movement of windows or doors so you’ll know immediately if you have an intruder or if an unauthorised person has accessed a restricted area.

Deterring Criminals

Most criminals are looking for an easy target. The presence of security cameras or a visible alarm system will often be enough to deter a potential burglar from attempting to break into your business, which means your assets are protected, saving you money and worry.

It isn’t just about theft and burglaries either, commercial alarm systems can discourage petty crimes such as vandalism and graffiti and help to prevent more serious crimes, such as assault from happening on or around your business premises.

Lower Insurance Premiums

You’ll already be saving money by having a commercial security system in place because you’ll have fewer incidents of theft and vandalism, but did you know that installing an alarm on your business premises can also reduce your insurance premiums?

Typically, the installation of an approved commercial security system will lead to a reduction in your annual premium for your business insurance because of the reduced risk. This can help lower your overall running costs, increase your profits, and helping your business become more competitive.

Quick Response From the Authorities

When a security alarm goes off, it’s impossible to ignore and it won’t be long before the authorities are notified of a potential crime in progress. This ensures a quick response and increases the chances of the criminal being apprehended at the scene.

Without an alarm on your business premises, you might not know about a break-in, theft or incident of vandalism until the following day, reducing the likelihood of the offender being caught and prosecuted.

Having a monitored alarm system means the local police department will be notified immediately when the alarm is activated and within minutes, they’ll have all the necessary details to attend the scene, including your business address and the precise time and location that the alarm was tripped.

As a business owner, this can give you ultimate peace of mind that the security of your business is protected around the clock and that you’ll have a swift response from the authorities in the event of criminal activity at your business premises.



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