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India’s Drone Franchise Scene Picks up Pace

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It is estimated that India will need about 70,000 drone pilots by 2022. Drone technology is making big headways in India in line with the government’s ambitious plans to make the country a global hub for technology. With rising government support like subsidies, the franchise for drone operations is also on the rise. 

How are drones beneficial in various sectors?

The franchise business for drones will also benefit from a clear legal framework in place. According to new government guidelines, only trained and experienced professionals will be allowed to operate RPAS or Remotely-piloted aircraft systems. Moreover, institutes like ICRISAT have been put in charge of various duties related to RPAS. This will ensure a clear path for drone developing companies, and drone training institutes as well. 

For example, the Indian Institute of Drones, the training institute for drone pilots picks up additional 3 franchise offices in November. This development will likely pick up major pace as soon after the development, the government announced an unconditional exemption for the deployment of drones for the agriculture sector. 

This will open up opportunities for pest control, crop yield surveillance, and improved research. The government will also provide rebates for the purchase of drones to increase surveillance, and technology research for the first six months. 

Moreover, India, an aspirational country with a largely young population exhibits a positive attitude towards the adoption of technology. Today, drones are a common sight at weddings, capturing beautiful moments in the nick of time to make life-long memories. Tomorrow’s drones in the country can make way for a significant impact in conservation, healthcare, mining, among other sectors. 

According to industry reports, the market for UAVs is likely to reach $900 mn in valuation by 2021. And, big manufacturers around the world are taking notice. Recently, Dassault Systems hosted a ‘Drone-a-Thon’ for encouraging entrepreneurs, students, and other stakeholders with a platform embedded in 3D technology. 

Major Potential for Drone Innovation

According to Amber Dubey, the joint secretary of the Ministry of Aviation, young entrepreneurs, and researchers need encouragement to deliver low-prices drones in 6.6 lakh villages of the country. The deployed drones will be used for receiving high-quality camera footage, with video recordings, and sending out other data signals.  

The on-going developments will be a boon for the drone franchises in India, which have a clear road ahead. The development of drones in its primary stages and areas like training for the drone pilot, a relatively cost-effective operation is open to large investments. For example, two students trained in the Indian Institute of drones, Mr. Vinoth Kumar, and Pilli Pavan have taken over the franchise business forward in parts of Southern India. 

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