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The APAC region’s healthcare market is anticipated to grow by 7.2% in 2019 – 20, and it is expected to value about $486.72 billion due to the growth of smart hospitals and developments in the home care segment and medical tourism. These emerging trends are creating growth opportunities for industry participants, including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical technology manufacturers, digital health vendors, and healthcare service providers.

The biopharma industries have also noticed an increased demand for technology, innovative healthcare programs, as well as for drugs, medical devices, and equipment. Dyna Biotech is a leading biopharma company that believes, the key industry issues that deserve attention include policy innovation, support for new business models, development of secure, interoperable technology platforms, and the evolving role of consumers in healthcare.

Dyna Biotech: Making Healthcare Favourable For Everyone

Dr. Vinodkumar Patil is the Founder of Dyna Biotech. He established the company to pursue his zeal for engineering, thus leading to the own setup for the manufacturing of biotech equipment under the banner of the company. Dyna Biotech is in manufacturing, validation, installation, and servicing for a wide range of biopharma and biotechnology equipment and has an extensive, customizable product range. It caters to biopharma and biotechnology industries located in India and abroad with innovation, customization, and exceptional customer service. The company manufactures biopharma equipment like fermenter, bio kill systems, Hollow fiber systems, Ultra/Microfiltration Systems, TFF systems, mixing, transfer, and storage pressure vessels. In addition to these, there is a separate team that deals with the manufacture of various essential components like a safety relief valve, Bottom valve, sample valves, filter housings, which are manufactured by in-house technology.

The company was started with a mission to make the best in class, premium equipment to the healthcare industry at an affordable price, making healthcare favorable for everyone. Dyna Biotech is constantly striving to achieve a perfect balance between the functionality and affordability of its products without compromising on the high standards of quality it maintains. The impact of its management policies and processes, along with quality execution, skillful innovation, and resource management, makes the offerings of Dyna Biotech reliable and secure.

Matchless and Inspiring Expertise

Dr. Vinodkumar Patil is a Microbiologist by profession and has completed his education from India. He completed his MSc Microbiology and started his career in 1993. He has gained a lot of experience by working for the world’s best Biotech Industries like Lupin, B. Braun Biotech (Germany), Sartorius, Shantha Biotech, and Serum Institute at responsible directive positions. Dr. Vinodkumar also successfully acquired WHO pre-qualification of the pentavalent vaccine for pediatric application at Serum Institute.

Dr. Vinodkumar always believed that learning does not stop; this self-stimulus to gain knowledge and experience in the field of biotech benefitted to his clients and partners with many logical marvels. In the years of his professional journey, he simultaneously completed his Ph.D. and also was awarded Doctorate of Philosophy in the field of science and biotechnology at International Open University. Today, he has an experience of more than two decades starting from cleanroom design, equipment design, manufacturing, validation and setting up processes for microbial and cell culture products, and he showcases matchless and inspiring expertise.

Under the strong leadership of Dr. Vinodkumar, he and the team of Dyna Biotech have been rewarded with several awards and accolades like Business Excellence Award, Company of the year Award 2020, Adarsh Udyojag Award, Certificate of Excellence from CEO magazine, Industry Young Academic Entrepreneur Award, Global Asian of the Year 2019-20 Award, Greatest Brand of the year award and the list goes on.

Adverse Effects of the Pandemic

The recent outbreak of COVID 19 has proven to be very unfortunate. This has also affected the outlook for healthcare companies. Dr. Vinodkumar believes that in the wake of this pandemic, the outlook has become gloomier towards the healthcare companies. The COVID 19 has ruined all the routine operations of hospitals, diagnostic labs, Drug manufacturers, Biopharma equipment manufacturers, Healthcare supplement providers, etc. The major impact is the breakdown of the supply chain of the healthcare management process, which has caused a cascading effect on the healthcare industry. The fatalities due to imbalance in the economy of the nation caused due to Corona Disease will surely take time to heal. He also predicts that this will create a disparity in all sectors, including healthcare services as well.

Dr. Vinodkumar concludes by saying, “We all, human society have to prove again for our human civilization. We have to be united to face this tragedy, follow the guidelines of government authorities, and keep the hope of doing the best again.”

Expanding Products and Geographically

Dyna Biotech is a visionary organization, and the team is determined to maintain the goal of Indian Multinational brands. It envisions to ‘Go Global’ and thus is stepping towards the exploration of the international market under the leadership of Dr. Vinodkumar. Currently, the clientele base is located in countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Turkey, Germany, and the United States. The team plans to extend its geographical expansion and is the leading biopharma and biotech company in the global healthcare market.

Presently, Dyna Biotech has a stronghold in the healthcare industry. Still, in the coming years, with a strong trust and strong association with clients and vendors, it plans to cater to Food processing industries, biodiesel manufacturing firms, agro-based fertilizer businesses, dairy industries, etc. Dr. Vinodkumar adds, “We strongly believe serving the international market allows generating foreign currency for development of the nation as well as society.”

Apart from Dyna Biotech, the team will also focus on the growth of SV Biotech—another concerned sister branch of Dyna Biotech. S V Biotech is a brainchild of Dr. Vinodkumar, and the company deals with API manufacturing, Diagnostic kits manufacturing and will be leading new product development modules.

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