IPHS Technologies: A Visionary Partnership for Cloud Computing


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IT solutions partnerships can be a major challenge for most small and medium businesses. IT solutions can often be expensive without proper planning. Moreover, clients with limited technical expertise find it difficult to customize IT solutions. Furthermore, many IT solution partner companies often provide limited offerings only to necessitate a hunt for more partners. IPHS Technologies, a cloud computing partner promises to overcome these traditional hurdles to provide a visionary partnership for all businesses.

IPHS Technologies established in 2013 with the idea, “Let’s Grow & Succeed Together”. The company initially came to life to build cutting-edge applications for mobiles and desktops. However, soon it’s Founder, Lekha Mishra realized that the clients find themselves in treacherous waters while looking for a complete IT solution package. Soon, Lekha motivated the employees with her leadership to offer a broad offering of solutions to clients.

The company’s successful journey so far is an exemplary example of Lekha’s leadership. Within two years of its establishment, the company received an ISO certification. Likewise, Good firm, Clutch, and Extract named the company as the ‘Top Mobile App Design & Development’ company. Lekha believes that the company progress chart will only get bigger and she is highly optimistic about the near future. She notes, “We are currently focused on providing virtual reality, augmented reality solutions and expanding our hands to desktop-based games, AI and ML. Our unique service provides technical support and maintenance and we will soon be launching a complete BPO solution as well.”

A Glowing Success amidst the Dark

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lekha geared the company to bank on the rising demand for cloud adoptions. Lekha said, “COVID-19 has showcased the reliability of cloud solutions to millions of clients. The crisis has also helped further the reach of our products to a global clientele”. She anticipates a rise in demand for cloud solutions with increasing websites and mobile apps. She also expects IPHS technologies to become an even bigger player in the Indian market.

Nevertheless, the times were not always easy. During the peak of the pandemic, the company buckled its development programs to save costs. Lekha noted, “This was a challenging time for many of our clients, and we decided to cut on development costs, among others to make it easier for them to switch to Azure, and AWS”. The company also offered, ‘pay later’ options for its existing prestigious clients. Furthermore, IPHS employees worked round the clock to provide immediate support to clients, despite employees encountering challenges like shortages of electricity while working remotely. This investment and faith shown in existing clients are ensuring rapid success for the company.

Since the day of its dawn, the company has made rapid progress in cloud computing and features a global pool of clientele with some of the best cloud offerings including Azure, and AWS. Alongside, the company offers rapid prototyping services, enterprise mobility solutions, cloud computing services, digital marketing, app store optimization, and SEO services. Lekha is pleased with the progress, and asserts, “Today, IPS Technologies is a strategic partner to many Fortune 500 companies, thanks to tremendous support from clients, and employees – both.”

An Unconventional Leadership

During the COVID-19 pandemic, IPHS faced many challenges similar to many other organizations around the world. The company had to make immediate arrangements for its employees to work from home. Moreover, it also had to reassure the quality of work, and revenue-driven approach to tighten the grip on the business environment. Lekha said, “In order to keep moving, I had given complete flexibility to employees, including remote working options, office visits, and conducting additional training for employees.” The IPHS management also conducted quizzes, game learning, and spread awareness among employees about the business outlook. It also offered incentives to employees to boost their productivity, and ensure ideal health conditions for employees.

The company’s visionary leadership and the commitment of its employees led to tremendous success. IPHS technologies today accounts for over 500 completed projects with glowing recommendations for its global clientele. One of the clients, Lou Carpenter, the head of the product strategy at Digital Karma, shared his feedback saying, “We have been engaging with this team for a year now. This team is knowledgeable and easy to work with. Project management has been on point and transparent with all actions being made. They are very polite and easy to collaborate with. I highly recommend working with them.”

The Future Roadmap for Cloud Computing

As the COVID-19 pandemic eases, and business operations return to normal, IPHS technologies promise to make a major push for new frontiers. The company executives feel optimistic about the future of the company as most of its clients continue to operate through digital platforms. Moreover, with the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have taken a keen interest in e-commerce, driving demand for cloud adoption, and application development. In return, IPHS technologies have also upped its offering with a 24/7 service model, along with a keen focus on small, and medium businesses.

Cloud deployment remains a distant dream for small and medium businesses alike. It can be a costly affair for most. Hence, IPHS technologies will commit more resources in near future to educating small businesses about the benefits of cloud technology and clearing apprehensions about existing products. With advantageous offerings like Azure and AWS, the company also promises to keep costs to a minimum for Indian businesses.

According to the latest forecasts by Goldman Sachs, the cloud computing business will grow at 30% per year. When it does, IPHS Technologies will likely remain ahead of the pack in chasing golden opportunities for the foreseeable future.
Quote: “The future of cloud computing is a unique architecture based on the Computing Cell that consistently provides best-of-breed software infrastructure.”

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