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The APAC region is one of the fastest-growing consulting sectors in the world. Today, financial services have become more accessible than ever with the customers mostly lacking are right advisory when it comes to managing finances, investments, or strategies. Managing finances is not always a smooth-sailing ride. The art of striking the right balance between debt and equity is an extremely persistent job for both organizations as well as individuals. On the other hand, trust remains the key factor to maintain a successful long-term relationship with customers. Therefore, choosing amongst the upmost financial consultant companies becomes difficult considering the trust factor and authenticity. One such dynamic organization is KD Financial Services (KDFS), which provides top-notch financial solutions for the customers.

KDFS is an integrated firm that specializes in offering a varied bouquet of customized financial services to institutions. The firm today offers a complete set of financial solutions for areas like corporate finance, equities, mutual funds, wealth management, tax planning, and many more.

Clasping Individuals with Distinct Financial Solutions

The market gap between the customers and the solution providers has not gone unnoticed by Kirandeep Kaur, the CEO, and Founder of KD Financial Services. She seized the opportunity by fulfilling this lacuna and established KD Financial Services in 2015, as a financial consultant company. Presently, the company offers varied customized solutions to cater to the customer demands irrespective of them being a retail client or treasury client.

KDFS offers understanding, experience and most importantly, the assurance to deliver hard-headed solutions that are efficient. Clients like corporate treasuries, High Networth Individuals, and Financial Institutions, in addition to Armed Forces and Defence Institutions, have utilized its services. The salient featured offered by the New-Delhi based company however is the customized solutions ranging from the corporate clients to individuals—in case of the requirement of the funds or the investment of client funds. For instance, the firm offers goal-based planning that comprises of retirement planning, to children’s wedding, buying a house, tax saving, etc to its retail clients. Along with this, KDFS’s other products such as group medical insurance, equipment financing to promoter financing, treasury management and for individual needs health insurance, critical insurance, financial planning, etc. are available. The service portfolio for individuals is designed after considering the entire financial requirements of one’s life.

Client Satisfaction is of Utmost Importance

According to Kirandeep, despite raising funds, the structuring of transaction is important, along with advising the client with the cheapest way to raise money. KDFS believes in creating and delivering exceptional value to its customers. The chronic industry experience has taught the firm to be extremely cautious while investing money in clients. While looking at the numbers, the majority of allocation in treasuries usually is due to debt markets and around 10-15% in equity. The firm is well aware of the fact that debt is riskier than equity if the issuing party defaults. Therefore, the astute CEO believes that while investing one should always visualize the worst scenario. Moreover, one must be legally sound to understand the terms. In addition, the company follows the simple procedure of SLR (Safety, Liquidity and Returns). The aforementioned features help the firm to meet the client’s needs and help them with competent solutions.

A Bold Leader’s Journey over the Years

Kirandeep has been working in the finance industry for more than a decade now. Being an alumna of IIM Calcutta, she also holds a postgraduate degree in Treasury & Forex Management and is a Certified Treasury Manager from the Association of Certified Treasury Managers (ACTM). In 2015 after having ample experience of the finance sector, she decided to go independent. Kirandeep knew that to survive in the market she needed to stand out from the others. She created an integrated platform of financial solutions. “You either give me money to invest or I will raise money for you,” was her motto while seeking clients for assets. Her first mandate was to raise a project loan of Rs 200 crore, in the same month when she had set out on her own journey. With luck, she met the timeline and delivered successfully. Once its good luck and twice you are good, she justified this statement as, within a period of three years, the number crossed more than Rs. 2000 crore, which includes short term deployment money as well. She has been felicitated by the Chief of Navy as a token of appreciation for growing the funds and making safe investments as well as for her extensive contribution to the Defence Forces. But like all start-up enterpreneur, she is constantly trying to create something new, than live in her past laurels.

The dynamic CEO is also a keen observer. While going through a personal tragedy, she observed that a patient’s family goes through a hard time physically, mentally and financially. Hence, in order to give a supporting hand to such people who cannot afford the treatment cost anymore due to shortage of funds, she thought of creating a platform for helping the families in generating fund for the treatment.

She took a bold step and introduced ‘HIFAZAT’ Financial Medical Assistance—a platform that has tie-ups with almost all banks & NBFCs of the country for people to convert their hospital bills into EMIs in the cheapest way possible.

A total of 33 percent of the entire profits from the project HIFAZAT goes to TS Foundation Charitable Trust (which she has formed in the memory of her father Late Sardar Tirlochan Singh) and from there on to help the needy who is no position to get the loan.

Undoubtedly, Kirandeep’s journey as a leader has been remarkable. She still is not content with the way life has unfolded and therefore summarizes the journey with a quote saying, “I have miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

Future Objectives Emphasizing on Expansion

As for today, the project ‘HIFAZAT’ has been given the upmost prominence. It has already tied up with more than 240 hospitals in Delhi/NCR, which means it aims to touch human lives in a more positive way in the healthcare segment by being of immense help to people in dire need of monies by offering them on the spot services of medical loan facilities, IVF medical loan facilities mediclaims, health insurances, maternity benefits, critical care benefits and above all, offering EMI facilities to pay hospital bills. The product offers syndication platform with a tie-up with almost all the banks & NBFC’s of the country for people to convert their hospital bills into EMIs in the cheapest way possible. Further, it’s objective is to create awareness and promote the importance of Health and Critical Insurance in the country.

It is surprising to know as per the latest reports released by NSSO (National Sample Survey Organization ) titled ‘Key indicators of Social consumption in India : Health’, only 20 percent of the population had health insurance coverage and only 18 percent of the total population residing in urban areas and 14 percent of the total population residing in the rural area had health insurance coverage. There is no debate about why such coverage is not required by individuals.

Project “HIFAZAT” has introduced KDFS to create newer opportunities to provide financial services in the hospitals as well. With the increasing customer base and the total company strength reaching more than 60, KD Financial Services is on an astonishing journey of success. In the future, the company aims to innovate to create disruption in the market, by being the first off the block to come up with products that will make “HIFAZAT” a name to reckon. KDFS is looking forward to expanding its customer base throughout the country. In the coming days, KD Financial Services wants to build up a niche in the healthcare sector by offering the best of tailor made financial services to the clients.

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