Iconic Business women to follow in 2023

Svetlana Mironyuk belongs to the list of top managerial personalities in Russia. Throughout her career, she has held a variety of job titles across multiple organizations, including First Vice-President, Editor in Chief, and Managing Director. 

Neha Rathor: A Second Generation Leader Pioneering Digital Transformation in Publishing
In the dynamic business landscape, women have emerged as powerful ...
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Maithillee Zaveri
Maithillee Zaveri: Building a Decorated Brand with Passion and Efficient Leadership
In the current industrial and business scenario, cultivating a personal ...
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Nelly O Gedeon: Making a Difference with Sustainable Tourism
In today’s tech-savvy world, starting a business is not a ...
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Gomathi Shanmugam
Gomathi Shanmugam: Catering the Educational Needs on a Wider Scale
Education is and will be at the core of human ...
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Crystal Link Technology
Maggie Chen: A Journey of A Successful Entrepreneur
Born and raised in Fujian, graduated from Xiamen University and ...
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