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In today’s digital business era, organizations are embracing modern technologies as a core strategy to drive better business outcomes. Countries of the APAC region are not far behind in this race. China, India, Vietnam, and other countries are having the highest GDP growth due to the rapid investments made by the governments and industries. With international competition and open-source technology, organizations of this region want to become globally competitive. Companies are collaborating with consultants to make the best of the growth in this region. One such prominent consulting company is Evolution Strategy Advisors LLP (ESA), which came into existence to help visionary companies grow and empower them to compete on the global front.

The CEO, Vineet Trakroo and his skilled team are helping companies improve their sales and profitability by establishing a strategic direction for marketing, brand management, communication, sales and distribution management. Together, they are working to achieve their vision “To Evolve Your Business” by delivering world-class consulting services to their clients.

A Multi-Faceted Consulting Company Helping Business Grow and Thrive

Established in 2013, ESA is a strategy and consumer marketing consulting company that offers advanced solutions for business growth to large and mid-sized corporates in the B2C sector. The company’s core competencies are to create a new technique of business diagnostics to solve complex issues, partner execution, provide successful industry experts to work on projects, and deliver improved business results. ESA targets operational sales and marketing strategies so that its clients can execute their plans efficiently. Moreover, it utilizes a unique amalgamation of consulting, research and analytics techniques on a cloud platform. Since its inception, the prominent consulting company has been transforming both large and mid-sized consumer-centric organizations by working with their top management team.  The team of ESA has worked with the world leaders and partnered their growth of 20-30%+ within the same financial year.

Solving Business Problems by Using Diagnostic Approach 

ESA understands that every organization is different and faces various unique challenges. These organizations want professional consultants who can understand their business issues and help to overcome them. Bearing this in mind, the ESA consultants offer their consultancy in the following three areas of operation: Business Health Analytics (Business Diagnostics), Business Transformation, and Building Executional Excellence. Business Health Analytics is about identifying the issues, which are holding back the growth of a business or a division. Business Transformation defines restructuring and transforming organizations to cultivate. Lastly, Building Executional Excellence refers to better execution in sales, marketing, brand management, and analytics. The skilled team takes pride in being the only company in India offering a diagnostic approach to solving marketing and sales related issues. This diagnostic approach consists of seven steps:

  • Step 1: With their diagnostic technique and expertise in sales & marketing, ESA consultants assist their customers’ development, by understanding their business insights as well as what makes their business tick or fail.
  • Step 2: The clients communicate with the ESA team about their broad level sales and marketing operational issues facing a category and their vision of what they want to achieve.
  • Step 3: Using their proprietary diagnostic techniques, the team diagnoses the key issues they are facing currently.
  • Step 4: To further diagnose and understand key issues, ESA team interacts with their clients’ sales team, dealers, distributors, customers and influencers using a cloud-based platform or their market intervention.
  • Step 5: After complete diagnosis, they create a set of questions to identify issues and solutions.
  • Step 6: Then, they collect answers online from the respondents. Following this, consultants analyze that data through advanced analytics and identify the core issues as well as the solutions, which can improve their business.
  • Step 7: Finally, the solutions take 4-10 weeks to develop.


Delivering Real Value to Businesses by Engaging with Tough Challenges

To deliver best-in-the-class solutions to its clients, ESA works with industry leaders who are working on complex business issues. In doing so, the ESA team learns new business practices, which give them a new perspective on solving the issues. To enhance their existing skills, the team creates a powerful analytical squad who uses up-to-date software tools and cloud analytics to analyze and identify insights on the complicated client data. This impressive overall process demonstrates their capability to handle complex issues and add real value to client businesses.

A Well-Versed Leader Helping Clients Decipher Their Business Issues

Vineet has more than 25 years of experience as marketing and sales strategist. He holds a degree of electrical engineering from MIT Manipal and MBA from Mumbai University. He has worked with startups, leaders and challengers in durables, branded commodities, FMCG and building material industry-home improvement. After working as the Head of Sales and/or Marketing, he realized that the logical move to make is to shift in consulting and offer top-notch consultancy services.

As the CEO of ESA, Vineet has noticed that many midsized companies and large organizations don’t ask for help when they come across hurdles. For such organizations, the concept of cloud, analytics and consulting is like an unknown terrain. Therefore, he believes that making clients understand his company’s unique and only one of its kind offering is a different and tedious process. Also only those organizations that are facing chronic issues come to ESA for help.

Three Best Practices Learned by Managing the Business

Being an entrepreneur, Vineet knows the in-and-out of running a business. Therefore, he shares the three beneficial lessons he learned while building his business. He states that having proper execution strategies can drive the company towards continued success. The business decisions should be made with careful planning rather than in a rush. He has also noticed that some top leaders have no trust in data and analysis. Instead, they follow their gut feeling and perception for decision-making. This mindset needs to be changed and their trust should be built on the industry.

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