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Nowadays, all the businesses have an allotted and a trusted managed services provider that specializes in specified business aspects that are needed. All these services are of utmost importance for a business to grow and prosper. These solutions empower businesses to stay ahead in the technology curve and maintain competitiveness in the market. ERP being one of the oldest business segment solutions has managed to stay in pace with the technology and has also driven the businesses successfully.

Mr. MKM Usman, the Chairperson and the Founder of iSquaresys has foreseen that the adoption of cloud-based solutions might increase on a larger level in all the businesses after the pandemic. iSquare Data Systems Private Limited (iSquaresys) possesses proficiency in developing & implementing top-notch cloud-based solutions and services in the areas of Software Development, Web Development, ERP Implementation, Cloud Migrations & Implementation, Project Management Consultancy, IT Security Consultancy, and Infrastructure Recommendations & Implementation.

Mr. Usman has founded this establishment in the year 2010, to provide cost-effective and appropriate solutions to the companies that desire to transition from traditional data management to cloud data services. iSquaresys is a Chennai headquartered company that offers solutions for the challenges associated with the evolution of new business setups. At the initial stage of the company, it had only two projects in hand, whereas due to its persistent deliverability of advanced solutions, it is currently working on more than 45 projects.

This company has two other sister companies, iSquare Consulting Services LLP, which offers IS security, business & risk, and outsourcing consultancy, and CAPs Training Institute, which provides education and training services. The applications which are generally utilized by iSquaresys are mainly— providing IT managed services, consultancy, and services.

Laying the Foundation of iSquaresys to meet Clients’ demands

iSquaresys laid its foundation in order to be one of the best firms that provide IT managed services and consultancy. It also delivers all types of software and system integration. One of the highly appreciated services of iSquaresys is the custom development of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This software is specifically developed to meet all the customers’ demands. The firm has also completed multiple cloud implementations based on Open Stack IAAS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) Platform. iSquaresys has helped various companies from around the globe to adopt the Open stack service.

iSquaresys consists of an expert team that has immense knowledge and experience in the implementation of software solutions to the trading, manufacturing, insurance, construction, transportation, communication, and education service industries. The team of iSquaresys has thoroughly implemented and completed Content Delivery Network (CDN) as well for the video streaming with the help of Open Stack cloud technology. The company has delivered different types of latest information technology solutions at very reasonable prices. iSquaresys keeps the satisfaction of the clients as its core value and has always been successful in exceeding the clients’ expectations. It has created these economical solutions for all three types of companies— the small, medium, and large enterprises.

Overcoming the difficulties during the Pandemic

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought in some variations in the business operating model, which ultimately delivered a positive impact on iSquaresys. As iSquaresys specializes in offering services which are very much effective, these are apt to the customers’ demands. The clients’ were able to reduce the dependency on the technological experts thus, making it easier to leverage external assistance. It has also helped the customers to advance the quality of IT facilities.

The pandemic has also made all the businesses re-evaluate their business and technology models and setups. When the lockdown was initiated, the clients of iSquaresys were in a fix as they faced numerous difficulties in the operations. The establishment takes immense pride to declare that the successful migration of the clients’ data to the cloud data has generated an optimistic influence on them.

Guidance given by the CEO

Mr. Ravi Shankar, the CEO of iSquaresys, says that the pandemic affected the company in a professional manner as the new technological tools and solutions, remote working solutions, and digital education were brought into action.

He is an extraordinary person who led the development and expansion of the company and had taken major decisions for growth. Ravi had also made certain to look after the overall operations and the resources of the company.

Mr. Ravi is efficient and highly skilled in the long-term and the short-term planning of the manpower that helps in the recruitment strategies. He is an inspiring leader who focuses on the ability to achieve organizational objectives while adhering to the best practices of the industry.

Ravi, being the best member of the management team brings about excellent ways to communicate with the employees as well as handles the IR relations. As they have clients in India, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan & Singapore, he administers the services provided to them very cautiously.

Scope of Cloud Data Services

Under the guidance of Ravi Shankar and Usman, the employees have started dealing with customers at an individual level by analyzing their business requirements. After the evaluation, the firm provides an appropriate and well-developed solution that helps the clients to operate and sustain the migration to the cloud platforms accordingly.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, people implemented the ‘work from home’ concept which made companies focus on cloud management, rather than the earlier data management method. This ultimately resulted in the growth of the businesses.

There is also a futuristic approach to the cloud management industry. According to the company’s predictions, it is expected that cloud adoption will continue to grow to meet the business requirements. Thus, the availability will increase as the cloud data is scalable and dependable. The company has various strategic goals namely—on-time completion and delivering the projects, advancing organizational efficiency, and achieving financial sustainability. iSquaresys has been able to help its clients to achieve efficiency in times of pandemic and is prepared to elevate its solutions further to meet future demands.

Quote: “We aim to be part of our customers to manage their business processes more effectively through software applications and support services.”

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