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In the era of constant changes, civil construction field is also on the way of drastic modernization of construction methods through robotics and digitization. The construction industry is one of the slow moving industries as compared to others, as there are various factors affecting it. It is one the major capital oriented industry where the requirement of working capital is huge due to the nature of daily transactions. Understanding the current changes taking place in construction, heralded by digitalization and robotic needs of the industry, Concreative aids its team of engineers and architects in developing new skills in a new sector. It also supports new job positions that are able to create beyond the boundaries, where robotics, architecture and civil construction are developing strong interconnections.

Integrated Services Developing the Client’s Vision

Concreative offers an integrated service from Design to Construction for bespoke elements. It has developed turnkey solution for the clients willing to develop structural elements and architectural products. Here is the procedure which is followed by the company while creating a 3D model.

  • Concrete 3d Print Preliminary Design

The first and foremost step is to design combining the idea of the client and creating a conceptual one. The experienced team of Concreative works on the design to meet the needs and design the optimum technical solution for 3D printing.

  • Full Parametric Modelling & Structural Design Assistance

After understanding of the design, the second step where the architects and structural Engineers develop efficient and printable 3D model is to assist in the detailed design of specific and complex shapes.

  • Concrete 3D Printing & Production

Third and one of the most important steps is to ensure that every printed piece complies with technical criteria and the applicable standards by implementing a strong, consistent quality control measures.

  • Site Assistance & Methods of Installation

As every project is unique and the main focus is client’s satisfaction. Final step is when the Methods Engineering team plan, control, built and inspects the project to comply with client’ s specifications at site before handover.

Innovation Combined Technical Expertise

Vincent Maillet, Operations Manager of Concreative is dedicated to technic and engineering and which is fuel within Soletanche Freyssinet (world leader in soil, structural and nuclear engineering). During the past 15 years, innovation combined with technical expertise has always driven his career developments in bridge construction. Accepting new challenges, Vincent is trying to bring digitization and robotic at the spearhead of the new construction industry. These are of course technical challenges but also developing new mindset about construction and innovation in the design.

Building Partnership to Provide Expertise Service

Concreative is a partnership between 3 companies—Drawlink, an Architect and interior design firm, Econstruct, an Engineering firm and Freyssinet – setting the benchmark in specialist civil engineering, part of Vinci Construction, the world’s largest general contracting firm. Besides engineering and specialty works, Concreative has a large general contracting capacities and expertise. It is implementing a new tool on the civil construction sector to unleash architects from previous constraints.

Meeting Customer Demand for a Superior Service Experience

Concreative intends to develop concrete 3D printing service for architectural and civil construction. With high experience in civil engineering, Concreative aims to develop strong expertise in concrete 3D print structural elements. Using standard formwork methodology, the team at Concreative designs and manufactures highly complex elements in concrete unachievable form.

Clients are the main focus point of the industry as many of the designs are based on the client’s vision and planning. The end product is also directly related to the client, Concreative take efforts to understand the client’s vision and hence are able to deliver the high quality of the finished product. It considers clients as a major point of investment, which makes it a client oriented company. Concreative has to produce challenging product better always considering that the final focus will be the visual aspect of the product, either in the construction market or in the architect product for interior design.

Latest Technology Contributing to Build Safer and Better Environment

By 2030, Concreative’s mission is to provide the technology and services able to satisfy U.A.E strategy in the construction sector as instructed by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed: 25% of the construction in 3D printing. The mission is set due to the availability of two opportunities, firstly the availability of a very mature and advanced 3D printing technology developed by French Partner XtreeE, and secondly, the ambition of the UAE to be a large construction platform development with and for 3D printing. Concreative Concrete 3d printing is thus moving to an industrial scale in the UAE particularly thriving and proactive market.

Going forward, Concreative is implementing a new tool on the civil construction sector to unleash architects from previous constraints. With the help of global engineering and contracting expertise, Concreative propose integrated services to develop structural elements beyond the conventional boundaries with the high standard of quality. The business contributes to the transformation of cities and territories. The latest technology will contribute to build safer and better considering large environmental commitment.

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