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Dr. Abhay Kumar

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Dr. Abhay Kumar, PhD, the Founder and Director of the Institute of Real Estate and Finance (IREF), has a robust background as an Engineer and MBA graduate from Symbiosis. His professional journey spans various domains, especially IT and entrepreneurship. Before starting his entrepreneurial endeavors, Dr. Abhay worked as a Key Account Manager for a top-tier Indian IT firm’s Central American operations in the Enterprise Application segment. He executed major IT projects across the region successfully, showing his adeptness in navigating complex landscapes and fostering lucrative client relationships.

Dr. Abhay now leads the comprehensive marketing and operational initiatives of Reddvise and IREF, extending his expertise across diverse cities and verticals. He also mentors early-stage startup ventures, collaborating with Incucapital to nurture budding enterprises in the Real Estate, Technology, and Service sectors.

Dr. Abhay’s professional acumen is evident in his distinct strengths. He has an optimistic outlook that helps him overcome challenges and secure demanding clientele. He has adept networking skills that give him timely access to influential figures, facilitating strategic collaborations and advantageous partnerships.

Moreover, Dr. Abhay’s penchant for creative thinking and innovative ideation enhances his capacity to devise pioneering solutions and drive sustained growth. As the Founder and Director of IREF, Dr. Abhay Kumar is a visionary leader who advances the fields of real estate and finance through excellence, innovation, and strategic foresight.

Revolutionizing Real Estate Education in India

Established in 2010, The Institute of Real Estate and Finance (IREF) revolutionizes real estate education in India, catering to professionals in real estate, construction, and business management, including finance. With over 3000 certified professionals, IREF integrates advanced technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and professional trainers to deliver quality education.

Playing a pivotal role in shaping discussions surrounding the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) of 2013, IREF’s expertise is acknowledged, highlighting its influence in the industry. Recognizing the opportunities and challenges within India’s 200-billion-dollar real estate sector, IREF addresses the need for skilled professionals to navigate complexities and bridge industry gaps.

Pioneering online real estate management education, IREF leverages technology to offer accessible and convenient learning. Its comprehensive curriculum covers real estate, construction, and finance through live online and self-learning programs, catering to diverse preferences. Specialized courses in housing finance and a unique valuation course for civil engineers enhance employability and open new career avenues.

Blending academic rigor with practical content, IREF ensures students gain a holistic understanding of industry processes and emerging technologies. Its e-learning platform facilitates immersive experiences, combining various learning methods. Strategic partnerships, such as with Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS), further enrich offerings, meeting the growing demand from students and corporations for industry-oriented programs.

Education in Real Estate:

IREF prioritizes global education in Real Estate, with students from over forty countries graduating from IREF Global Education in Real Estate, Construction Management, and Finance. The institution also offers courses in Human Resources and Interior Designing, led by experienced faculty who bring industry trends to life in online classrooms. Through a hands-on approach at the IREF Campus, aspiring professionals gain comprehensive real estate knowledge and ethical insights, shaping the industry’s future positively. Thirteen Academies within Maharashtra extend IREF’s reach, offering offline education to aspiring agents, led by qualified trainers who have completed rigorous course modules themselves. The aim is to democratize education across Maharashtra, empowering agents at the grassroots level.

Kunal Jha, IREF’s School Director says “Visionaries don’t wait for change; they make it happen. They’re the architects of the future, not bystanders of the present.”

Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation

As an education technology, Dr. Abhay Kumar creates an ecosystem that empowers individuals to become self-reliant, entrepreneurial, and willing to take risks. He wants to reshape the education system to embrace failure as part of the learning process, fostering an environment where students explore their potential and pursue innovative endeavors. Dr. Abhay’s primary role is to establish an environment that fosters entrepreneurship, self-dependence, and risk-taking among students.

Dr. Abhay’s responsibilities include creating an enabling ecosystem in the education sector. He cultivates a culture of innovation and resilience, where failure is a stepping stone to growth and success. He provides students with the resources, support, and mentorship they need to navigate their learning journey independently, promoting self-dependence and autonomy.

Furthermore, Dr. Abhay actively promotes entrepreneurship among students by equipping them with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities to explore and launch their ventures. He nurtures an entrepreneurial mindset that encourages creativity, initiative, and critical thinking skills. He fosters an environment that encourages risk-taking and experimentation, inspiring students to pursue their passions and turn their ideas into reality. Dr. Abhay’s commitment to revolutionizing the education system and fostering innovation has earned him various prestigious awards and accolades.

Comprehensive Programs for Success in Real Estate, Construction, and Finance sector through IREF Campus Pune

IREF offers specialized classroom programs in real estate, construction, and finance management, tailored for success in today’s competitive market. The flagship PGP + 2 Year MBA Specialization in Real Estate covers key areas like marketing and construction management, providing strategic insights and practical skills.

For those interested in construction project management, IREF offers a PGP + 2-year MBA Specialization in Construction Project Management. Additionally, a Ph.D. program caters to those seeking advanced research opportunities.

