Manpreet Kaur: A Passionate Leader in All Aspects of the Customer Journey


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HR is one of the most dynamic departments in an organization. This is especially true in the APAC region, considering the wide diversity of industries, working cultures, and rules and regulations. A key change in recent years is that the HR is rapidly becoming the company culture setter and is now increasingly being tasked with issues like operational efficiency and strategic competitive advantage. Earlier, it was a very compliance heavy word. Now, compliance still remains to be a key part of HR, but there is a whole lot more that HR is involved with.

There have been continuous changes in the work culture as well as multiple modifications to  the work regulations. For example, there is new gender identification (non-binary), new kinds of benefits (paid paternal leave), new kinds of social arrangements (a domestic partner who is on employee’s insurance benefit), etc.  Different generations of employees are commonly working in one place. Further, there is the emergence of the gig economy. Considering all of them under one pillar of compliance, and balancing them with the other pillar of performance, is the key objective for HR.

Dropping the Barriers of Stereotypes in HR Industry

Every business leader has numerous responsibilities.  Being a leader in the HR industry is even more interesting at this stage, as the entire work culture is itself going through immense transformation.  Human Capital Management (HCM) includes recruiting, developing, managing and optimizing the human resources in the organizations. Looking at the current scenario, Manpreet Kaur, Director of Customer Success, APAC region at BizMerlinHR asserts, “If you are a business leader from a HCM system perspective, the onus and the expectation is for you to be an expert on all things related to work.

HR plays a critical role in creating a conducive environment to drop down the barriers of the stereotypes that exist in modern society. Manpreet is a firm believer that all individuals regardless of background, gender, age, and ethnicity flourish within organizations. Further, sharing her experience, she states, “I have come to realise a fundamental truth which is that there have to be right leaders leading in the right way. So, that’s the kind of impact I sought to create. I think I have been lucky to work for a company that believes in the possibilities for its people. I love doing what I am doing at BizMerlinHR and I am thrilled by the possibilities in the future.

Offering the Best Human Capital Management

Being the Director of Customer Success in the APAC region, Manpreet has a singular mission: providing each customer with the absolute best human capital management that is possible, using the full combination of people, processes and underlying software capabilities. Whether it is to help the customer set up time off policies that are compliant with appropriate jurisdiction, or career pathways or retention risk factors, it is her responsibility to help the customer get set up correctly, and ultimately, have a highly successful HR department.  That is the true nature of customer success and her charter at BizMerlinHR.

A key ingredient of this, is the next generation, AI-powered Human Capital Management system that enables the “Datafication of HR”. Whether it is using the amazingly accurate and automated competency matrix, the ContextualML® ATS that gives smart recommendations about candidates, the employee flight risk calculator, or the irreplaceable Expertise Evolution Pathways, BizMerlinHR is fundamentally different from traditional HR software.

A Perfect Place for Growth

BizMerlinHR is a rapidly growing organization and allows everyone a fair bit of autonomy, especially for self-driven individuals who are highly successful in the company. It also has a rich culture of mentoring and constant learning and training with no micromanagement. Micromanagement is highly discouraged because the individual’s freedom of expression is endangered. Considering all these, the individuals in the company are self-driven and motivated allowing them to grow within the company. Considering the new opportunities in the future, the company wants to grow at a constant pace. The company is hiring on all fronts and remains highly selective about the workforce it is hiring.

All Set for the Year 2020

Manpreet is passionate about all aspects of the customer journey:  pre-sales, customer success, and professional services. She is instrumental in driving customer success through translating product knowledge into actionable solutions that enable the customers and their teams to leverage the latest technology trends thereby affecting overall business growth in the APAC. Talking about the company’s success, she says, “Our product and services affect the lives of our users – management, the HR department, and other employees – in profound ways.” Considering the growth of the company she feels blessed about 2019 and is also excited about the years 2020 and beyond!

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