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Recent developments in technology have transformed nearly every phase of HR, right from sourcing to performance management. Therefore, it has completely revised the character of human resources (HR) all over the globe. Some industry professionals preached that technology is one factor that is impacting the HR department to a great extent. HR Technology is a vital formula for aiding HR leaders to accrediting operative leaders and employees alike. Frameworks of tomorrow should incorporate to social stages, streamline strategic information to drive premeditated decision making and put foretelling and prescriptive information into practice.

The new groundbreaking technologies conversion impacts the organizations in two ways. Firstly, it would offer various apparatuses to better oversee and engage the talent in organizations. On the other hand, it is assisting HR administrators with shifting their concentration from overseeing workforce to driving benefits to the organization. Most HR technologies available in the market today are not employee-centric but are organization-centric which leads to the problem. To overcome this issue, Illinois-based, Libertyville, HRBoost, LLC enables organizations to contain costs and manage workforce while reducing employer related risk, and release the managerial burden of HR by protecting business assets, improving productivity, and protecting revenues.

HRBoost, Leveraging Human Resources Services for Clients

HRBoost bids a full variety of human resources services on both a consulting and outsourced basis. The company’s main aim is to offer apparatuses, assets, and upkeep required to build as well as enhance investment in human resource. Furthermore, it provides custom human resource solutions, teaching, and maintenance to cultivate and optimize the asset in the workforce as well as gives a full-service team for complete support. It also assists companies depending upon their need like whether they are seeking guidance on a particular human resources matter or to implement a complete human resources support system.

Companies when working with HRBoost, get a wide-ranging evaluation of their HR function. This evaluation comprehends all eleven functional areas of their practice and is planned to provide with a comprehensive summary that identifies gaps and outlines prospects to help clients’ businesses attract and retain the talent it needs to grow and thrive. Plus, due to their comprehensive services, HRBoost is proudly acknowledged as a 2017 Annual Awards for Business Excellence (AABE) by the Daily Herald Business Ledger.

The Specialist behind HRBoost’s Growth

The CEO, Nicole Martin established HRBoost to provide a dedicated resource to companies that didn’t have an internal human resources department. Nicole has been commendable as a DH Business Ledger Influential Women in Business, a Women of Distinction honoree, and a 2016 Enterprising Women of the Year Champion by Enterprising Women Magazine. Along with that, she has authored books such as The Human Side of Profitability and The Talent Emergency. She serves on various Boards devoted to social administration, women in business and workforce commitment. In addition, she is the host of “HR in the Fast Lane” on advisor TV. The multitalented Nicole is also a Contributing Writer for the Chicago Business Journal.

At HRBoost, Nicole believes that financing in people should be as organized as investing in any other crucial resource for any client’s business. The generous CEO considered herself as a fortuitous businessperson; however, she is among those entrepreneurs who created their businesses out their passion for what they love to do.

Further when asked about the biggest challenge she faced during her career, Nicole stated that teaching entrepreneurs of the genuine dangers and confronting their business at the present time because, most of them don’t know the biggest shift of human capital in the current business environment. Therefore, Nicole and her team at HRBoost happily help such clients who are struggling to overcome this situation. HRBoost partners with them and assists them to realize their own potential to go ahead of it. Additionally, Nicole interacts with C Suite leaders to discuss their wish list so that their devoted teams can work on with agility to satisfy clients’ requirements.

Upgradation of Customers Services for Better HR Management

HRBoost is an exclusive assimilated approach to their customers’ business which helps them to utilize calculated and planned human resource services. On top of that, it assisted various companies in different parts of the industry. Most of its clients include Professional Services, Non-Profit, High Tech, Manufacturing, Staffing firms, Hospitality, and Healthcare environments.

The clients’ of HRBoost vary on two bars i.e. Pace and Budget. However, it assists all of their clienteles in their journey of formulating a better workplace. The company not only offers its services to minor businesses with their Small Business Bundle services but also gives services to superior businesses with up to 500 workers on a project basis.

According to Nicole, best HCM systems are only concentrated on big companies with 1000 or more employees. For the betterment of the HR industry, utilizing HCM in the middle market and companies with less than 500 employees would be fantastic. Further Nicole believes that every corporation deserves strategic human resources from its day one, even if the company operates with a single employee.

HRBoost’s Future Goal towards Success

In the present year, HRBoost team is focusing on sharing more proactively and offer organizational surveys and facilitation at no additional cost. Moreover, they have launched Core Value Surveys with facilitation and Cognitive Assessments to establish Culture Topology and Team Engineering for their clients.



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