Kaseya: Streamlining Complex IT Management To Elevate Businesses


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Historically, the entire infrastructure of an organization was managed by the organization on its premises. However, with the advancement of technology, focusing on multiple business requirements, this model grew to be insufficient in terms of accessibility and cost-effectiveness. In the last several years, the course of IT Infrastructure Management Systems (IMS) has changed, offering organizations the ability to leverage on and off-premise resources as a part of their team, ultimately reducing the costs and improving the efficiency of the system collectively. Now IMS provides a wide range of offerings in a variety of business models. From providing IT administrative and networking support to helping clients in strategic planning on outsourcing or setting up data centers, the infrastructure management solutions sector today provides significant inputs and services to its clients that impact their success directly. It may sound complex because it indeed is.

Streamlining the complexity of IT management, Kaseya provides IT professionals with simple yet powerful solutions. Kaseya is the leading provider of IT infrastructure management solutions for both external service providers (also known as managed service providers or MSPs) and internal IT professionals working within small to mid-sized businesses. Kaseya delivers best in breed technologies that allow organizations to efficiently manage, secure, and backup their IT, through an integrated platform and customer-centric approach. The company empowers businesses to command all of IT centrally.

Practices That Set Kaseya Apart From Others

The company invests substantially in research and development in order to continuously enhance its product portfolio and relies on a strict customer-centric approach to doing business. Through its extensive market research and customer advisory program, Kaseya is able to stay ahead of emerging technology trends as it develops solutions that will help to improve a business’s IT management and ultimately, make businesses more successful. Kaseya typically delivers a solution set that is 6-18 months ahead of current market trends. The company also has an aggressive Merger & Acquisition strategy to further its rapid growth and expansion of product offerings, often acquiring best-of-breed technologies to integrate into its solution stack in order to meet the needs of the market. According to Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola, MSPs using the Kaseya platform have an average business growth rate of 30% faster than the overall MSP market. Kaseya believes it is able to be ahead of the market because it listens to customers in order to build product offerings that set it apart from others.

Simple Yet Powerful Solutions

With constantly transforming technologies, IT professionals need to be aware of new trends and also be able to efficiently handle an ever-growing list of tasks that require them to be multifunctional IT administrators. The one-stop IT solutions provided by Kaseya help to automate many of the repetitive, manual tasks of IT professionals while giving them visibility and control of remote and distributed environments. The Kaseya portfolio offers tightly integrated solutions to address all of the common challenges that a multifunction IT professional faces including: endpoint management, patch management, compliance auditing and management, cloud protection, cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery, IT documentation and professional services automation. Together, these offerings make up what Kaseya calls its IT Complete Platform.

CEO Leading the Vision, Strategy, and Growth of Kaseya

Fred Voccola, the CEO of Kaseya has had an incredible journey for more than a decade as a technology executive. His striking record of repeated success for building and managing sales, product, marketing, R&D and business development organizations landed him at Kaseya five years ago to elevate the company through its rapid growth and development phase. Voccola says he was highly influenced by his father who was also part of the technology industry and that as a child, he witnessed how disruptive the technology industry was and the power that technology had over driving a company’s overall success. This enticed him toward the field. Earlier in his career, Mr. Voccola co-founded and served as COO at Identify Software, substantially growing the business during his five-year tenure there, culminating in a sale to BMC Software. Prior to joining Kaseya, Voccola served as president and general manager of Yodle’s Brand Networks Division, providing digital and market automation solutions to small and medium businesses. In 2016, Yodle was successfully sold to Web.com (NASDAQ: Web).

Providing Strong Leadership to the Team

As it is famously quoted, “If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.” Mr. Voccola believes that the CEO should never be the smartest person in the room. Instead, the CEO should be surrounded by intelligent individuals that can push the business to new heights by bringing new, differing perspectives on how to solve customer issues. As the CEO of Kaseya, Voccola is a dynamic leader with his team, who strives to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Therefore, he strives to stay transparent and to constantly share his vision with his team. Voccola also believes that being vulnerable and accepting that you can be wrong is essential to promoting the freedom of making mistakes and learning from them. This encourages workers to own their errors and honestly work on making those errors right. Voccola says he promotes an open-door policy, fosters healthy debates, and encourages creative thinking among individuals, which results in the breeding of innovative ideas. These unique leadership practices benefit the staff as well as Kaseya customers.

From his extensive experience, Voccola has realized that the technology industry has no fixed hierarchy to be followed or worked accordingly. All that matters is the result and he is successful in delivering excellent results. He makes sure that his organization works around this philosophy and delivers the best results to their clients.

Looking Forward To More Successful Years

Kaseya is the only comprehensive leading IT platform solution for MSPs and small to mid-sized businesses. The company’s mission is to continue its growth and stay ahead of the market, making sure that IT professionals are equipped with the best in class technologies they need to thrive. The company continuously strives to enhance its products, improve the user experience, and most importantly, make its solutions cost-effective by cutting costs up to 50% of the price of competing solutions. Kaseya’s innovative products, skilled management team, and strong customer base position them well for continued success.

Expanding Footprints in APAC

The APAC region is expected to grow by around 5% this year, accounting for nearly two-thirds of global growth, and the region remains the world’s most dynamic by a considerable margin. The economic outlook for Asia and the Pacific remains strong and the region continues to be the most dynamic of the global economy with small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) experiencing the fastest growth rate the industry has ever witnessed.

Kaseya is taking advantage of the exploding APAC market and the SMBs they serve with plans to invest about $20-25 million USD in the coming years. The company also continues to expand through acquisitions with plans to become public.

‘Connect IT’—APAC conference

Kaseya hosts a series of conferences for its users in order to help them get the most out of their technology investments. This year’s Connect IT APAC conference will be held in Sydney, Australia. Here, IT professionals, business owners, and industry leaders will gather to discuss the evolving information technology landscape and its impact on modern businesses. With a rich agenda full of the interactive sessions, in-depth training, social interaction, and an exploration of the latest technology solutions, this event provides engaged IT professionals a focused and efficient way to extract more value out of the tools they rely on every day. ‘Connect IT Asia-Pacific will take place in Sydney on 1-3 Oct., 2019.



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