How to Sell Bitcoin in Crypto-Friendly Countries – A Complete Guide

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If someone has invested in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and is currently seeing a rise in prices, they may be wondering what actions to take regarding their holdings. Selling Bitcoin is as esse­ntial as investing, and many people are­ unsure about the process.

The­ procedure of selling Bitcoin mirrors that of buying it but in re­verse. The ide­al method to sell one’s Bitcoin de­pends on their unique circumstance­s. There are multiple­ options available, catering to those se­eking more privacy, lower transaction costs, or faste­r settlements.

Whe­ther one wishes to se­ll Bitcoin in Dubai or any other crypto-friendly country, the­y can explore various avenue­s such as a Bitcoin exchange, a pee­r-to-peer marketplace­, online platforms or on-site assistance by an OTC (Ove­r-The-Counter), or eve­n using a Bitcoin ATM.

Bitcoin Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges serve as intermediaries, holding funds for both sellers and buyers.

  • To utilize an exchange, you must create an account and verify your identity.
  • Link a bank account for cash withdrawals, but take note of country-specific limitations.
  • Once you have transferred or held Bitcoin in your account, you can place a sell order specifying the currency, amount, and desired price.
  • The exchange will execute the transaction when someone matches your offer.

P2P Marketplace

Another option is direct trading or selling your Bitcoin to another individual or organization. The most common technique is through a peer-to-peer web platform that facilitates an exchange where sellers can locate the best deals. Escrow services are frequently included in these platforms to safeguard transactions and facilitate the transfer of assets.

To sell Bitcoin in Dubai through the P2P marketplace, follow these steps:

  • Download the service app or install it on your computer.
  • Transfer your Bitcoin funds to the P2P provider.
  • Create an offer with the desired Bitcoin amount and payment method.
  • When a buyer accepts, your Bitcoin is held in escrow.
  • Wait for the buyer’s payment to process, then withdraw funds to your bank account.

Online or on-site by an OTC

In-person sales of Bitcoin at OTC exchanges are another option. Thanks to a few websites, it is possible to trade Bitcoins for cash at local exchanges. You need to know how to use a crypto wallet or the platform on which you store your assets (like an exchange) to sell Bitcoin face-to-face. Since the value of Bitcoin is always changing, it is crucial to know the current price before making a local purchase.


Bitcoin ATMs permit you to withdraw cash instantly by exchanging your bitcoins for cash. Bitcoin ATMs require little to no KYC. Bitcoin ATMs are not the same as your average ATM machines. Bitcoin ATMs enable users to exchange their cryptocurrency for cash by providing a QR code that can be scanned. The whole process takes up to a few minutes.

However, the charges on Bitcoin ATM trades can be astronomically high, so it’s vital to keep track of how much you’re paying and decide whether there are better options. Remember that each platform handles payment differently, but every country’s process remains the same.

As we’ve gone over the five ways you can sell Bitcoin, let’s dive into how to do it in these crypto-friendly countries.

1. United States of America (USA)

If you reside in the United States and wish to convert your Bitcoin into dollars or other fiat cash, you can easily achieve this by selling your Bitcoin. Reputable online cryptocurrency exchanges in the USA facilitate both buying and selling of Bitcoin. By following these steps on Coinbase, a centralized exchange, you can successfully sell Bitcoin and convert it into cash:

  • Sign up on Coinbase or another reputable exchange.
  • Verify your account to meet regulations.
  • Link your bank account for fiat transactions.
  • Transfer Bitcoin to your exchange account.
  • Navigate to “Sell” and specify the amount.
  • Choose a withdrawal method (e.g., bank transfer).
  • Confirm and wait for processing.
  • Withdraw funds to a linked bank account.

2. Switzerland

Selling Bitcoin in Switzerland is a straightforward process, thanks to the country’s crypto-friendly regulations and well-established infrastructure. However, it is essential to consider applicable fees, tax obligations, and security measures while selling Bitcoin in Switzerland. To sell Bitcoin in Switzerland online, follow these steps:

If you wish to sell Bitcoin online in Switzerland:

  • Select a reputable exchange like Bity, which is an OTC platform.
  • Sign up, verify your account, and connect it to your bank.
  • Transfer your Bitcoin to your exchange account.
  • Navigate to the “Sell” section, specify the amount, and choose a withdrawal method.
  • Confirm the transaction and wait for processing.
  • Withdraw funds to your linked bank account or explore other provided options.

3. Singapore

Selling Bitcoin in Singapore is made easy by the country’s advanced digital infrastructure and supportive regulatory environment. When engaging in buying and selling Bitcoin, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and opt for a reputable exchange that aligns with your requirements and offers a user-friendly experience.

 Consider reliable exchanges like Coinhako—a centralized exchange.

  • Sign up, verify your account, and connect it to your bank.
  • Transfer your Bitcoin to your exchange account.
  • Access the “Sell” section, specify the amount, and select a withdrawal method.
  • Confirm the transaction and wait for processing.
  • Withdraw funds to your linked bank account or explore other options provided by the exchange.

4. Germany

Selling Bitcoin in Germany offers both online and on-site options to suit your preference. To sell Bitcoin on-site, follow these steps:

  • Locate reputable OTC brokers or desks, such as
  • Initiate contact and discuss transaction details.
  • Negotiate terms and agree on a meeting location.
  • Bring your Bitcoin in a secure wallet.
  • Verify the Bitcoin during the meeting.
  • Receive payment and obtain a receipt for the transaction.

5. United Arab Emirates

In Dubai, selling Bitcoin for cash is made convenient through various reputable platforms, including Cryptodesk, an OTC exchange specializing in small and large-volume cryptocurrency trades, including Bitcoin, within the UAE.

To sell Bitcoin through Cryptodesk, follow these steps:

  • Contact their customer service through WhatsApp or their website to express your interest and begin the selling process.
  • Schedule an appointment.
  • Prepare your cash or cryptocurrency along with your KYC documents (EID or Passport).
  • Visit their office for the transaction.
  • Complete your transaction quickly and easily.


Selling Bitcoin after a purchase is a straightforward and practical process. To sell Bitcoin on an exchange, you must first have an account with the exchange and Bitcoin stored in its wallet. Consider trading and withdrawal costs, choose the appropriate order type, and click “sell.”

Traders have numerous options when it comes to selling their crypto holdings. On-site OTC services provide reliability and flexible payment options, while online P2P platforms may offer anonymity. However, popular cryptocurrency exchanges are always a secure choice. For quick access to your cryptocurrency, Bitcoin ATMs are available, but convenience comes with higher fees.

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