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Technology has thoroughly transformed the world in many ways. Several sectors such as healthcare, transportation and travel, government services, retail, education, etc. have witnessed a great increase in efficiency by leveraging advanced tech solutions. Moreover, technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are disrupting various industries with their powerful capabilities.

As a company delivering tech solutions to clients and partners, and launching its proprietary products, ENKI Technologies Inc. has witnessed a tremendous increase in scalability of its services over the past few years. The company is thriving through this digital transformation shift and is in a position to analyze big-data and understand the needs of clients and partners, as well as provide better services. ENKI is a progressive company as its Operations Manager can foresee and take strategic decisions based on predictive analysis of past and present data.

Solutions beyond State of the Art

ENKI was incepted in 2015 by Nektar Baziotis with an aim to apply its knowledge using active imagination and create solutions for startups, corporations, and governmental organizations. The company has managed to apply its cross-market experience to several projects and products, and deliver solutions that were beyond state of the art. It understands that all is connected and that the perfect combination of techniques and best practices on Technology, Operations, Marketing, Art & Design, Management, Branding, and Sales should be applied for optimal performance regardless of the industry or market.

Key Service Pillars

Custom Artificial Intelligence Applications, Custom Digital Software Solutions, and Branding & Design Services are the three key service pillars of ENKI. At ENKI, all starts with the circle of Creative Intelligence, by understanding the needs of the company/organization, how it satisfies the “why now” factor in the market, and which are the best parts of the solution that will exceed the market expectation and is implemented combining the art of design and the science of programming.

ENKI has recently developed knowledge hubs for its clients EMEA where it aggregates different kinds of information on COVID-19 from accredited sources. “We believe that everyone deserves to have access to information from sources that are as accurate as possible,” says Nektar Baziotis (Co-Founder and President of ENKI Technologies Inc.).

Making a Better World

Nektar was introduced to the keyboard for the first time when he was 11. From that moment, he knew it was going to be a part of his life. He developed and sold his first database at the age of 16, and started working as a trainee web designer and developer when he was 17. After a year, he was promoted to Project Manager. After some years, Nektar met his best friend (presently the CTO at ENKI) and decides to establish his first IT company, which is still thriving.

Nektar has traveled and delivered projects in several countries and each step has brought him closer to realize that entrepreneurship is a form of freedom but also solitude. “You cannot expect victories or recognition without a lot of hard and creative work and being accountable to yourself. We live in an era where each one of us is an entrepreneur, with a different path. We all share one responsibility! Make a better world for us, our future generation, and the planet itself,” he adds.

The New Normal

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted normalcy and changed the ways of operating businesses. Each year, Nektar had traveled to several countries to meet clients, prospects, and friends. However, this is currently limited. Due to the pandemic, the world realized that life, health, friendship, family are not to be taken for granted.  

We lost millions. Several companies are in despair. But we are united,” states Nektar. He believes that people as humans got closer to humanity, to understanding, to helping each other, to listening to each other. In these unprecedented times, ENKI showed itself as a part of the solution and acted with one target—preserve life and make it even better.

The pandemic promoted remote working as a new way of operating for companies. While several companies quickly adapted to the shift, some companies faced several challenges. According to Nektar, the only issue with remote working was the inability of meeting in person. With audio-visual and high-speed internet, the ENKI team connected with each other, however, Nektar misses being close to his team—which is spread over two continents. Work from home has grown to be the new normal and promises an increase in productivity as most feel their environment more comfortable. Nektar believes that the myth of the office and 9-to-5 is diminishing day by day.

A Unique Digital Footprint

As the pandemic accelerated the adoption of technology, the demand for tech solutions in business operations is increasing leaps and bounds. According to Nektar, in 2021, several traditional industries will adapt to the new normality and adopt high-tech solutions such as AI. For instance, the traveling and vacation industry will be better understood with big-data analysis and down to country level, tourism strategies might adjust accordingly. Heeding these changing demands, ENKI has focused on increasing the quality of its deliverables by understanding the needs of the clients and how technology can respond to those. The company strives to develop a unique digital footprint for each of its success stories. “We have gazed the darkness of the pandemic with undimmed eyes. We have endured because, deep down, we know that in order to succeed, we must first believe that together, we can make it,” concludes Nektar.

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