Frederic Bard: Pioneering Quest for Transformative Biomedical Solutions


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Dr. Frederic Bard, a luminary in the field of biotechnology, stands at the forefront of cutting-edge research as the CEO and Scientific Co-Founder of Albatroz Therapeutics. His journey is a tapestry of academic excellence, transformative discoveries, and a commitment to revolutionizing cancer and arthritis treatment.

Dr. Frederic Bard: From Academic Excellence to Scientific Leadership

Dr. Bard’s trajectory in scientific exploration began with his graduate work at Yale University, USA, and the Ecole Normale Superieure of Lyon, France, where he earned his PhD. The next chapter unfolded during his postdoctoral tenure at the University of California San Diego from 2001 to 2006. Here, Dr. Bard made a significant breakthrough by identifying the TANGO genes, a collection of novel genes essential for general protein secretion.

Moreover, this period marked the inception of Dr. Bard’s exploration into glycosylation-driven tissue remodeling, a journey that would become the cornerstone of his research. The subsequent establishment of his research group at the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology (IMCB), A*STAR, Singapore, in 2006, signaled the beginning of a transformative era.

Transitioning to Albatroz Therapeutics, Dr. Bard assumed the role of CEO and Scientific Co-Founder in 2020. The Singapore-based biotechnology company is poised to redefine the landscape of antibody therapeutics. Despite being in its pre-clinical stage, Albatroz Therapeutics has already garnered significant attention and funding, underscoring the promise of its innovative approach.

Albatroz Therapeutics: Innovating Pre-Clinical Solutions for Solid Tumors and Arthritis

At the heart of the company’s mission is the development of first-in-class antibody therapeutics targeting a novel mechanism involved in both cancer growth and arthritic cartilage degradation. Dr. Bard’s leadership sets the tone for Albatroz Therapeutics’ ambitious pursuit of scientific excellence and groundbreaking solutions.

The company’s focus extends to two critical realms: solid tumors and arthritis. In addressing solid tumors, Albatroz Therapeutics aims to disrupt the process of tumor progression by targeting a crucial pathway in the extracellular matrix (ECM). The ECM, a network of molecules providing structural support to tissues, plays a pivotal role in tumor growth, invasion, and metastasis.

Arthritis Breakthrough

Arthritis, a condition with no current cure, becomes the second frontier in Albatroz Therapeutics’ quest for innovative solutions. By modulating the same ECM pathway, the company aspires to promote healthy cartilage repair and regeneration. The objective is clear – to alleviate joint pain and inflammation associated with various forms of arthritis.

The significance of preventing extracellular matrix degradation cannot be overstated. It represents a key contributor to the pathogenesis of cancer and arthritis. Traditional candidate drugs addressing this process have been limited in use due to their toxicity profiles. Herein lies the crux of Albatroz Therapeutics’ approach – offering highly specific therapeutics that improve treatment outcomes without inducing toxicity.

For the company, the pursuit of preventing the degradation of the extracellular matrix translates into a commitment to highly specific therapeutics. Albatroz Therapeutics endeavors to provide solutions that go beyond conventional limitations, ushering in a new era of treatment efficacy.

Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

Albatroz Therapeutics is looking deeper into cancer-related initiatives, to prevent malignant tumor growth, metastasis, and recurrence. Cancer that has spread to other parts of the body poses a daunting treatment challenge and accounts for a considerable fraction of cancer-related fatalities.

The company’s objective is to prevent highly aggressive cancers, such as pancreatic, lung, and liver cancers, from growing and spreading to other organs. This ambitious goal has materialized in the development of first-in-class therapeutic antibodies that target Calnexin, a novel tumor surface protein critical to a tumor’s ability to degrade the extracellular matrix.

The extracellular matrix, akin to a physical barrier, prevents the growth of solid tumors in most organs of the body. Tumors, in their quest for growth and proliferation, need to breach this barrier. Albatroz Therapeutics’ antibodies intervene precisely at this juncture, halting tumor growth and preventing metastasis without the toxicity associated with traditional treatments.

Crucially, the antibodies developed by Albatroz Therapeutics have demonstrated potency against tumor models with no detectable toxicity in vivo. This marks a paradigm shift in cancer treatment – an approach that not only addresses the aggressiveness of tumors but does so without compromising the overall health of the patient.

The Future of Patient-Centric Biomedical Solutions

Shifting the focus to arthritis, a condition affecting millions worldwide, Albatroz Therapeutics is dedicated to preventing the destruction of arthritic joint cartilage. The absence of a cure for arthritis underscores the urgency and significance of this mission. The company envisions significantly improving the mobility of individuals grappling with arthritis by preventing the destruction of their joint cartilage – and doing so without inducing toxicity.

In practical terms, this translates into the development of first-in-class therapeutic antibodies that block the destruction of cartilage in the joints. By intervening at this crucial juncture, Albatroz Therapeutics aims to not only alleviate symptoms but to fundamentally prevent the progression of arthritis and facilitate joint healing.

The promise of Albatroz Therapeutics lies not just in the scientific rigor of its approach but in its commitment to patient-centric solutions. By addressing the root causes of cancer and arthritis, the company aspires to usher in a new era of treatment – one that is effective, targeted, and minimally intrusive in terms of side effects.

In conclusion, Dr. Frederic Bard and Albatroz Therapeutics embody a vision for the future of biotechnology and medical treatment. Their journey, marked by transformative discoveries and a commitment to innovation, stands as a beacon of hope for those grappling with the formidable challenges posed by cancer and arthritis. As they navigate the pre-clinical stage and garner attention for their groundbreaking approach, the impact of their work is poised to transcend scientific realms and reshape the landscape of patient care.

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