Kiana.Io: Making Invisible Threats Visible with Kiana Secure and Kiana Engage

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Smart and progressing technologies like IoT, Smart Sensors & Cameras, AI/Machine Learning, and Edge Computing are the major drivers of next-generation safety and security solutions. These technologies are revolutionizing the industry by offering intuitive analytics like tacking threat patterns, analyzing the history of events, and detecting aggressive behaviors. However, to gain all these advantages and precise outputs, the smart technologies need to be utilized with proper process and effective tools. Likewise, it is essential for organizations to implement the best security practices in their infrastructures and detect suspicious behaviors.

Based in Silicon Valley, Germany, and Singapore, Kiana Analytics uses advanced tools like accurate location and real-time footfall analysis, heat-map and security camera integration which enables real-time identification and surveillance. Likewise, to improve the security process, Kiana uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals from mobile devices to detect physical presence and monitor location and movements. Its Wi-Fi-based devices collect and process large volumes of real time data to provide alerts and insights. Moreover, these solutions are greatly useful in public places like Transportation hubs, Government, corporate and university campuses, Malls and shopping centers, as well as Convention centers and Amusement parks. Next in Kiana’s roadmap is leveraging the power of 5G, the next-generation of mobile networks beyond the 4G LTE mobile networks of today.

Comprehensive Cloud-based Security Solutions

When it comes to using Wi-Fi and other signal processing devices in security, a company requires a powerful and robust security infrastructure to process the data obtained from such devices. In this case, industry strength cloud-based solutions greatly reduce the need for enormous on-premise infrastructures. Importantly, security and pricing is another main benefit of using cloud-based system.

By employing the power of cloud, Kiana Analytics offers complete and secure cloud-based big data analytics and customer engagement solutions. It supports customized analytics metrics as well as foot traffic and the visitor behavior data which can further tap into social media, demographics, and other data sources to micro-target suspicious visitors. Kiana currently provides two cloud-based security solutions including Kiana Engage and Kiana Secure. These comprehensive security solutions utilize patented technology to assist clients with the management of threats. Kiana Engage has the capability to leverage real-time location services to collect and evaluate data of people at a specified location. Real-time location and analyzed information of data helps its clients to detect individuals in their premise. Therefore, in case of emergencies, they can easily evacuate the building by directing the individuals to their nearest exit according to their real-time position.

Additionally, the other cloud-based solution, Kiana Secure has its amazing benefits. It is developed to make the current security infrastructure of the client even smarter without replacing the existing hardware. For instance, if an organization has a video surveillance in its building, Kiana Secure revolutionizes existing video surveillance capabilities with Wi-Fi-based location awareness. Moreover, to tackle low light or poor camera resolutions, Kiana’s Image-to-Device association offers valuable insights into situational awareness. This solution also offers forensic analytics, which combines video streams with location analytics. This vital information is further helpful for crime scene investigations.

Contributions in Security Leaping Kiana Ahead with Awards and Recognitions

Kiana’s patented security solutions enabled the company to get featured in the leading market reports. It was included as a representative vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for Indoor Location Application Platforms in 2018. Similarly, Kiana has developed two projects to offer technology for enhancing the U.S. Customs and Border Protection counting and measuring capabilities at ports of entry. For this work, the company was awarded as a part of the Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP), the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T). Similarly, for its innovative approach in enhancing security, Kiana received the “Rocket to Success” award at the Telecom Council’s 2018 Innovation Showcase.

Tech-Veteran CEO, Leading the Team with Client-Focused Approach

The Co-founder and CEO of Kiana, Nader Fathi is a serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience focused on leading companies. In his gigantic career, Nader has played a variety of entrepreneurial roles, including business development, technical marketing, CEO, and global sales. Being a veteran of Big Data and IoT industry, Nader works as an Executive-in-Residence at the University of Southern California (USC) as well as the Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley. Previously, he has led many multinational companies including Xerox Microelectronics, Cadence, and IKOS.

Graciously, Nader is proud of all the awards and recognitions that Kiana has received today. The dynamic CEO gives credit to his fellow management team and dedicated employees of Kiana who have made it possible to optimize the intelligent technologies for the security of their clients. With his committed team of members, Nader is following a customer-oriented path which aims to help them successfully tackle advanced security challenges. In addition, Nader and his team at Kiana work towards building breakthrough technologies to protect clients’ infrastructures.

“Building great teams with right talent is a challenging task and..,” says Nader

Nader feels that creating a great team in the competitive digital age is a challenging task. Moreover, it becomes more challenging in Silicon Valley where companies need to build a powerful team of software developers, engineers, and other technical roles to compete with tech-giants like Google and Facebook. Further, when asked about which industries can make the most investments in security, Nader asserts that Campuses, government, corporate, and schools as well as companies critical infrastructures will be at the forefront of investing in security. The recent violations of laws and attacks are the prime reason behind their investment in the security infrastructure. Likewise, he ensures that Kiana will help them to securely digitize their workplace and workforce.

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