ELATE RCM: Redefining Traditional Healthcare Models and Transforming Medical Claim Management


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The APAC countries had been experiencing major challenges in the health systems due to the factors like diminishing returns on healthcare investment for the aging population and increasing health costs. The key response to tackle these challenges was to focus on primary healthcare. To strengthen primary healthcare and increase the accessibility of treatment, global healthcare institutions and hospitals are now utilizing the latest technological advancements. Additionally, the integration of software has improved healthcare and disease control, for instance, the implementation of ICD10 globally has resulted in more specific patient treatment and disease classification. The use of healthcare software has increased transparency among the patients and the healthcare system. This in turn is improving access and affordability, adapting to changing consumer needs, demands, and expectations.

As digital transformation is gaining popularity, there is a need to regulate compliance and assure cybersecurity through HIPPA and HITECH technology. To avoid data breaches and ensure the privacy of the patients, many healthcare companies are coming forward with unique solutions. One such inventive healthcare company is ELATE-Revenue Cycle Management Services PVT LTD (OPC) that keeps compliances at the top priority. The platform has undertaken various steps and designed the process to ensure that the network is entirely secure. ELATE-RCM was established with a vision to provide top-notch solutions with reliable services to regional and international customers.

Innovative, Effective, and High-quality Services

ELATE Revenue Cycle Management Service PVT LTD (OPC) is founded by the rich domain expertise of 18+ years of experience and robust technology to transform the processes and construct extraordinary value in medical claim management. ELATE RCM is HIPAA & ISO 9001:2015 compliant Organization. As aforementioned,– ELATE highly prioritizes the client’s privacy and security. To achieve this, ELATE RCM is compliant with Medicare, Medicaid, HIPPA, and HITECH requirements. It utilizes VPN to secure its services and solutions. ELATE provides innovative, effective, and high-quality services to Health Care service providers worldwide.

The comprehensive services and solutions make ELATE RCM unique amongst the other solution providers. ELATE RCM solutions fulfill the client’s unique needs and are designed to deliver sustainable value. It specializes in catering to the healthcare industry and offers a wide range of services. The team of ELATE RCM is striving to redefine traditional operating models and transforming the medical claim management through the comprehensive services that include:

Revenue cycle management
Patient registration/demographic entry
Insurance eligibility verification
Medical coding
Payment posting
Accounts receivable management
Denial management
Down coding analysis
Report generation

ICD10 clinical documentation

The Healthtech Veteran

The skillful team is led by Rita Chaudhury, the Founder Director of ELATE RCM, who has the experience of 18+ years in the International Healthcare Industry. Rita has always been curious about the healthcare industry. She wanted to pursue her career in medicine and earn the highest affiliation as MD. However, due to some personal issues, she proceeded to study computer programming and became an AI programmer. Prior to establishing ELATE, she worked at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi for 4 years. She always wanted to work within the healthcare system, thus she studied USA Healthcare Compliance and Medical Coding.

Rita has achieved gold standard certification from the American Academy of professional coders, USA as CPC. Along with this, she is also Six Sigma Black Belt Certified from Anexus Denmark Se Pvt Ltd. She is also “Advanced HIPAA Policy and Procedure Development” certified from American Health Insurance Management Association (AHIMA), USA. She is a tech veteran and due to her expertise, she has been a guest trainer at various hospitals across the US and India. Besides, she has also authored various articles that highlight medical errors and gaps. “I always share my knowledge with my team, which matters the most to our clients, they appreciate it and sometimes expect me to share my knowledge with them too. I happily do the same,” asserts Rita.

To keep herself ahead from the competitors, Rita always is abreast of the new changes in the industry by attending conferences, through continuous education, reading books on healthcare advancement, etc. Rita further said, “One has to keep themselves updated always in this ever-changing industry. This is the key to success, survival, and to be on the top of any changes.”

Challenges of the Healthcare Industry

With the rise of digitization and increased client demands, there is a raising need for skilled professionals for streamlining the hospital billing procedures and implementation of compliance, which is an impetus to the growth of the healthcare industry around the globe. Rita is affirmative that due to this challenge the healthcare industry will create various job opportunities for the seekers. However, healthcare compliance is the one, which has to be taken as a priority for patient care, as government and commercial insurances look for the “medical necessity” in the documentation before releasing the reimbursement of any claims. ELATE incorporates HIPPA standards for the privacy and security of patient data. Medical coders and billers’ job is to maintain these compliance criteria when submitting any claim to the Insurance companies. Not maintaining the security standards is resulting in denied claims due to fraudulent billing and the providers come under the radar of RAC(Recovery Audit Controller).

Rita explains, “Physicians’ livelihood depends on the Medical coders and this is the reason the certification on Medical Coding from AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) is so important”. ELATE also acts as the Education Provider of AAPC in India on Medical Coding. ELATE continuously striving for the development of the skills among the young graduates on Medical Coding, and creating job opportunities in India and Abroad.

The Coding Education will benefit the coders with sound knowledge on medical coding, rules, and regulations including compliance and reimbursement. A trained medical coding professional can better handle issues such as medical necessity, claim denials, bundling issues, and charge capture.

Better Patient Care Opportunity

Indian healthcare will soon follow compliance similar to HIPPA compliance as data and identity protection is crucial for everyone. ELATE RCM aims to contribute to the Indian Healthcare Industry by sharing knowledge in creating better patient care opportunities and data protection and security. For 5+ years ELATE has been successful in delivering service with quality and commitment to the client, the turn-around time for service delivery, and charges. By 2025, ELATE aims to touch the lives of youths, by developing the skills in medical coding and enhancing their employability in the Healthcare Industry of India and abroad.

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