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The APAC EMR-EHR market is in the growth phase with healthcare providers rapidly moving towards digitization. These healthcare providers are looking for ideal solutions that can fulfill their requirements. Despite such growth, the industry is facing various challenges.  According to Girish Mohata, the Founder and CEO of Easy Clinic, few pressing challenges faced by industry players of EMR- EHR are the lack of standards for clinical data recording and no initiative from the governments to promote the use of EMR.

In addition, there is also a practical challenge in terms of representing the differences between a truly enterprise-ready platform vs. a seemingly functional EMR solution. The well-versed leader believes the market is packed with EMR solution providers but only few handpicked of them provide an ROI multiple times over the long term. Therefore, Girish deems Easy Clinic as comprehensive solution that increase the bottom line of the clinic, both in terms of clinical and financial successes.

Events That Led To Foundation of Easy Clinic

Being a seasoned entrepreneur, Girish decided to pursue career in this industry because of an eventful incident. This incident took place back in the year 2000. At that time, he visited a doctor for a nagging cough. During his visit, he experienced that the registration and billing processes were quite fast. But, after meeting with doctor his views changed. The versatile leader remarks that “If the doctor was using a paper pad, it would have taken him 5 mins at the most to complete the visit, whereas it ended up taking him 15 mins.” He further adds, “As much as I believed in computerisation of records, I never for a moment felt that a computer program should slow its user down. Matter of fact, it should be the opposite.

This experience pushed him to do research on healthcare informatics to better understand the complexities involved in recording clinical data. During the research, Girish pretended to be a patient and used to visit doctors and thereafter also interviewed a few of them. From these visits, he found that data that was meant to be captured was relatively simple, but due to several regulatory and computing challenges seized the doctor’s valuable time.

So, the industrious CEO started his journey to create solutions that simplify clinical data recording, handle complex workflows and offer deep dive into the data. Thereby, Easy Clinic is built with a mission to create the most captivating, modern and integrated healthcare software platform to reform healthcare delivery of the future.

Supplying World-Class Global Standard Healthcare Software

Since its inception in 2003, Easy Clinic’s motto is to deliver world-class international standard healthcare software which is simple to use and affordable as well as backed by an exceptionally high level of customer support. For its customers, it is an integrated platform with an extremely simple and flexible EMR module, with care plans, decision support, e-prescribing, CPOE on the medical side. On the administrative side, it offers appointments, financial accounting, insurance claiming, corporate partner tie-ups, descriptive & predictive analytics, data warehousing, inventory, logistics, and pharmacy.

Easy Clinic has built its products on 3 engines: workflow, process and automation engines to deliver super-fast, extremely scalable and easy to use medical solutions. Its user interfaces are designed to keep typing to a minimum and most actions are completed using a simple point and click. It believes that customized workflows and user-friendly interfaces enable users to save time, avoid frustration, and prevent errors. The advanced EMR providers’ stores and visualizes data intelligently which enables informed decision making, automates monotonous tasks, prompts on clinical actions, delivers quick and hassle-free accounting. At the same time, it makes a doctor’s day more organized and error-free.

Easy Clinic’s biggest strength is its 24/7 customer service. The company assigns dedicated account managers to its customers and resolves big-to-small issues of customers to deliver a stellar experience. The seasoned team understands that every user is different, so they offer workflow-based training to users of the system, thereby ensuring a 360-degree buy-in from their clients.

A User-Friendly Medical Solution

The leading medical software provider understands the needs of each client are subtly different. The team of Easy Clinic strives to understand their needs, existing processes, gaps, and benchmarks. Commenting on this statement, the versatile entrepreneur states, “We couple this with our knowledge in the healthcare domain and our technically superior Easy Clinic Enterprise framework to deliver an affordable, result-oriented solution to enhance productivity, profitability and patient care.”  

To deliver medical solutions on a scale, Easy Clinic has built an award-winning flagship product called ‘Easy Clinic Enterprise’ which is best suited for large clinic chains. This product helps them to streamline clinical and administrative processes to maintain a standard level of care across locations. In addition, it also simplifies their inventory and financial operations and empowers them with exceptional reporting and analytical capabilities to manage and grow their business.

APAC EMR-EHR Market Growth

Today, numerous studies have shown that the APAC region is expected to show the fastest growth in the EHR market of any region in the world between 2019 and 2025, with a CAGR of approximately 8 percent. According to Girish, the APAC EMR-EHR market is divided into two segments. First, developed nations like Australia, Singapore, Japan using EMR solutions since the 90’s. Second, emerging countries such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia beginning to realize the value of structured clinical data recording using EMR’s. The Founder of Easy Clinic states that there is growing demand across APAC for smart EMR solutions. Therefore, the market is witnessing increase in growth rate of EMR adoptions.

A Piece of Advice 

Being the founder of a leading provider of medical solutions, Girish believes the biggest advice he would like to give himself would be to choose a market selectively and not just based on statistics. Today, Easy Clinic has clients from 18 countries and over 1 million patient records every month is managed by it. “Having said that, we have been lucky to be experienced in the regulatory requirements of various regions across the world together with a deep insight into the core needs of healthcare organizations in those regions,” Easy Clinic Founder Girish.



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