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The 21st century entertainment industry has transformed due to the emergence of advanced media technologies, making it more affordable and easily accessible to many talents around the world. However, this tech shift also accumulates the risk of creating confusion between masses and the possible loss in the quality of content. Currently, the gaming industry is one of the fastest emerging markets in the entertainment sector. As technology is upgraded, the thrill and appeal of playing games have only increased, with a more visual stimulus, creativity, and satisfaction. Many platforms have been created to understand the changes and growth of the gaming market. Digital Games Conference in Dubai (DGC Dubai) is a marvellous event that offers a conference and business platform for the people interested in this sector.

DGC helps to meet and conduct business with fellow industry counterparts, access the most promising possibilities, and witness the latest tech innovations, all under one roof at the Middle East and Africa epicentre for gaming.

DGC’s Journey of becoming the # 1 Platform in the MENA Region

DGC is a self-funded organization and has only received funds from its partners and attendees who participate in the conference. Initially, the company faced many challenges. With no support from the government or any funds, the company was fully self-funded. Organizing the first conference without knowing the participants and the attendees was difficult. Moreover, it remains a great challenge to gather participants from more than 16 countries that comprise the MENA region, and also from the rest of the world. But in the past few years, DGC was able to successfully gather more than 3000 companies from 42 countries, let alone in 2019, more than 500 companies participated from surpassing 35 countries in addition to the presence of 80 renowned speakers.

Today, the organization has grown by overcoming all the above-stated challenges and is about to organize its 4th edition next year on 4&5 March 2020 in Dubai. For this, DGC is thankful to its client partners for the trust bestowed upon it in the past years, and making it the number one conference platform in the MENA region.

Laying the Foundation of a Leading Company

For the last 15 years, Habib Chams, the Founder and Manager of DGC, is involved in the event organizing business and travelled extensively all around the globe for organizing them. While visiting one such gaming event, his interest in the industry grew. Habib did not overlook the fact that this specific business had great potential to expand in the MENA region. There was also a need with certain requests in the region to have a professional conference and exhibition that would welcome all the stakeholders. By taking advantage of this opportunity, Habib laid down the foundation of a conference platform five years ago. Presently, the company is playing an important role in placing the MENA region on the radar of the global gaming industry.

At the end of the day, it is the leader’s passion, skills, and vision to take the company to great heights of success. Similarly, Habib’s continuous efforts have resulted in building a perfect platform like DGC, which is both industry and community-oriented, bringing together developers and publishers, as well as companies serving the game industry. Through the years, it has also grown to become the biggest and most influential games conference platform in the Middle East and Africa.

Habib has been in the industry for more than a decade. During this period, he has come across several fundamental issues, which if resolved, would prove to be a game changer for the industry in the future. Therefore, given an opportunity to implement changes in this industry, the dynamic founder would educate the talented individuals of the MENA region to become industry and technology ready. Request Government support and assistance from the local councils to finance and encourage students to showcase their talent. This contribution would enable the millennials to make use of the right business and educational environment and open their paths to several jobs avenues. Also, as international companies are taking interest, which is seriously happening right now, the growth and development of the MENA region will increase tenfold.

Eliminating the Threats of the Current Business Climate

DGC assesses its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats on a daily basis to understand its position in the current business climate. As the participants of the conference are not just limited to professionals from the gaming industry, the company also includes advertising agencies, media agencies, social media agencies and influencers, payment providers, localization experts, and many more. Furthermore, DGC also routinely improves itself to provide new opportunities to the fellow associates who attend the conference.

Future Assumptions for the Evolving Industry

The MENA region has emerged as one of the fastest-growing market in the world for the game industry. Currently, DGC is considered as the best platform for International Games Companies to access and tap into the great potential of this region and its 300+ million gamers. Along with being a conference platform, it also offers the opportunity to launch titles, sponsors, exhibits, and attend as a delegate and participant in the matchmaking B2B meetings. Hence, with such skyrocketing rate, the future seems bright for the gaming companies and also for the international companies who are looking to enter the MENA market.

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