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India to export Covid-19 vaccines ‘within weeks’ of production

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India will begin the exporting of the locally made COVID-19 vaccine after the immediate launch of the vaccines. If there is a shortage of vaccines to meet local demand, the country will ban exporting the same. 

India is about to make 60% of the vaccine produces and many countries are eagerly waiting for the vaccine doses to be shipped. India has formally approved the emergency usage of two of its locally produced vaccines. The two COVID-19 vaccines that have been approved by the Government are the locally produced Covaxin by Bharat Biotech and Covishield manufactured by AstraZeneca with Oxford University.  

Seeking to immunize about 300 million people by July, India will be one of the biggest countries to conduct the largest inoculation programs. 

Federal Health’s guarantee to people

The foreign ministry official, who preferred to remain unnamed, has declared “Within a fortnight of the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines we will allow exports to some of our South Asian neighbors. Some of these exports will be paid by us as gifts, and the others will be supplied at roughly the same price the government will be buying the vaccines at.” He has confirmed India’s plan to help other countries will be operating as planned.

Rajesh Bhushan, Federal Health Secretary has assured people regarding India’s plan to roll out the coronavirus vaccines by mid-January. His official comment on this, “Within 10 days from the date of Emergency Use Authorisation [3 January], there will be vaccine roll-out.” The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine—manufactured by the Serum Institute of India has decided to seek and clear out the confusion over exports. 

100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine at 200 rupees!

Adar Poonawalla had been mentioned in the media as saying that India would not permit exports of his vaccine for “several months”. However, as of Tuesday, he confirmed that his organization was permitted to export the COVID-19 vaccine for government inoculation programs abroad. The firm under Adar Poonawalla is also expected to deliver on agreements with Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco in the coming few weeks.

Adar said on Monday via a tweet, the vaccines will be given to the government, and the first 100 million doses would be sold at an exceptional price of 200 rupees ($2.74), “after which the price will be advanced.” 

India’s neighboring countries— Nepal and Bangladesh have raised their concerns and are dependent on the SII to start vaccinating their populations.  Bangladesh has already ordered 30 million doses when the vaccine was in the first trial itself. Thus, the country is expecting the first batch by February.

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