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Gone are the days when registers and logs were used for keeping consumers’ data, transactional details, and history of purchasing activities. The new technology era is here and is disrupting the age of conventional security systems and bringing a paradigm shift in the development of the security industry. The increase in cyber threats, vulnerability, data privacy, high costs, and well-informed matured customers are few of the major drivers behind this shift. Today, criminals don’t break into a premise physically to steal. Instead, they use technology to break in the network systems of organizations. Web applications and sensitive corporate information are getting exposed to vulnerabilities and are the potential open doors for hackers to break into the IT systems of businesses. Thus, organizations have no choice but to deploy technology that specifically secures these critical resources from attack. Similarly, business reputation is drastically affected by the instance of any security breach which has given rise to an immense need for a professional IT security provider.

Founded in 2008 with a motto of ‘Redefining Technology’,IshanTech (M) Sdn Bhd delivers Enterprise ICT Security Solutions and Professional Services to support its customers’ IT and security needs. IshanTech has partnered with leading IT solutions providers in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and regional countries in South East Asia. These partnerships enable the company to specifically address the varying needs of customers while employing the latest technologies.

Enterprise-Grade Essential IT Security with Hardware and Network Solutions

Headquartered in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, IshanTech provides both the domestic and international sectors with superior solutions and services related to Green IT, IT Security, IT Infrastructure, and Enterprise Solutions. With its advanced approach to solutions and services, IshanTech builds a friendly relationship between the end-user and the software provider. In terms of IT Security, IshanTech offers a customized security assessment for clients’ specific needs. Its services review and analyse various subject areas to ensure that both IT and business functions are headed in the right direction. These comprehensive services include Vulnerability Assessment (VA), Enterprise Security Audit, Security Code Review (SC), Application Security Audit, and Penetration Testing (PT).

Keeping the clients secure with IT Security services, IshanTech is also expanding its offerings to provide a wide range of solutions which have the capabilities to meet the innate requirements of current businesses. The company has been successfully supplying hardware devices to a broad spectrum of organizations. It offers compatible hardware for clients’ IT and communications’ requirements. Furthermore, it supports the clients’ systems with necessary hardware maintenance and support services. Likewise, the dedicated team of IshanTech utilizes their technical expertise to install, implement, and configure a network in clients’ IT infrastructures and also deliver a range of managed services to help them understand the identity and control risks. In addition to hardware and network services, the expert team of IshanTech has deep experience on Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems. Therefore, they know exactly what works better on these platforms and accordingly they deliver solutions personalized to meet the client’s budget.

Co-founding Pair Uplifting IshanTech towards Steady Progress

The accomplished Information Technology professionals and the Co-founders of IshanTech—Ruben Theva & Rames A. Bala look after the steady growth and empowerment of their team at IshanTech. Being the Directors of IshanTech, the Co-founding duo place the customers and their dedicated team members on the top of their priority. They believe that the empowerment of IshanTech team members and clients is the prime key to lead the company towards new success peaks. Consequently, the healthy environment leads to sound progress in the overall profitability.

Co-founders’ Go-to-Market Strategies for IshanTech

When asked the Co-founders about how they create go-to-market strategies for IshanTech, they explained the four steps which they follow—firstly, Ruben and Rames identify the current market opportunities. Secondly, based on market opportunities, they understand the targeted audience and work on market intelligence. Accordingly, they experiment with trials and recognise what goes right and wrong. These unique strategies are the efforts from the Co-founders to ensure that IshanTech is on the fast-track to achieve business goals, increase brand awareness, increase the productivity of sales and marketing team, reduce mistakes and risks, product strategy validation, ROI validation, and optimize cost and time.

Products Inspired from the Dynamic Go-to-Market Strategies

To have unparalleled advantages over existing solutions, the product strategies are specifically developed with the focus to develop and market innovative products and services. Additionally, the company is working towards a mission to utilize its robust ICT experience to provide the best ICT solutions that enable businesses to excel and deliver solid business results. IshanTech emphasis on building long-term relationships with clients and partners based on mutual trust and respect. As an exclusive partnership with ESET Malaysia to offer endpoint protection, IshanTech is enabling users to utilize a multi-layered approach to fight with present dynamic and targeted malware attacks. Likewise, for data protection and encryption, the company has an intuitive product—Winmagic’s Data Security tool called SecureDoc, which secures data wherever it is stored, providing enterprise-grade data encryption and key management policies across all operating systems.

Green IT and Data Protection for PC and Mac OS X users

Apart from Security and Data solutions, IshanTech provides a Green IT tool—PowerStudio which is comprehensive, enterprise-wide Web-based PC power management software solution that works out-of-the-box with no dependencies on third-party products like Microsoft SCCM. Focused on Green Technology, the organizations can drastically reduce their electricity bills and carbon footprints with the application of centralized computer power policies.

In addition to PC Power Management, IshanTech offers a self-service password reset tool for PC and Mac OS X users. According to the Gartner Research Note T-15-6454, the password reset requests make up to 10% to 30% of all the help desk calls with each request costing from £31 – £90 in labour costs. IshanTech offers Certero Passworks to resolve this issue. Passworks uses a simple challenge/response technique that enables Windows or Mac OS X users to reset the password. Just by clicking a simple button on the login screens, a user can easily reset the password.

In the case of field research, IshanTech has Field-Map, a system for computer aided field data collection with primary emphasis to forestry. Specifically designed for the purposes of forest inventory, Field-Map usage starts from a single tree measurement through the level of research or inventory plot, up to the landscape level.

Big Projects Leading to Big Opportunities

The comprehensive plans of Co-founders and the commitments of their steadfast team members enabled the leading Malaysian company to become the ICT Contractor for an Integrated Education Hub which is closely related to 4 major universities in Malaysia. Considering the present digital environment across the world, IshanTech formulates the ways to meet the goals of this education hub. Thus, it installs, maintains, and upgrades the systems as per requirement.

The continual progress and expansion have also helped the IshanTech to build a High-Performance Genomics Cluster for Felda Global Ventures R&D which is one of the biggest oil palm players in Malaysia. Similarly, the team of IshanTech planned, designed, and implemented a full suite of endpoint solution for Khan Bank, one of the largest consumer banks in Mongolia. It was a huge organization-wide implementation, covering over 5,000 devices ranging from PCs, Laptops, ATM Machines, Servers, and mobile phones. They have implemented advanced threat protection mechanisms as well as integrated comprehensive solutions with the existing system to further enhance the security infrastructure of the Khan Bank.

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