The Environmental Benefits Of Coworking Spaces


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A coworking space is everything you need when you think about work and collaboration. It is one of the latest ideas in business and work life.

At the same time, coworking spaces have brought a wind of change in the field of sustainability among entrepreneurs around the world and cities like Chennai. The industry of coworking space in chennai is increasing exponentially.

The 21st century calls for a major change and contribution from entrepreneurs and businesses with huge contributions to the economy and global climate.

In that light, every individual entrepreneur must help the planet sustain with every step they can.

Ignoring the trends of greenwashing for the sake of consumerism, coworking spaces give you the pure opportunity to contribute to the greater good of the environment.

Therefore, here we shall help you understand the concept of coworking spaces and how you can utilize them to help the environment sustain.

Coworking Spaces – A Solution For The Planet And Your Business

The idea of a coworking space is that multiple organizations use the same place for their operations. These companies mostly share the same roof at the same time.

Now look at how this can help you and the environment—

1. Enhancing Your Company’s Energy Efficiency

Have you ever wondered what the cost of an entire office building where different companies operate on different floors could be?

An average commercial building spends a whopping amount of $13 million per year on its energy consumption.

That being said, EPA reports suggest that when you share your working space with three other companies, you can reduce your energy consumption to almost 30% less than an entire or multiple building floor.

The cost of your energy consumption is not limited to the machines and lighting but is extended to other recreational equipment like coffee machines, vending machines, air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, and other electronics.

When you sign up for such a space, it benefits the environment by reducing energy consumption in the form of electricity and production costs of the equipment and your business.

You can work with your employees hassle-free without worrying about every little need you might need to run an office. 

2. Reducing Waste Generation

Coworking spaces come with a set of principles. One of the most important principles among them is waste reduction policies.

From adopting reusable technologies and methods to overall clean waste management, these spaces lay several ground rules for waste.

They encourage using biodegradable plates, cups, and towels by making them available in the space at all times. They hire trained commercial cleaners to take care of the place and manage the waste accordingly.

All these services come as an add-on when you sign up for a coworking space.

Now, coming out of the micro picture, when you’re moving your office to a shared workspace, you automatically share amenities like lights, air conditioners, desks, chairs and everything thats under the roof.

Thus, the production of all these materials and the waste created out of the process lessens 3 times if the space is shared by three companies, for instance.

A coworking space, therefore, is your big step in reducing waste, moving to biodegradable and reusable amenities, and managing waste sustainably without having to worry about any of it.

3. Promoting The Use Of Natural Lighting

Another great policy among most coworking spaces around the globe is their architecture that allows natural light to illuminate the workspaces.

When, for instance, three companies work under one roof that is illuminated naturally, the amount of energy it saves in a month can help a small village light up their homes for the entire three months.

Using the sun as the source of light during the day and solar energy to light up the space after sundown is also beneficial for your employees.

Natural lighting has a calming effect that helps employees stay focused and enhance their productivity. 

However, when you rent or buy a separate office space for your organization, you will not have the authority to demand such facilities. 

Corporate buildings are built in a way that creates an outward impression for clients and investors. Thus, the priority is more on visibility than sustainability.

Moreover, this availability of sunlight also encourages coworking spaces to incorporate nature into the workspace. Thus, these spaces are filled with indoor plants and greenery, exuding a calm and fulfilled atmosphere.

4. Cutting Conveyance Cost With Green Commuting:

You can select your office according to your convenience when you choose to work from a coworking space. These spaces have a well-distributed presence all over major cities, making it convenient for employees to travel.

These accessible locations have a huge availability of public transport that can help you reduce your conveyance cost, fuel consumption and environmental pollution.

Moreover, they are often connected with shuttle services and EV cab services to make your work travel greener. 

5. Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

All these sustainable initiatives the coworking space companies take up ultimately help your organization reduce its carbon footprint.

From renewable energy sources to waste management and green conveyance, your employees and the organization can gather real numbers and data manifesting their environmental contribution.

This will help you become a part of the fight against climate change, the declining global economy and public health issues with shared services.

It helps you prioritize and craft the values and ethics the world needs from a sensible organization in the 21st century.

Running an organization with a low carbon footprint also helps it become future-proof. You can attract more investors and business with these small initiates by signing up for a coworking space.

Save The Future To Save Your Business

With the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple famines, forest fires, and floods, we are already witnessing huge distress in the global climate patterns, failing duster management, and economy.

You have no business if this human-made climate apocalypse hits the earth.

Therefore, it is high time we start putting the planet first, even when crafting business plans, because this is the only way to secure a future for our entrepreneurship and economy.

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