Understanding the different types of online slots


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Slots have been one of the most popular online games for years now, and with so many variations, it really isn’t any surprise. No matter what your interests or hobbies are, you will find a slot game that matches your interests – online slots come in all forms, from fluffy teddies to football and Ancient Egypt to vampires – you name it, you can find it.

But there is more to slots than just the themes – they also come in different types, and it is a great idea to try out a few of them to help you find the one that you really love.


Game developers are always working on new slots, and i-Slots are one of the newest ones to hit the market. Anyone who has enjoyed playing adventure or RPG games will enjoy this new type of play style. They are an interactive form of the slot where the player can develop their own storyline.

The storyline is created when different combinations of symbols come up on the reels – and once they are on screen, the player will move through different parts of the adventure.

There are multiple story endings when you play i-Slots because there are so many ways the reels can land. What makes i-Slots great is that because anything can happen in terms of story, the replay value is high.

5 Reel Slots

You might see these called video slots, and they have a little more on the screen than some slots. Some slots only have one payline, whereas the five-reel slots can have a 100 or more.

The more paylines you have, the higher your chance of winning is.

The paytables for a 5-reel slot are bigger than slots with fewer paylines, but they don’t take long to get to grips with – so make sure you check them out. Almost all online casinos will offer the paytable as a pop-out, so you can check it as you play if you want something to keep you on track.

You’ll find wilds and scatter symbols, and some themes have bonus games that can be unlocked, too. 5-reel slots will require some bankroll management because you will be placing wagers on more paylines.

3 Reel Slots

The 3-reel slot plays and looks like the classic slots that many people played first (Fruit Machines). With a three-reel slot, you will see three rows on the screen that will show you the symbols, and it is the middle row that is the payline.

You’ll place a bet, hit the spin button, and once the reels stop spinning, you can see if you have a winning combination. Usually, something will flash on the screen to let you know, or you will see the winnings increase on the side of the game. Just like the 5 reels, you can check the paytable as you play.

For those who have never played slots before, the three-reel slot is a great way to get started, as they aren’t complicated to learn.

Fruit Machines

The Fruit Machine is what many people think of when they think of slots – as they are the original, where you nudge or hold on reels to help you snag a win. The reels spin on the fruit machine, and you have several symbols come up on the screen; players then tap the buttons to move the reels until they have matching symbols.

You usually get between 1 and 5 nudges, but that can be enough to get the winning combination on screen.

3D slots

Game artists and developers can bring us more in the way of graphics now, and with that new tech, 3D slots are something that has skyrockets in terms of popularity. The characters, symbols and other one-screen details will look 3D.

In some cases, it will be accompanied by better and more immersive sounds that are best experienced on headphones.

For those who have been playing slots for a while, this is a new way to experience the game with fresh eyes.

Progressive Jackpots

Most slots will have an individual win and an individual jackpot – but there are some that have a running progressive jackpot. And a progressive jackpot means that everyone who plays that slot – no matter where they are in the world – has the chance to win a huge amount.

There have been some huge progressive jackpot wins in the past; one of the biggest on record is a $19.9 million win by a UK soldier.

Once a progressive jackpot has been one, the number returns to 0 and will continue to build back up until the next person wins it.


Slingo is a cool combination of bingo and slots, and each sound of the reel will relieve the numbers that are marked off on your bingo card. Slingo has seen a huge surge in popularity in the last few years because it is so unique and brings two of the best-loved online casino games together into one neat package.

No matter what theme of slot you like, you are sure to find one that you just can’t get enough of with the types mentioned above!

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