Nishu Miglani: A Veteran In the HR Industry And An Inspirational Entrepreneur


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Over the past decade, the workplace has changed drastically and so the role of HR. Since the 2008 recession to major technological advances, the events over the past decade have shaped how we work today. These new trends have fundamentally changed how HR practitioners approach the strategic implementation of people processes. Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), a leading international HR association, reported that 10 years ago, companies said their top future challenges were succession planning and providing leaders with the skills needed to be successful. A 2017 study report found that HR’s top challenge, in the increasingly competitive market for skilled talent, will be finding and retaining employees.

Every business has its own Human Resource (HR) segment to handle the recruitment process. Yet, presently there is a massive rise in the demand for professional recruitment services across many businesses for different reasons. Recruitment services are the best option for businesses that are in need of a full-time workforce or need a part-time employee. This is the reason that recruitment services have gained popularity amongst businesses to find the perfect talent within the stipulated timeframe.

Search Quest Consultants is a full continuum recruitment services company catering to the diverse workforce needs across industry verticals with special focus on Technology and BFSI stream. Established in 2008, Search Quest Consultants is a dedicated team of professional recruitment consultants offering specialized talent acquisition services for the strategic human capital programs of several top-tier enterprises. In a short span of time, the company has established itself as the preferred recruitment partner for marquee clients and career professionals.

Delivering Quality Talent & Services “On Time, Every Time”

Search Quest understands that there is a need to leverage both industry-specific expertise and functional skills. Despite the rising competition, the firm has an edge over the competitors due to its Best Practices, Quality & Dependability, Customised Solution, Domain Expertise and Partnership Approach. With the tailored approach towards recruitment, the firm has delivered significant advantages to companies by helping to reduce costs, streamline operations and grow their revenues.

Search Quest provides customized recruitment, sourcing and support solutions to SMEs as well as large firms across the country. The firm also serves as consultants to the clients on all matters affecting the human capital needs, including succession planning, compensation assessment, recruitment strategies, and competitive analyses. The offerings of Search Quest are designed to help companies convert the acquisition of top talent into a competitive advantage. It assists businesses to analyze their assessment and selection strategies to improve the organizational effectiveness and deliver the best results. The firm can add value to the existing recruiting resources with the right blend of people, processes, and technologies to bring the necessary convergence between talent management and business strategy. The aforementioned is possible because the company is uniquely positioned to leverage market knowledge, which provides exceptional executive search, talent management, and market intelligence services.

A Result-Driven Talent Acquisition Professional

Nishu Miglani is a veteran in the executive search and selection industry with more than two decades of experience. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Search Quest Consultants. Today, due to her contributions and efforts the company is one of the leading HR consulting firms. Throughout her journey, she has been able to build excellent industry contacts and has been successful in establishing deep and abiding relationships with corporates and industry leaders.

Since her childhood, Nishu wanted to do something that would bring out a positive change in society. Following the footsteps of her role models, Indira Gandhi and Kiran Bedi she educated herself and became self-reliant. Nishu holds a Master’s in Civil Engineering. She has also served in the Indian Navy for 7 years. Besides, she belonged to the first woman batch of officers in which only 22 were women out of 40000 male colleagues. She did set out an excellent example for many other aspiring officers.

Post serving for the Navy and civil life experience of 15 years Nishu established Search Quest with a vision of “Happy employees make happy customers and to grow leaders within the organizations who can contribute society and industry at large.” Being a leader is not easy, as the title comes with varied responsibilities to handle. Besides being a leader, Nishu also manages several roles like business development, sales funnel management, people development, and training, strategy, and formulation of policies at the corporate level. She has a proven record of accomplishment in improving and establishing effective recruiting and sourcing processes.

Tackling the Inexhaustible Challenges

Daily upgrading technology has built many roadblocks for emerging companies. Keeping the competition in mind, Search Quest has been actively focusing on the two industries—Technology and BFSI—in a dedicated way. In the last decade, both these industries have gone through lots of vicissitudes, which led to a sudden slowdown of key clients, especially in the banking industry. In addition, there was a layoff of employees, slow process in closing positions, internal recruitment team, drastic lowering down of commercials, fewer salary hikes and so on.

Apart from the aforementioned challenges, the biggest competition the client has created is the reference portal. In the first 15 days through this reference portal, all the demands are posted for the referral so that the employees can share CVs of candidates know to them. Hence, by the time the demand is distributed to external partners half the market is tapped.

At times, there are clients who choose small recruitment service providers, because they are cost-effective. Due to this cost margin, the clients choose these service providers over the seasoned and structured service providers like Search Quest. Nishu also explained that due to the technological gap many clients tend to choose the companies with a bigger database.

Practicing “No Idea Is A Bad Idea” Policy

Search Quest rewards innovative habits, as it believes that nothing kills creativity faster than the fear of failure. Therefore, it rewards experimentation, even failures. Along with encouraging the team to experiment, the company also encourages its employees to do their own research as well, which includes looking into recruiting professionals new technologies, reading articles and writing reports for the company. Nishu adds, “There’s no better way to get the employees thinking outside the box than to assign them new projects outside the scope of their daily activities. While some employees may initially react with a fear of failure, ultimately they will be engaged by the chance to try something new in your supportive.”

Search Quest has a progressive leadership approach to encourage innovation in the company. Innovation starts at the top so all the leaders (core team) are role models for workplace passion, positive outlook, clear direction, and vision. The firm believes “no idea is a bad idea” policy and encourages intrapreneurship. Employees are encouraged to try out their new ideas and are allowed to pitch the same to the decision-makers of the company.

Since the year of inception, the core team of Search Quest Consultants has been standing tall. Nishu believes that the culture Search Quest practices are one of the main reasons behind its strong team. The team embraces change and makes the most of the healthy competition. The open and transparent culture where the “No idea is a bad idea” policy is highly promoted has become a differentiator for Search Quest.

Diversifying the New Age Industries

The year 2020 looks more promising for Search Quest as the company aims to expand its operations globally. Updating with time is vital for the industries, thus the company plans to diversify into the new age industries and also consolidate focus in CXO positions. Apart from this, Search Quest is looking forward to starting an HR consulting practice.

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