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The digital marketing industry is moving at a rapid pace towards a data-driven market. Due to this movement, many new startups are taking risks in ways they never could before. Through social listening, they collect data related to customers’ interest in different areas. Then, analyzing it and ultimately, making the best use of it to attract customers towards their products and/or services. They are also leveraging crop up technologies to deliver a stellar customer satisfaction.

With its wide range of promising portfolios, Fruitbowl Digital is building its presence in this sector by delivering innovative marketing services that cover all aspect in the digital marketing sphere. The Co-founders of Fruitbowl, Faisal Amin and Dedeepya Reddy are the two major drivers behind its success. Together with their team, the dynamic duo has assisted over 210+ clients in their journey of marketing campaigns. Through Fruitbowl, they wish to conquer the world and create awe-inspiring digital footprints all across.

Delivering a Comprehensive Range of Marketing Services

India-based FruitBowl Digital is a full-service advertising media agency that offers marketing services to assist businesses to turn into brands. The company practices the digital-first approach to deliver a campaign suited to its clients’ business needs. Established with the motto of ‘Survival of the Freshest’ provides a plethora of marketing services. These services include Social Media, Web Development, Search Marketing, App Development, Media Planning and Buying, Email and CRM, Brand Communication, and Online Reputation Management.

The team of Fruitbowl is made up of highly-skilled, creative and overall talented people who are working under the guidance of the very best industry experts. With their great zeal and the freshest minds, they craft best solutions that conquer all the brand challenges and design comprehensive experiences that their consumers connect with instantly. The talented team incorporates blockchain technology into e-commerce solutions, AR and VR into experiential marketing campaigns, and has the capability to develop machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven human-technology interactions. They have successfully served more than 300 accounts including national giants like Reliance Group, Mumbai Metro, Society Tea, Hilton, Tata, Vadilal, BMW and many more.

Dynamic and Powerful Duo Helping Clients Build Their Brands

At Fruitbowl, Faisal performs the operations related to Co-Founder. He holds a postgraduate degree in Business Administration specializing in Advertising from IMS, Indore and is a certified Negotiator from Harvard Business School. The dynamic leader has 9+ years of experience and specializes in various skills such as Branding, Brand Activation, Strategic Campaign Design, Digital Advertising, Digital Strategist and Promotion design. Prior to Fruitbowl, Faisal was involved in other businesses that include Kira, a retail ERP solution-driven through a mobile application, and Co.lab.oratory, which is 220 people seating capacity co-working space in the heart of Mumbai city. Due to his remarkable contribution, he was featured in the list of Top 50 Digital Marketing Professionals in India by CMO Asia and The 30 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs of 2016 by InsightSuccess.

Dedeepya holds a Master’s Degree with a specialization in e-Commerce from IMS, Indore. She further pursued a study on Creative Thinking and Organizational Success from Harvard University, Boston. During her tenure as a Media Analyst for Havas Media, she successfully handled campaigns for notable clients such as Dunlop, Randstad, and SCMP. The creative leader also has worked with well-known companies such as Reliance Group, HDFC, Tata, Mahindra, Edelweiss and Hilton. She also received awards such as Indian Changemakers, UN’s Green Crusader Award, Top 25 Most Promising Marketing Consultants and Gold Award for Best Digital Marketing Campaign.

In 2010, Faisal and Dedeepya founded Fruitbowl because they realized that India has great potential and would provide many opportunities in this area. As the Co-founder, Faisal handles brand strategy and campaign design process for organizations/agencies and helps agencies/companies in achieving their goals by developing and enhancing their digital communication. Being Chief Creative Strategist of the company, Dedeepya works closely with the content and design team to create compelling brand experiences. She believes that striving for excellence and attention to detail are essential to creating marvels. Together with their expertise and knowledge, they are helping the clients to build their brands.

Conquering Challenges to Stay Ahead of Competitors 

The Co-founders of Fruitbowl believes that “the digital landscape is incredibly dynamic; add a layer of marketing and you get a field that has endless possibilities and equal expectations.” They know that this sector holds great opportunities as well as tough and unique challenges. According to them, their biggest challenge is staying true to their promise of being fresh. They want to deliver novel content to their clients and audiences. Other hurdles they come across are growth and competition in this industry. To overcome these challenges, the duo with their team relies on creativity, innovation and logical thinking to deliver marketing services as well as to stay ahead of their rivals.

Leading the Market by Staying In-Sync with Market Trends 

As the business landscape is changing, those organizations are in-sync with the latest digital trends have better chances of leading the market. Therefore, the team of Fruitbowl monitors every brand campaign on a regular basis. The overall performance analysis of the company is also conducted every month. The skilled team further performs a detailed number follow up every three months where they assess their targets and the progress they have made towards them. As a result, they stay up-to-date with everything as well as keep an eye out for new advancements.

Anticipating Three Best Changes in This Industry

Being industry experts, Faisal and Dedeepya would like to make changes in this industry for better outcomes. Firstly, the dynamic duo wants to install trust in clients so that they can have faith in the agency’s intentions because the company has their best interests in mind. Secondly, they want a larger flow of cash and greater market share into the sector so they can exceed the expectations of clients. Lastly, they would like more staff to discover the digital media landscape in order to enhance it from within using their knowledge from outside the sector.

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