Business APAC’s Fearless Women Leaders, 2022

In the last decade, the employment arena has witnessed a massive change, resulting in the rise in the millennial workforce, which has raised the bar for the HR. This millennial workforce demands not just salary and benefits expectations, but also work-life balance requests that need a much more flexible approach.

Proximie: Saving Lives By Virtually Sharing The World’s Best Clinical Practice
The APAC region is experiencing a rapid rise in digital ...
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Tudip Technologies: Complementing the Digital Transformation Needs of today
“We believe that every new day is a challenge and ...
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Mobivend: The Future Of Unattended Automated Retail
Acclimating with the new norms of COVID-19 such as social ...
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ELATE RCM: Redefining Traditional Healthcare Models and Transforming Medical Claim Management
The APAC countries had been experiencing major challenges in the ...
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Crystal Link Technology
Maggie Chen: A Journey of A Successful Entrepreneur
Born and raised in Fujian, graduated from Xiamen University and ...
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Anisha Sagar: Leading The Company Towards Success With Solid Grit And Enthusiasm
Gender bias behavior in business has been a topic of discussion for a long time. Yet, women
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Sheetal Ramkumar: A Ferocious Leader Playing by The Rules
Asia Pacific region is known for its diverse cultures and ...
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Manpreet Kaur: A Passionate Leader in All Aspects of the Customer Journey
HR is one of the most dynamic departments in an ...
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Nishu Miglani: A Veteran In the HR Industry And An Inspirational Entrepreneur
Over the past decade, the workplace has changed drastically and ...
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