Maintaining small batch sizes, IREF ensures personalized attention from expert faculty, fostering academic and professional excellence. Corporate grooming workshops refine soft skills, preparing graduates for diverse corporate environments.

Ms. Aditi Bhandare, Program Director of IREF Campus says that the curriculum includes site visits, offering practical insights and exposure to industry practices, enriching the learning experience, and bridging the gap between theory and real-world applications.

Empowering Global Professionals in Real Estate through the IREF Online Learning Division

Ms. Sharadha Kanse, Program Director IREF Online Division says that the Institute of Real Estate and Finance (IREF) offers MBA, PGP, Diploma, and Certification programs that are globally recognized and cater to aspiring professionals worldwide. IREF has a vast alumni network spanning India, SAARC nations, and African countries and is a leading provider of quality education in the real estate and finance sectors.

In 2023, IREF launched the International Real Estate Wealth Association (IREWA), a knowledge-driven platform chaired by Mr. Fredrick Nonde Jr. from Zambia. IREWA is a hub for real estate stakeholders who want to build wealth through skill development, business opportunities, and investments. It has members from 10+ African nations and SAARC nations.

IREF collaborates with Lincoln University College (LUC) Malaysia to offer Masters programs in Construction Management and General Management, as well as a dual-degree program in Real Estate, Construction, and Finance Management. LUC has a prestigious 5-star ranking by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, and an association with the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), which validates the quality of education offered.

Moreover, IREF partners with the International Accreditation Organization (IAO) to ensure globally recognized MBA programs in Real Estate, Construction, and Finance Management, and Project Management. The Executive MBA program has a fast-track option that is completed in just one year, catering to professionals who seek accelerated career advancement. Through its online division, IREF provides accessible, flexible, and high-quality education, empowering individuals worldwide to excel in the dynamic fields of real estate, construction, and finance management.

Revolutionary Education Leadership

As a revolutionary education leader, Dr. Abhay identifies the true purpose and vision for change in the education system. He understands why change is necessary and articulates the purpose behind it in a way that resonates with stakeholders and the broader ecosystem. He also has a clear understanding of the problems and shortcomings in the existing system and a vision for how to address them effectively.

Dr. Abhay also gathers like-minded individuals and stakeholders who share his vision for change and empowers them to work towards common goals. He builds a coalition of supporters and collaborators, which is essential for driving meaningful change in education. He knows that it requires collective effort and commitment from all parties involved.

Moreover, Dr. Abhay communicates and engages effectively with stakeholders, helping them understand the meaning and significance of the proposed changes. He communicates his vision persuasively and inspires others to join him on the journey towards transformation.

Abhishek Inamdar, IREF’s Chief Business Officer says, “Education is necessary for any industry to thrive, along with a level playing field where all stakeholders can win on Merit.”

Initiatives of IREF

RECA – Real Estate Consultant’s Association is a platform created to empower Real Estate Agents across the country. Initially, it will be launched in Maharashtra, and subsequently, newer chapters will be launched in all the States. This association is also an NGO, having received the requisite government credentials. RECA envisions that real estate agents need multi-layered services viz- Advocates, Architects, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, and many more.

As such these services shall be made available to the agents at reasonable costs. Any agent who is part of RECA shall be able to avail themselves of the range of services to ensure that the working conditions surrounding them are optimum. RECA hopes to create an ecosystem that is beneficial to all its members as well as to the allied stakeholders in the industry.

IREWA – This platform endeavors to offer Real Estate Agents to become Investors themselves. IREWA intends to become a fund-house for Promoters who need financial aid and raise the necessary funds through investments made by Real Estate Agents. Under the able guidance of Director Dr. Abhay Kumar, IREWA- standing for International Real Estate Wealth Association, the International Chapters of which, have already been formed in various countries via – Nigeria, Botswana and Sierra Leone with spectacular results.

The first IREWA chapter of India will be launched in Pune, Maharashtra where the IREWA Core Committee will empower the real estate agents to invest in Real Estate Projects in and around Pune and Mumbai; and reap the rewards. Truly, a one-of-its-kind initiative, IREWA also delves into Fractional Real Estate as well as international sales. IREWA hopes to change the industry in terms of avenues available for real estate agents for a successful and prolonged career.

Prioritizing Self-Awareness and Purpose

Dr. Abhay advises leaders who want to excel in the industry to prioritize self-awareness, understand their purpose, and use these insights to drive their personal and professional growth. He emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses. He believes that self-awareness is crucial for growth, as it helps individuals use their strengths effectively and work on their weaknesses. By accepting and embracing both strengths and weaknesses, leaders can develop a balanced skill set and face challenges with confidence.

Dr. Abhay also stresses the importance of understanding one’s purpose in pursuing any endeavor. He recommends that aspiring leaders reflect on their motivations and aspirations, clarify their purpose, and align their actions accordingly. Dr. Abhay says that having a clear purpose is a driving force that provides the motivation and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve success.


“Having a clear purpose is a driving force that provides the motivation and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve success.”

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